Here is our Vermont Betting guide, including information on why choosing offshore sportsbooks like is the right choice.

Vermont has more possibilities for legal gambling than most other states in the US. Residents in Vermont who wish to gamble lawfully but are unable to access casinos, poker rooms, or racetracks must go to a neighboring state or participate in the Vermont Lottery.

The one bright spot for Vermont poker players and sports bettors is that there are no severe laws prohibiting putting bets on the books. Although it is against the law to place bets, inhabitants of this state that forbids gambling may find that the little fines associated with this rule make it worth the risk.

Vermont Betting Laws

In Vermont, there are very few legal gaming establishments. Act 259, which permitted pari-mutuel betting on live horse racing, was adopted by the state in 1960; however, since live racing is not conducted in the state, this law is no longer in effect. Neither privately held nor tribally owned casinos exist in the state of Vermont, and a 2011 bill intended to establish a state casino never even made it out of committee.

Adaptable Gaming Laws

Although there aren’t many gaming establishments in Vermont, there aren’t any harsh legal sanctions for gambling. “A person who wins or loses money or other valuable thing by play or hazard at any game, or by betting on such play or hazard, or sharing in a stake wagered by others on such play or hazard, shall be fined not more than $200.00 nor less than $10.00,” states section 2141 of the Vermont Statutes, which forbids winning or losing through gambling.

State rules, in other words, only provide for a $200 penalties for placing a wager on a game or event. This is a fairly light punishment for a state where gambling is prohibited.

Vermont Sports Betting

Sports betting is prohibited in the state of Vermont under the legislation, which states that it is illegal to wager on any game, win or lose. As previously stated, there is a relatively lenient potential punishment of up to $200. The law does take a harsher stand against sportsbooks or other establishments that handle bets, although punished offenders face up to 60 days in jail.

Online Sportsbooks

If a state resident is a sports bettor, placing a wager at an offshore sportsbook is probably a safer and more dependable choice than using a local sportsbook. Vermont residents can play at most offshore sportsbooks that accept US residents, as they are not subject to state legislation in Vermont.

Vermont appears to be a somewhat safe area to place an online sports wager. The Vermont Statutes do not specifically address internet gambling, and the only reference to the illegality of sports is that it carries a fine but not a jail penalty. Nothing about Vermont’s antiquated gambling laws indicates that upholding this legislation is a top concern, and no one has ever been arrested or charged with a felony for placing an internet sports wager.

Vermont Betting: Bet with an Offshore like

New offshore platforms like have revolutionized Vermont betting. Vermonters should consider these options for numerous reasons.

One of the best things about offshore casinos like in Vermont is their vast betting variety. Offshore platforms offer casino games, international sports, and more, even though Vermont hasn’t allowed sports betting. This large assortment gives consumers many options to explore and interact with, catering to a variety of interests and tastes.

Offshore platforms frequently have greater chances and bonuses than future state-regulated options. offers cool bonuses, promotions, and loyalty rewards. These spice up betting and may boost profits. These incentives can improve the value offer for money-making bettors.

Offshore services like prioritize user experience by leveraging innovative technologies and simple interfaces to make betting easy and fun. Betting and payment platforms are simple and secure. These platforms prioritize user satisfaction and usability.

Bettors from abroad may also be able to stay anonymous. Future state-regulated platforms may require lots of personal data and verification. Offshore platforms allow users to remain anonymous due to less stringent registration restrictions.

Offshore sites offer 24/7 customer care. This ensures users obtain immediate assistance with betting issues.

As you can see, offshore betting sites like in Vermont offer several betting options, good odds and bonuses, privacy, and reliable customer support. These factors make it enticing for Vermonters to consider betting in other countries without local laws.

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Vermont Betting: Poker and Casino

Vermont does not have any legal live poker rooms or casino games. Although house poker games appear to be accepted, they are really prohibited by the Vermont Statutes. In Vermont, poker is only officially permitted when it takes the shape of a charitable event.

Play Poker Online

In general, Vermonters would feel safer playing online poker at an offshore poker room than they would in a local house game. “Anyone who plays at cards, dice, tables, or other games for money or other valuables in a common gaming or gambling house that is maintained for lucre and gain, shall be fined not more than $200.00 or imprisoned not more than sixty days, or both,” according to Section 2133 of the Vermont Statutes. Although a home game is unlikely to be considered a “gambling house,” it might be if it hosted a regular game.

However, nowhere in Vermont’s legislation is there any reference to online gambling, nor is there any other mention of playing cards or poker in particular. The sole restriction that online poker players would be violating, which carries a possible $200 fine, is “winning or losing at gambling.”

Additional Vermont Betting Options

The Vermont Lottery is as good as it gets given Vermont’s restricted gambling options. The greatest option for gamblers who don’t want to travel outside of the state to adjacent casinos is to play the lottery because there are no casinos, poker rooms, or horse racing facilities within the state.

Apart from scratch-off tickets, Vermont is part of the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions drawings, as well as drawings in the Tri-State Lottery with Maine and New Hampshire. Since 1998, the state’s education fund has benefited from all proceeds from the Vermont Lottery.

State Betting Guides for Each State

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