Here is our Delaware Betting guide, including information on why choosing offshore sportsbooks like is the right choice.

Outside of Nevada, there isn’t anything better in the United States for bettors than Delaware. Delaware offers casino gambling, live racing, live poker, and even NFL parlay cards, a legal form of sports betting. The state is one of the most welcoming to gaming in the entire country.

Delaware’s brick-and-mortar betting options are great enough, but the state also supports online gaming. Residents can legally play casino games, slots, and poker online for real money. Delaware is at the forefront of gambling acceptance, and Americans around the country can only hope that their states will follow suit.

Delaware Gaming Regulations

In 1992, federal laws outlawed sports betting in the United States. Delaware was one of just four states in the country to be grandfathered in because it already had allowed sports betting.

In 2009, the state took advantage of this status by legalizing sports betting and casino table games. That same year, a federal act was passed to limit professional sports betting to NFL parlays, but Delaware residents have something when it comes to legal sports betting.

Online Poker

Delaware was the first state in the United States to legalize internet gambling in 2012. The state not only provides legal and regulated online poker to its residents, but it also provides other forms of casino gambling online.

Delaware’s online poker scene got even better in 2014, when the state inked an agreement with Nevada to allow intrastate liquidity pooling among its poker venues. With the passage of this legislation, Nevada citizens will be able to play at Delaware’s online poker sites and vice versa. This raises the number of participants in both marketplaces, allowing both states to earn more money and gamers in these states to participate in better games.

Delaware Sports Betting

Sports betting is permitted in Delaware, making it one of only four states in the country that can offer some type of legal wagering to its inhabitants. Unfortunately, sports betting in live casinos is confined to the NFL and parlay cards, which require players to select at least three sides every card. Still, being able to legally gamble on a sport, especially one as popular as the NFL, is a welcome change from the rest of the country.

Online Gambling

Offshore sportsbooks are a terrific choice for gamblers wishing to wager on other sports and have a greater variety of possibilities. Sports betting sites located in other countries are not subject to US legal jurisdiction and can thus provide their services to US residents without fear of legal repercussions.

On a state basis, there isn’t a lot safer state to place online sports bets than Delaware. There are no particular provisions in the Delaware Code prohibiting sports betting, online betting, or player wagering; only bookmaking and furthering gambling are prohibited. Given that sports betting is permitted in Delaware and that no charges have ever been filed against a Delaware citizen for betting online, this is a gambling-friendly state.

Delaware Poker and Casino

Delaware currently has three “racinos” in operation: Delaware Park in Wilmington, Dover Downs in Dover, and Harrington Raceway in Harrington. A “racino” is a racetrack that simultaneously serves as a casino. These three venues all have slot machines, table gaming, and horse racing.

These three casinos all feature live poker rooms. With 45 tables, Delaware Park has the largest live poker room in the state and offers a wide choice of live games and tournaments all year.

Online Poker

In addition to a variety of live poker clubs, Delaware citizens have the option of playing online poker fully legally. With a player pool that includes Nevada locals, finding games online at varying stakes in Delaware is easier than ever before. And, because the poker rooms are administered by the state’s casinos, making deposits and withdrawals in person is quick and simple.

And Delaware’s internet liberty does not end there. Residents of the state can also play real money table games and slot machines from the comfort of their own homes. In reality, mobile gaming, which is totally legal and regulated in Delaware, allows gamers to take their gambling on the go.

Other Delaware Gaming Options

Delaware’s three live casinos have it all. In addition to slot machines and table games, Delaware’s three casinos are racetracks, with two offering live harness racing and one offering conventional thoroughbred racing. Horseplayers can also wager on other races that are simulcast from throughout the country.

Lottery in Delaware

The Delaware Lottery offers multi-state games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky For Life, and Hot Lotto, as well as in-state draw games and scratchcard instant win games. Delaware Keno, which is drawn every few minutes and can be played throughout the state, is one of the most popular state-exclusive games.

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