Here is our Florida Betting guide, including information on why choosing offshore sportsbooks like YouWager.lv is the right choice.

Florida gamblers are relatively lucky by national norms. The state has a variety of physical locations where bettors can go to play casino games and poker, as well as watch live racing. The only area where the state falls short is sports betting, which is a fairly prevalent problem across the country.

In fact, the state of Florida clearly specifies in its constitution that “penny-ante” games like poker, dominoes, and mah-jongg with a pot of less than $10 are lawful in private residences. While private games are rarely enforced by law enforcement in any case, it is pleasant to see a state that respects its citizens’ right to gamble.

Florida Gaming Regulations

The state of Florida currently has numerous regulations in place to allow for various sorts of legal gambling in the state, such as horse racing, casinos, and poker. Dana Young, the current Florida House of Representatives leader, is attempting to pass legislation that would provide even more gaming alternatives to Floridians.

Indian Gaming

Young’s measure might pave the way for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians to construct a full-fledged casino in Northwest Florida. The state now has an exclusivity agreement with the Seminole tribe, but it is slated to expire in the summer of 2015, and the tribe currently operates no casinos in Northern Florida. A casino in Northern Florida would make gaming more accessible to residents while also potentially bringing in money from surrounding states with severe anti-gambling laws, such as Alabama.

Canine Tracks

Current owners of dog tracks in Florida are concerned that they will have to close due to a drop in dog racing popularity, making the sites unprofitable. The proposed bill would allow these establishments to continue functioning as casinos even after they stop hosting dog races.

Young’s plan, if passed, will increase gaming availability throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Sports Betting

While Florida’s gaming regulations are generally progressive, sports betting is illegal in the state, as it is in much of the country. There are laws in place to punish bookies more severely than people who put bets.

When deciding who is illegally bookmaking in the state of Florida, many elements are considered. These variables include taking or receiving more than five wagers per day, wagering more than $500 in a single day or $1500 in a single week, and wagering on both sides of a contest at the same point spread. As a result, formal bookmaking is illegal and unregulated in the state of Florida.

Online Sportsbooks

Residents of Florida who wish to wager on sports generally avoid local criminal bookies and instead gamble online. Offshore sportsbooks are not subject to Florida law, and the state of Florida has never prosecuted or charged anyone in the state for using offshore sportsbooks to place wagers. While bettors who are caught betting with local bookies may face legal consequences, there are no statutes in Florida’s constitution that specifically prohibit betting online.

Florida Betting: Poker And Casino

For its people, Florida features three sorts of casinos: Native American casinos, “racinos,” and casino ships. Casino ships depart from Cape Canaveral and Jacksonville, transporting passengers to international waters where they are free to gamble because they are not in the United States.


Racinos are horse and dog racing tracks where visitors can gamble on racing as well as casino games like slots, table games, and poker. Gulfstream Park, Calder Race Course, and Tampa Bay Downs are three well-known racetracks that hold graded stakes races with purses funded by the casinos on the property.

Native American Casinos

The Seminole Casinos are well-known throughout Florida, with four locations including the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa, Florida and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. These Native American casinos provide traditional casino games such as slot machines, blackjack, and poker, among others. All year long, these poker rooms hold tournaments.

Online Poker

Poker gamers in Florida have many options for live cash games and tournaments, but some also play online at offshore poker rooms. The Florida Constitution contains no provisions that directly prohibit playing poker online.

Other Florida Gaming Options

In addition to traditional casino games and horse racing, bingo and lotto are popular in Florida. Bingo halls are legal if they are licensed and can be located throughout the state.

Florida Betting Lottery

The Florida lottery is one of the highest-earning lotteries in the US, with nearly $5 billion in earnings in fiscal year 2013. Scratch-off games have been popular in the state since they were first permitted in 1988. With the inclusion of interstate games such as the Powerball in 2009 and the Mega Millions in 2013, the lottery has surged in recent years.

State Betting Guides for Each State

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