Here is our New Mexico Betting guide, including information on why choosing offshore sportsbooks like is the right choice.

New Mexico’s compacts with nearby tribes that allow for gaming have allowed both locals and tourists to enjoy casino-style gambling for almost 20 years. Horse racing was another well-liked gambling activity in the state until the arrival of tribal casinos.

There aren’t many options for poker players and sports bettors in New Mexico, and it’s technically against the law to place a wager outside of authorized casinos. However, many residents choose to play online at offshore locations because there are no regulations specifically pertaining to internet gaming in place and there is no enforcement against making bets.

New Mexico’s Gaming Laws

For the state of New Mexico’s gaming industry, 1995 was a historic year. Former Governor Bruce King was unable to reach an agreement with the local tribes in 1990, but in 1995 the state was able to work out tribal compacts that opened the door for casino gaming across the state. To introduce lottery gaming to New Mexico, Governor Gray Johnson also established a state lottery in that same year.

The legislation made it possible for slot machines, table games, and poker rooms to be established as regular casino amenities on tribal land. It also made it possible for slot machines to be installed in horse racing facilities.

Laws Prohibiting Gambling

“A bargain in which the parties agree that, dependent upon chance, even though accompanied by some skill, one stands to win or lose anything of value specified in the agreement” is what the state of New Mexico defines as a “bet.” Placing a wager is considered gambling under Section 30-19.2, which makes it a petty misdemeanor and makes it prohibited in the state.

The penalty for bookmaking is more severe. One can classify “receiving, recording, or forwarding bets or offers to bet” as commercial gambling. In New Mexico, engaging in commercial gambling is a fourth-degree crime.

New Mexico’s Sports Betting Market

Although it isn’t specifically stated in the New Mexico Statutes, sports betting is undoubtedly covered under the state’s definition of betting as any stake that is primarily dependent on chance, even when it involves some talent. Even though a petty misdemeanor is one of the state’s least serious offenses, it is nevertheless recorded. The classification of bookmaking as a felony denotes a far more serious offense.

Betting Online

If sports bettors in New Mexico would want to place a wager, locating an offshore sportsbook online is a safer and more convenient option than going with a local bookmaker. Because foreign sportsbooks are not subject to US federal law or New Mexico state law, they are free to operate without fear of legal repercussions for breaking any anti-bookmaking regulations.

To far, no New Mexico resident has faced charges or legal action for placing an internet sports wager. Additionally, the state’s statutes include no mention of internet gambling at all. Although New Mexico’s history suggests that the state’s laws prohibiting gambling are not strictly enforced, citizens should nevertheless be informed of them before making any decisions.

New Mexico Betting: Poker and Casino

Tribal gambling in the state of New Mexico has been around for a while and is still going strong because of the tribal compacts that were signed in 1995. There are a few casinos spread out over the state where locals and tourists may enjoy several of their favorite table games, slot machines, and live poker.

In addition, slots can be played in “racinos,” which are horse racing courses with slot machines. These establishments do not allow table games, but they do provide electronic gaming, such as video poker and slots.

Online Poker

Although there are several poker rooms in the state of New Mexico, there aren’t many excellent choices for serious players. There are only about 20 tables in even the largest poker casinos in the state, which limits the alternatives for players seeking a wide variety of games or competitive tournament play.

Instead, more dedicated poker players can choose to play at an online poker site. This would be in violation of New Mexico’s anti-betting legislation, which hasn’t been applied to online poker games played by state citizens. The New Mexico Statutes make no mention of poker or online gambling at all.

Additional Gaming Choices in New Mexico

Since horse betting started in 1947 at Ruidoso Park, then known as Hollywood Park, horse racing has a long and illustrious history in the state of New Mexico. There are five operational racetracks in the state where bettors can wager on national simulcast races as well as live races.

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