NHL Stanley Cup Odds 2023-24 Betting Analysis

NHL Stanley Cup Odds 2023-24 Betting Analysis

The regular season has begun, and things are tight at the top of the NHL Stanley Cup Odds board. The betting favorites are the Colorado Avalanche and the Carolina Hurricanes, with the defending regular-season champions, the Boston Bruins, close behind. The whole 2023-24 Stanley Cup odds board can be found below.

NHL Stanley Cup Odds 2023-24: Who Leads?

Here are the early NHL Stanley Cup Odds:

Team Odds
Colorado Avalanche +800
Vegas Golden Knights +850
Carolina Hurricanes +900
Boston Bruins +1000
New Jersey Devils +1100
NY Rangers +1100
Dallas Stars +1200
Toronto Maple Leafs +1200
Edmonton Oilers +1600
Los Angeles Kings +1600

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Stanley Cup Betting Odds: Best Bet

When a good club is undervalued or offered at a discount, it is the best bet for any title. It’s simple to choose the favorite or the Stanley Cup winner from the previous year – if that’s your idea of the greatest bet, go for it! However, the NHL’s hardware is notoriously difficult to obtain, so looking farther down the list may provide you with a good opportunity before the odds shift over the season. Our top Stanley Cup futures pick for the 2023-24 season is shown below.

Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Odds

Championships are won on defense. At least, that’s what the saying goes. And, well, Dallas has a great defense. Only Boston has allowed fewer goals this season than the Stars, who are led by goalie Jake Oettinger.

This year, the Stars’ young goalie has an even better season, averaging a 0.940 SV% and a 1.74 GAA.

Dallas’ offense has been lackluster to start the season, averaging only 3.00 goals per game. This puts them in 18th place in the NHL. But keep in mind that this squad finished seventh in scoring in 22-23, averaging 3.43 goals per game.

And the Stars’ attacking output has not decreased. In fact, they gained some by acquiring Matt Duchene, who has 142 points and 65 goals in the last two years.

Remember, this is the same club that advanced to the Western Conference Finals last season. For the time being, their odds have dropped to +1100, thus it would be a good moment to invest in this club.

NHL Stanley Cup Odds: Best Value Bets

Betting on the favorite is the safest option, but hunting for value in teams farther down the table is also vital. When it comes to making a futures wager, there is no such thing as a “wrong” play – we’ve seen our fair share of upsets and underdog narratives over the years. We’ve identified a few teams that our experts believe are good buys worth taking a chance on.

New York Rangers Stanley Cup Odds

Their Cup odds are appealing at +1200.

The Rangers are 7-2-0 in the Metropolitan Division, and Shesterkin has been terrible. On the season, the Vezina Trophy winner with a 0.905 SV% and a 2.56 GAA. Despite this, the Rangers have the league’s second-lowest goals-against average of 2.00 and the league’s second-best powerplay at 34.4%.

Shesterkin will undoubtedly rebound this season. Even when Igor is not at his best, the Rangers continue to win and score points. That’s significant because New York previously followed Igor’s lead.

That is critical for a Cup challenger. They’re winning despite the fact that their great goaltender isn’t playing well right now. Look out for that goalie once he gets his act together, which he will.

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Odds

Despite the loss of captain Patrice Bergeron and second-line center David Krejci, Boston has not slowed. The Bruins are 8-0-1 this season.

Linus Ullmark, the team’s star goalie, is still stopping pucks at the same rate he did last year. In five games, Ullmark has a 0.939 save percentage and a 1.77 GAA.

This has contributed to them having the best defensive record in the league with 14 goals against, but they also have a decent offense with 29 goals, ranking 13th in the league.

Even this early in the season, when looking at Stanley Cup favorites, you want to see a club around the top of the rankings in terms of points, offensive, and defense. And one with a standout goaltender. Boston ticks all of the requirements.

Last 10 Stanley Cup Winners

Year Cup Champions Opening Odds
2023 Vegas Golden Knights +1800
2022 Colorado Avalanche +600
2021 Tampa Bay Lightning +900
2020 Tampa Bay Lightning +675
2019 St. Louis Blues +3000
2018 Washington Capitals +1125
2017 Pittsburgh Penguins +1100
2016 Pittsburgh Penguins +1300
2015 Chicago Blackhawks +700
2014 Los Angeles Kings +1200

Aside from the Golden Knights winning the league in only their sixth season (and looking amazing the entire time), there aren’t many surprises on this list – perhaps the exception is the St. Louis Blues in 2019.

The Blues were at +3000 prior to the start of the 2018-19 season, paying early gamblers $3,000 on a $100 wager, but it gets better! The Blues were near the bottom of the NHL rankings by the All-Star break that year, with odds of winning the Stanley Cup at +10000. That means a $100 wager would have resulted in a $10,000 profit. Wild.

Over the last decade, the average opening odds for the ultimate Stanley Cup champion have been +1180, but if you exclude the 2019 Blues championship, the average Stanley Cup champion’s odds are +978. With the rise of Vegas, we may see a few duplicates in the coming years.

NHL Teams With The Most Stanley Cups

Team Stanley Cups Last Cup Win
Montreal Canadiens 24 1993
Toronto Maple Leafs 13 1967
Detroit Red Wings 11 2008
Boston Bruins 6 2011
Chicago Blackhawks 6 2015
Edmonton Oilers 5 1990
Pittsburgh Penguins 5 2017
New York Islanders 4 1983
New York Rangers 4 1994
New Jersey Devils 3 2003

Toronto has a lot of Cups, but they haven’t won or even made it to a Stanley Cup Final since their 1967 win. Breaking their streak of first-round exits in the 2023 playoffs, let’s hope the Leafs can return to the finals soon.

With present NHL parity, it will take a long time for any organization to surpass the Montreal Canadiens’ 24 Stanley Cup banners, which they accumulated across many decades in the mid-1900s.

NHL Teams With Zero Stanley Cups

There are 11 teams, or more than a third of the league, that have yet to win the Stanley Cup.

  • Arizona Coyotes
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Florida Panthers
  • Minnesota Wild
  • Nashville Predators
  • Ottawa Senators
  • San Jose Sharks
  • Seattle Kraken
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Winnipeg Jets

Although the Ottawa Senators did win a few Stanley Cups, the last championship was before the advent of penicillin, and the Senators did not exist between 1934 (when they relocated to St. Louis) and 1992. As a result, I’m not going to count those. Sorry, Senators’ supporters!

Stanley Cup Betting Odds And Trends

When it comes to the Stanley Cup, there are a few significant patterns we may pick up on as hockey bettors. The trophy is still up for grabs, but here are a few recent patterns that may help you narrow down your choices:

  • When it comes to picking a favorite conference, the last ten winners have been evenly split: 60% have come from the East, while 40% have come from the West.
  • The Cup is a trophy that can be won more than once. The Penguins and Lightning have both won back-to-back games in the last ten years, while 16 teams have done so since 1918.
  • Only six teams with pre-season odds greater than +1000 have won the Cup since 2010, and all have done so in the last ten years. The underdog trend is on the rise!
  • Regular-season dominance would seem to predict a Stanley Cup favorite, but the President’s Trophy has only been awarded to the eventual winner of the finals eight times in its 35-year history. Consider the 2023 Boston Bruins, who have the best record in NHL history despite losing in the first round. Yikes.

How To Bet On Stanley Cup Odds

To gamble on Stanley Cup odds, go to your sportsbook’s NHL area and place a futures bet. You should see a tab for futures possibilities, with the NHL finals being a prominent option. If you’re thinking of betting on the Stanley Cup, don’t be hesitant to check out our NHL betting guide for some friendly tips and techniques!

Before the regular season begins, odds are available; certain teams will always be considered contenders, especially if they won the Cup the previous year. When sportsbooks determine the odds, they consider offseason roster changes, coaching changes, and previous performance, particularly the previous season.

Where To Bet On The Stanley Cup Futures

Most sportsbooks have updated Stanley Cup odds; the lines may fluctuate significantly depending on which book you select, so be sure you’re getting the most value for your money. If you’re seeking for advice on how to pick the perfect book for you, check out our NHL website review page!

How To Read Stanley Cup Odds 2024

Assume you wish to place a futures bet right now. The Stanley Cup odds may look like this:

  • Colorado Avalanche¬†+300
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +550
  • Vegas Golden Knights +800
  • Carolina Hurricanes +900
  • Edmonton Oilers +1100

If you have strong feelings about the Leafs and believe they will win the Stanley Cup, you may bet $100 on them at +550 odds. If they win, you’ll receive a payout of $650, which includes your original $100 as well as $550 in winnings. Based on the chances and amount staked, our odds calculator will show you how much you’d win.

If you have strong feelings about the Leafs and believe they will win the Stanley Cup, you may bet $100 on them at +550 odds. If they win, you’ll receive a payout of $650, which includes your original $100 as well as $550 in winnings. Based on the chances and amount staked, our odds calculator will show you how much you’d win.

What Are Stanley Cup Futures

A futures bet is a wager on the outcome of an event before it occurs; in the case of the Stanley Cup, this means wagering on who will lift the league’s premier prize before it is given.

It’s an incredibly basic choosing of paper, but the abundance of possibilities available can make it a little difficult. But don’t worry if you’re afraid of taking chances. You can bet on Stanley Cup futures from the start of the season until the end of the playoffs. If you’d rather wait to see who makes the playoffs, you’ll face a lesser payoff but have a better chance of succeeding.

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