Here is our Ohio Betting guide, including information on why choosing offshore sportsbooks like YouWager.lv is the right choice.

There weren’t many choices available to Ohioans for live betting until lately. Thankfully, new legislation has increased access to casino gaming throughout the state, particularly in the densestly populated regions, for state bettors.

A state constitution that has no explicit prohibitions against online or offline betting provides a reasonably safe environment for poker players and sports bettors to place their bets. Although the future of gambling in Ohio is still uncertain, pro-gaming legislative amendments made recently indicate that things are headed in the right way.

Ohio Gaming Laws

Ohio has a long history of prohibiting casino gaming. After the Ohio Casino Initiative was approved in 2009, this was altered. The initiative received 52.97% of the state’s vote, narrowly winning.

The Initiative for Ohio Casinos

Four casinos, one for each of Ohio’s four most populous cities—Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo—were authorized by law to be built. Every casino would be subject to a 33% tax, with the proceeds going to the state’s different programs, including education. The passage of this legislation also led to the creation of the Ohio Casino Control Commission. The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) was established to license, oversee, and manage Ohio’s casino operators and gambling.

The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland debuted for business on May 14, 2012, marking the opening of the first of these authorized casinos. The Hollywood Casino Columbus on October 8, 2012, the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati on March 4, 2013, and the Hollywood Casino Toledo on May 29, 2012, came after it.

Debate around the Ohio Casino Initiative was intense in the months preceding its passage and continues to this day. These casinos have brought in money and jobs for the state, but far less quickly than anticipated.

Ohio Sports Betting

Although the Ohio Casino Initiative did introduce casino gaming to the state, it had no positive impact on sports wagerers in Ohio. Thankfully, Ohio state legislation don’t specifically prohibit sports betting.

Ohio does have a strong policy on both bookmaking and manipulating or cheating in games. Interestingly enough, Ohio’s Penal Code 2915.02 states that it is unlawful to “Engage in betting or in playing any scheme or game of chance as a substantial source of income or livelihood,” which is the only reference of sports betting being banned from the players’ point of view. This could be seen to suggest that while it’s acceptable to gamble recreationally, it’s not acceptable to do so professionally.

Online Betting

The best alternative for sports betting in Ohio appears to be placing an online wager at an offshore bookmaker, as state regulations in Ohio do not specifically restrict recreational betting and make no mention of internet gaming. Although there are laws against recreational betting, Ohio does not have any legal authority over overseas sportsbooks and does not forbid bookmaking within its borders. In Ohio, there has never been an arrest for internet gambling as of yet.

Ohio’s Poker and Casino

Every one of Ohio’s four largest cities has a Vegas-style casino, providing bettors with access to casino gaming throughout the state. Slot machines, table games, and poker are just a few of the common gambling options available at these casinos.


The state of Ohio has four official casinos in addition to a few “racinos” spread out over the region. A racino is a racetrack for horses that also has a casino. However, in Ohio, racinos are only allowed to have video lottery terminals. These venues don’t provide any table games.

Online Poker

In each of Ohio’s four casinos, live poker is available to residents. Although there aren’t many selections and the games change depending on the time of day or night, these casinos provide cash games and tournaments.

Online poker at an offshore site is a wonderful choice for Ohio poker players who seek a more reliable game with more possibilities. Poker is only mentioned in passing under Ohio’s state statutes, which define it as a “game of chance” that is forbidden as a “substantial source of income or livelihood” but not as a recreational activity. To present, playing online poker has not resulted in any legal issues for any Ohioan, visitor, or citizen.

Additional Ohio Gaming Options

In addition to having video lottery terminals, all of Ohio’s racinos provide live horse racing. Situated in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Downs is the sole off-track betting establishment in the state.

The Ohio Lotto

The Ohio Lottery Game Commission is in charge of the lottery, which was established in 1973. The state offers both interstate games like Powerball and Mega Millions and local games like Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Keno. Scratch-off tickets are available for purchase throughout Ohio, allowing residents to participate in the lottery.

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