NFL Future Bets Predictions: Super Bowl LVII, Conference Odds

NFL Future Bets Predictions: Super Bowl LVII, Conference Odds

NFL Future Bets Predictions is a different way to bet on American Football.

NFL Futures offer longevity. While a straight bet or a parlay is solved in a day, NFL Futures are season-long wagers.

The most sought-after NFL futures wagers include team and player futures.

The NFL futures that are team-based includes winning the Super Bowl, NFL Division and Conference Winners, or even a total for a team’s season win.

Player futures include wagering on individual season performance, based on stat leaders.

These stat bets include the most passing, rushing, or receiving yards.

A player’s futures bet can also be made on who you believe will get a variety of NFL honors, including:

  • MVP
  • Offensive Rookie of The Year
  • Comeback Player of the year

How to Wager NFL Future Bets Predictions

Wagering on NFL Future Bets Predictions is very simple.

Simply sign up to your account, then click on Props/Futures, and lastly, click on Football NFL Futures.

There you will find the following betting options:

* All the odds below are subject to change.

Super Bowl LVII Odds to win

  • Buffalo Bills +650
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750
  • Kansas City Chiefs +950
  • Los Angeles Rams +1000
  • Green Bay Packers +1000

NFL Future Bets Predictions – 2022 AFC & NFC Championship

A lot of people placing NFL Future Bets Predictions prefer to make a bet on their favorite team winning their conference rather than winning the Super Bowl as this is a safer option.

AFC Conference Odds to win:

  • Buffalo Bills +325
  • Kansas City Chiefs +500
  • Los Angeles Chargers +600
  • Denver Broncos +800
  • Cleveland Browns +950

NFC Conference Odds to win:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +275
  • Green Bay Packers +375
  • Los Angeles Rams +425
  • San Francisco 49ers +800
  • Dallas Cowboys +850

NFL Divisional Odds to win:

For bettors that are even more conservative, there is also the option to place a bet on who you believe is going to win a certain NFL division.

These are the divisional favorites:

  • AFC East Odds to Win = Buffalo Bills -225
  • AFC North Odds to Win = Baltimore Ravens +175
  • AFC South Odds to Win = Indianapolis Colts -125
  • AFC West Odds to Win = Kansas City Chiefs +160
  • NFC East Odds to Win = Dallas Cowboys +105
  • NFC North Odds to Win = Green Bay Packers -200
  • NFC South Odds to Win = Tampa Bay Buccaneers -325
  • NFC West Odds to Win = Los Angeles Rams +125

Plus, you can also bet on how many regular-season wins you think your favorite team will have.

We wish you the best of luck with your NFL Future Bets Predictions, and we encourage you to check out more of our sports content.

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