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The Jaguars are a professional football team based out of Jacksonville, Florida. They are part of the American Football Conference South, and they play their games at TIAA Bank Field.

Jacksonville Jaguars Betting: How to Bet on this Team

Now on this Jacksonville Jaguars Betting page, let’s check out the different ways in which you can place a bet on this team:


The moneyline is the most basic of bets, determined by the game’s straight-up winner and loser. Consider the following scenario:

  • Ravens -185
  • Jaguars +310

In this game, the Jaguars are considered heavy underdogs (indicated by +310), paying out $410 total for a $100 bet ($310 in winnings). The Ravens are the spread favorite in this game, with a $185 bet required to win $100.  In moneyline betting, it makes no difference how much one team wins or loses; the payout remains the same.

Point Spread

Betting on the point spread determines how many points a team will win or lose. 

Consider the following example:

  • Saints -8.5 (-110)
  • Jaguars +8.5 (-110)

In this example, New Orleans is 8.5 points ahead, as indicated by the symbol “-8.5.” If the Saints win the game 31-20, the Saints (-8.5) win the bet and have a total payout of $10 on a $11 bet. If the Jaguars keep the game within nine points but lose 23-17, for example, the Jaguars (+8.5) win and the payout is the same as listed above.

Point total (over/under)

The point total is the over/under line set by the books. This number forecasts the total number of points scored in a game and, like prop betting, is used to predict whether the score will go over or under a predetermined point total.

The Jaguars’ Week 1 game against the Colts, for example, had a projected point total of 49.5 points. The Jaguars won the game 27-20, scoring a total of 47 points. Those who bet less than the point total would have won.

Jacksonville’s point totals in 2020 were lower than the league average due to a sluggish offense. Moving forward, the Jaguars will be led by new coaches and a new quarterback, which could boost their point totals. Last season, the Jaguars’ typical over/unders ranged between 49 and 55 points.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Odds: The Average Line

When searching for Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Odds, this is what an online sports betting line looks like:

Jaguars: Betting odds, spread, and lines

  • Money line: Buccaneers -350 (bet $110 to win $100) | Jaguars +270 (bet $100 to win $270)
  • Against the spread/ATS: Buccaneers -7 (-110) | Jaguars +7 (-110)
  • Over/Under: 46.5 (O: -110 | U: -110)

Jacksonville Jaguars Team Accomplishments

  • League championships (0)
  • Conference championships (0)
  • Division championships (3): AFC Central: 1998, 1999: AFC South: 2017 Playoff appearances (7): NFL: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2007, 2017
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Jacksonville Jaguars Brief History

This team was born back in 1993 as an expansion franchise, but they did not start their first official season until 1995, along with the Carolina Panthers. The franchise finished with a 4-12 record during its first year in the league. The players from this first season, including Mark Brunell, offensive lineman Tony Boselli, running back James Stewart, and wide receiver Jimmy Smith, were all part of the team that made it to the playoffs for the following four seasons.

By 2003, head coach Tom Coughlin and Brunell were gone, and the Jack Del Rio era started. The following year, the team finished with a 9-7 record, their first winning season since 1999. By 2007, the Jaguars were at their best, earning a wild card spot in the postseason, and defeating the Steelers 31-29, the first playoff victory since 1997.

It also marked the first time for the Pittsburgh franchise that they got beaten up twice at their home field by the same team, during the same season. Jacksonville, however, got defeated by the Patriots in the divisional round, finishing with the Jags postseason hopes.

After this episode, the team started to struggle and had a hard time coming up with positive records, until 2017, when a victory over the Texans allowed them to clinch their first playoff spot since 2007.

They finished that year with a 10-6 record and were also able to win the division title, a first since 1999. The Jags were able to take down the Bills 10-3, which was their first postseason victory in a decade.

Then, in the divisional round, Jacksonville defeated the Steelers 45-42, a win that gave them a ticket to the AFC title game (the first time they arrived at this game in 18 years), where they fell to the Pats by a narrow margin of 24-20.

Jacksonville Jaguars Rivalries

The Jaguars have 3 main rivalries, and they are all versus their divisional foes, the Titans, the Colts, and the Texans. They also have geographical rivalries with the Dolphins and the Buccaneers. Their rivals also include the Panthers (a team that arrived in the NFL the very same year as the Jags), and the Steelers, a team that became a direct rival during the 2017 season.

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