NFL 2023 Season: Teams Overview

NFL 2023 Season: Teams Overview

After beating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57, the Kansas City Chiefs now have the Lombardi Trophy and are also favorites to win the NFL 2023 Season.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are just getting started with the party, but the other 31 NFL teams are already planning for the NFL 2023 Season.

NFL 2023 Season: Overview of All 32 Teams

Here is an NFL 2023 Season overview all of 32 teams:

NFL 2023 Season: Kansas City Chiefs

NFL 2023 Season: Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes played three playoff games with a high ankle sprain and helped the Kansas City Chiefs win their second Super Bowl in four years. At age 27, Mahomes is just getting into his prime, and it looks like he will be going deep into the playoffs for a long time to come.

NFL 2023 Season: Buffalo Bills

NFL 2023 Season: Buffalo Bills

Last year, Buffalo was the favorite going into the season, but they seemed to hit a wall in the middle of the season, and the Bengals beat them badly in the Divisional Round. Their odds have gone from +550 to +700, which is worse. Von Miller and Tre’Davious White both hurt their ACLs and are now getting better.

NFL 2023 Season: San Francisco 49ers

NFL 2023 Season: San Francisco 49ers

This offseason, John Lynch and the 49ers can choose from a few different quarterbacks. And Aaron Rodgers could always choose to join this strong team, which would change the power balance in the NFC.

NFL 2023 Season: Philadelphia Eagles

NFL 2023 Season: Philadelphia Eagles

Most football experts agree that the Eagles‘ young team is the best in the league. They couldn’t finish off the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57, but they look like they’ll be one of the best teams in the NFC again next year.

NFL 2023 Season: Cincinnati Bengals

NFL 2023 Season: Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow and the Bengals almost beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs for the fourth time in a row, but they fell short at Arrowhead. The team led by Zac Taylor will always be a threat in the AFC.

NFL 2023 Season: Dallas Cowboys

NFL 2023 Season: Dallas Cowboys

With Brian Schottenheimer as his new offensive coordinator, Mike McCarthy is coming back to a good offensive team. The Cowboys have spent a lot of money on their best players, and they have had trouble filling out the rest of their team in recent years.

NFL 2023 Season: Los Angeles Chargers

NFL 2023 Season: Los Angeles Lakers

Soon after Dallas fired Kellen Moore as QB, the Chargers hired him as their new OC. The Chargers’ odds have gone back up to +2200 after briefly dropping to +2500. Justin Herbert could be in the running for MVP next year.

NFL 2023 Season: Baltimore Ravens

NFL 2023 Season: Baltimore Ravens

When it comes to Lamar Jackson, the Ravens are still shrouded in mystery. If the talented QB who can do a lot of different things signs an extension, they will be much stronger.

NFL 2023 Season: New York Jets

NFL 2023 Season: New York Jets

The Jets have a great defense and a strong running game, which could get even better if Breece Hall (ACL) gets healthy again. All they need is a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers reportedly wants to play for the Jets, which makes their chances of winning the Super Bowl go down.

NFL 2023 Season: Green Bay Packers

NFL 2023 Season: Green Bay Packers

If the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers for draft picks and let Jordan Love start in his third season, it would still cost them over $40 million in dead cap space.

NFL 2023 Season: Denver Broncos

NFL 2023 Season: Denver Broncos

Nathaniel Hackett will be replaced as head coach by Sean Payton. This should turn the Broncos from a joke into a team that could compete in the AFC. After they hired Payton, their chances of winning the Super Bowl went from +5000 to +3000.

NFL 2023 Season: Detroit Lions

NFL 2023 Season: Detroit Lions

After a 1-6 start, the Lions won 8 of their last 10 games and just missed making the playoffs. Their offense is going up, and they could keep making their defense better through the draft.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL 2023 Season: Jacksonville Jaguars

In his first year as head coach for the Jaguars, Doug Pederson led one of the NFL’s least competitive teams to the AFC Divisional Round and turned Trevor Lawrence into a top-tier quarterback. Now Lawrence gets to work with Calvin Ridley, who will join the Jaguars after serving a year-long suspension.

Miami Dolphins

NFL 2023 Season: Miami Dolphins

During the first half of the season, Mike McDaniel made sure that the Dolphins‘ offense was running at full speed. Tua Tagovailoa has been given the all-clear after getting multiple concussions, and Miami should be one of the teams with the most points again next season.

Los Angeles Rams

NFL 2023 Season: Los Angeles Rams

After years of injuries, Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, and Matthew Stafford are ready to come back strong, and the Rams found a leader in Cam Akers. After a shockingly bad season on that side of the ball, Sean McVay brought in former Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur to shake things up.

Cleveland Browns

NFL 2023 Season: Cleveland Browns

Deshaun Watson will have all of training camp and the preseason to shake off the rust, and the Browns brought in Jim Schwartz to try to fix their poor defense.

New York Giants

NFL 2023 Season:New York Giants

Brian Daboll helped the Giants win a few close games and make the playoffs for the first time since 2016. The G-defense Men’s has a lot of holes that need to be fixed if they want to keep playing in the tough NFC East.

Las Vegas Raiders

NFL 2023 Season: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders seem ready to move on from Derek Carr, even though there is plenty of blame to go around after they blew several huge leads during a bad season. Vegas wants at least a third-round pick and could use that money to draft a young quarterback or let Jarrett Stidham take over.

Minnesota Vikings

NFL 2023 Season: Minnesota Vikings

After winning 11 close games, the Vikings lost in the Wild Card round to a Giants team that wasn’t very good. They started with +5000 odds to win it all, and that number didn’t change after Brian Flores was hired as defensive coordinator.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL 2023 Season: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

When Tom Brady said he was leaving the NFL, the odds for the Bucs to win another title went from +3000 to +5000. The front office can look at Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr as possible replacements at quarterback, but their salary cap situation might force them to start over and draft a new quarterback.

New England Patriots

NFL 2023 Season: New England Patriots

Last season, the Patriots tried out Joe Judge and Matt Patricia as co-offensive coordinators. This was a terrible idea, and the Patriots want to make up for it by bringing back their old offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien. After that hire, their chances got a little worse.

New Orleans Saints

NFL 2023 Season: New Orleans Saints

Since Kris Richard was let go, Dennis Allen is in charge of this team going forward. Last year, the Saints had a hard time because Michael Thomas and Jameis Winston were hurt. Reports say that they want to sign Derek Carr.

Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL 2023 Season: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kenny Pickett became more comfortable in his role as the quarterback as the Steelers won 7 of their last 9 games thanks to their strong defense and improving offensive line. Mike Tomlin has never had a team finish a season with a losing record.

Carolina Panthers

NFL 2023 Season: Carolina Panthers

As an interim coach for the Panthers, Steve Wilks did a great job. He took what was probably the worst team in the NFL and pushed for a division title. Frank Reich was still picked over the North Carolina native, and the 49ers were quick to hire Wilks as defensive coordinator.

Tennessee Titans

NFL 2023 Season: Tennessee Titans

The odds were -1200 that the Titans would win another AFC South title, but in the end, everything fell apart for them. Tennessee’s receivers aren’t very good, so new GM Ran Carthon will try to improve them. Tim Kelly, who was in charge of the passing game, will take over as OC.

Indianapolis Colts

NFL 2023 Season: Indianapolis

The Colts are looking to hire Eagles OC Shane Steichen as their next head coach after the Jeff Saturday experiment failed at the end of last season. It might be harder for them to find their next QB.

Atlanta Falcons

NFL 2023 Season: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons still look like they are in the middle of a long rebuilding process, but they have shown promise as a team that relies on running the ball under Arthur Smith. On defense, former Saints assistant Ryan Nielsen will take over for the experienced DC Dean Pees.

Seattle Seahawks

NFL 2023 Season: Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith kept the Seahawks‘ offense going after Russell Wilson left. He may have also helped bring the locker room closer together, which could have helped them make the playoffs. Smith is up for a contract extension, and Seattle needs to get a lot of good defensive players.

Washington Commanders

NFL 2023 Season: Washington Commanders

The Commanders still have a quarterback problem, as Carson Wentz, Taylor Heinicke, and Sam Howell all look like mediocre choices to start next season. Chase Young will be ready to lead an above-average defense, so that’s something.

Chicago Bears

NFL 2023 Season: Chicago Bears

With the No. 1 pick in the next draft, the Bears can choose from a number of players. They could trade down for a lot of picks or take Bryce Young and pass on Justin Fields, even though he has a lot of potential as a two-way player.

Arizona Cardinals

NFL 2023 Season: Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury is the latest former college coach to have trouble in the NFL. After his time with the Cardinals, the team will try to pick up the pieces, and their next head coach will likely try to get more out of Kyler Murray.

Houston Texans

NFL 2023 Season: Houston Texans

DeMeco Ryans will be the new head coach of the Texans, who have a surprising amount of defensive talent. Ryans was an LB for the Houston Texans from 2006 to 2011, and he should help keep things steady during a long rebuild.


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