Buccaneers at Saints Betting Odds and Preview NFL Week 2

Buccaneers at Saints Betting Odds and Preview NFL Week 2

This is our Buccaneers at Saints Betting Preview and odds for this NFL Week 2 clash.

Buccaneers at Saints Betting Odds

These are the Buccaneers at Saints Betting Odds, brought to you by YouWager.lv:

  • Point Spread: Bucs -3.5, Saints +3.5
  • Money Line: Bucs -170, Saints +160
  • Total: 47 Over/Under

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Buccaneers at Saints Betting: Point Spread

The point spread is how oddsmakers create balance for betting purposes between two teams, no matter how good or how bad each team is.

And, the actual point spread is created based not only on the quality of the team but also on the health status of key players that can actually end up making a big difference.

In this particular case, the Bucs are the road favorites to win this game. And oddsmakers believe this can be a close game, but where the visiting team still has a slight edge.

For this reason, they have set the line at -3.5. This means that if you place a bet on the Bucs, the team must win by 4 points or more or you lose the bet.

If the team wins but by less than 4 points, then you lose your wager.

In the case of the Saints, the home underdogs, they are set at +3.5 for this matchup.

This means that NOLA, because they are not the favorites, can even lose the game by less than 4 points and you can still win your bet on the Saints.

If New Orleans losses but by more than 4 points, you also lose your bet.

Money Line

Betting on the money line is the simplest way to place a wager on a team.

This is because you are simply betting on the team you believe has the most chances of getting the victory.

And, when it comes to returns, you always get more by betting on the underdog team as that is the team that has fewer chances of winning.

And that means that the risk is higher for the player, so the returns are also better.

In this case, for every $100 you get to risk on the Saints, you can make as much as an extra $160 for a total return of your bet of $260.

The Bucs, on the other hand, are the favorites, and that means that because the risk is lesser, you have to risk more for a lesser return.

In this case, you can earn $100 for each $170 you get to risk on Tampa.


If you want to place a bet on a given game, but you are not really rooting for any of the two teams, to bet on the total is an excellent choice.

This is because you are betting on the combined score of both teams at the end of the game.

In this case, the total has been set at 47.

This means that you can bet on the game to have more or less a combined 47 points when the game is over.

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Buccaneers at Saints Betting Preview

Tom Brady has been struggling against the Saints during his career. And we can pretty much tell the same team about his current team, the Buccaneers.

When it comes to the head-to-head between the two franchises, New Orleans is winning it 7-1.

This is truly not the standard for Tampa Bay, a team that has been ranking second in scoring since Brady arrived in town.

Now, Rob Gronkowski is out of the team as he retired during the offseason.

Brady also lost Chris Goodwin for the start of the regular season as the player is still dealing with an ACL injury.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Key Players: Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Devin White, Chris Goodwin (currently injured)
  • Head coach: Todd Bowles

Needless to say, the Bucs are right now the best team in the NFC South. And we can also say that they are likely the best team in the whole NFC.

Last season they finished with an outstanding 13-4 record, and 4 games ahead of NOLA.

Tampa Bay also managed to outscore its rivals by 158 points, and that is clearly a true statement about how talented this team really is.

Bruce Arians decided to call it quits during the offseason, but everybody is more than sure that his successor Todd Bowles has what it takes to do phenomenally well.

The team is expecting Chris Goodwin to get well soon because he is an extremely talented wide receiver that can turn into one of the top offensive threats for the Bucs.

New Orleans Saints

  • Key Players: Jameis Winston, Cameron Jordan, Marshon Lattimore, Michael Thomas
  • Head coach: Dennis Allen

New Orleans is definitely the kryptonite for Tom Brady and the Bucs, with the Saints going 7-1 vs Tampa Bay in the previous 4 seasons. And 4-0 vs the Buccaneers in the past 2 seasons.

Now, the odds for the Saints to win their division are not so great, but they are definitely entering the regular season with a lot of optimism about what the team can do.

And the Saints are also featuring a new coach in Dennis Allen, who took over the position after Sean Payton also decided to call it quits.

Jameis Winston is returning as the starting quarterback for NOLA. Winston played 7 games for the Saints last season, going 5-2 in that stretch before suffering an injury that ended his season.

Thank you for checking out our Buccaneers at Saints Betting preview, best of luck with your action on this game.

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