YouWager lv Review: Best Offshore Sportsbook

YouWager lv offers a wide variety of sports and events to bet on, competitive odds, a mobile-friendly website, fast and reliable payouts, and strong customer support.

Our sportsbook is secure and properly licensed for processing bets, plus we count on various options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Additionally, as the best offshore sportsbook, we also provide helpful information and resources to assist you in making informed betting decisions.

Is YouWager lv Legit?

Due to the fact that YouWager Sportsbook has a gambling license from Costa Rica, they are entirely legitimate. As a result, they are able to accept wagers from all around the world.

They are permitted to accept wagers from players in the United States, Canada, Europe, and nearly anywhere else in the world since the Costa Rican Ministry of Commerce and Industry regulates their operations to ensure everything is running smoothly. The website is completely secure and safe to use for sports betting.

YouWager lv Sportsbook Background

YouWager, once known as a betting service that catered largely to Americans, entered the global sports betting market in July 2019.

The company started covering soccer competitions all around Europe, added more live betting, and added a ton of additional sports betting sections.

It also moved its major domain from to (you can still use but you’ll just get redirected). This has greatly increased the popularity of YouWager and the betting markets available on the online sportsbook.

Naturally, they have subsequently taken a lot more YouWagers.

100% CRYPTO BONUS - YouWager Sportsbook Bonus
100% CRYPTO BONUS – YouWager Sportsbook Bonus

YouWager lv Sportsbook Menu

The YouWager lv sportsbook menu mostly covers, football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey, in that order.

Betting options include pre-game spreads, moneylines, totals, and props. Once the game begins, a wide variety of live betting choices are also accessible.

Each NFL and NCAAF game is thoroughly covered by YouWager lv. Additionally, you can wager on a number of futures markets related to the football season,

This includes the Super Bowl winner and the champions of each conference and division.

At YouWager lv, the selection of prop bets is quite outstanding. You can wager, for instance, on which team will score the longest touchdown, the race to 10 points, which team will call a timeout first, the winning margin, if a scoreless quarter will occur, and many other things.

Everything a sports fan could want is in this book. This includes bet builders, player props, same-game parlays, and more.

Speak with customer service if you’re new to any of these. You can identify and comprehend these bet types with their assistance.

Compared to the rest of its rivals with US-facing websites, YouWager lv offers more sports. The sportsbook offers lines on horse racing, rugby, motorsports, cricket, cycling, and volleyball. It covers tennis, golf, soccer, the UFC, and boxing in depth. That covers a lot of ground.

YouWager lv Live Betting

Over the last five years or so, YouWager has done an excellent job of making their live betting product one of the best in the industry. They have achieved this by making improvements in two key areas.

One benefit is that the action product is now incredibly smooth. Everything now responds quickly when you click into it to browse the lines or place a wager while the action is taking place.

There is no discernible lag whether you are using a desktop computer or a mobile device, and the odds change swiftly in between plays.

The selection is excellent, too. Some offshore bookmakers mainly focus on a select few major sports here and there, whereas YouWager lv offers a large selection of live betting options.

YouWager lv Competitive Odds

YouWager lv offers competitive and fair odds on a wide variety of sports and events. These odds are regularly updated to reflect changes in the market and any relevant news or information.

We also have a system in place for monitoring odds and lines for any suspicious or abnormal activity, and we are transparent about our odds-setting process.

YouWager lv Mobile Friendly

Many individuals have inquired about a YouWager lv Sportsbook app, but they don’t need it, as many sports bettors are beginning to learn.

Because their mobile website has been streamlined, YouWager lv doesn’t need to build a sportsbook app. In other words, the website will appear to be an app if you access it through a mobile browser.

It will work rather smoothly in the palm of your hand and will fit your smartphone or tablet screen appropriately. In order to ensure that the website functions in portrait mode and with screen taps rather than landscape mode and a mouse, the UI/UX of the website have been translated from the desktop version to the mobile version.

It is quick and fluid in terms of speed and functionality. We tried out every feature of the website, from depositing money to browsing the lines to placing bets. Just like the desktop version, using it on a mobile device is a highly rewarding experience.

With sports betting, the entire procedure has been streamlined and made extremely lightweight so that it can be handled by a mobile browser.

Apps can also come with some headaches. For example, the app stores – especially the Apple App Store – can be quite finicky as to what they approve. It’s not just the gambling aspect of it; sometimes they might not like a feature and deny the app altogether.

Additionally, every time Apple or Android releases an update, developers must update their apps, and then users must update their apps as well. You never have to worry about that when using the mobile version through the browser.

We advise you to check out YouWager lv on your phone using the Brave Browser, Chrome, or Safari. You can get an idea of why they don’t require a dedicated app by viewing the mobile version and understanding how it functions.

YouWager lv Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Now let’s talk about the different deposit and withdrawal methods available at YouWager lv:

YouWager lv: How to Deposit

The majority of reputable sportsbooks accept bitcoin deposits, and YouWager does too. No matter what you are buying, it can be incredibly frustrating for you as a customer when a transaction fails.

Online sports betting ought to be quick, simple, and provide a variety of banking methods. Having said that, YouWager offers a variety of deposit options, including the previously mentioned credit card, person-to-person transfers, and cryptocurrency.

Let’s start by talking about the best deposit method, which is cryptocurrency. What distinguishes cryptocurrency as the finest alternative among the available choices?

First of all, banks are removed from the process, which accelerates your transaction by cutting out the extra step.

Second, due to the simplicity and secrecy that bitcoin transactions provide, financing an account with it is preferable, particularly for North American customers.

You can call one of YouWager lv’s outstanding customer care representatives for assistance even if you are completely new to cryptocurrencies.

In addition to having the best deposit success rate, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are preferable if you want to deposit a significant sum of money.

The lowest deposit amount is $20, while the maximum bitcoin deposit is $15,000. YouWager lv might accept a larger bank wire for deposits over $15,000, but you would need to inquire about that with customer support.

Deposits made using credit cards are still one of the most common methods at YouWager lv. Even though cryptocurrency is incredibly effective for deposits, many gamblers still like the simplicity of credit card transactions.

However, because the maximum deposit for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover is $500 and the minimum is $50, YouWager lv does not accept significant credit card deposits.

Go to the cashier section after logging in with your YouWager lv account. You may view each choice from there.

YouWager lv Fastest Payouts

You’ve reached the most crucial section of our review of YouWager lv’s sportsbook, where we talk about how to withdraw funds from your account.

You didn’t intend to open an account and deposit a large sum of money if you didn’t know how to withdraw your winnings.

How many payout alternatives and how quickly those requests are processed are two of the most important factors to consider when determining whether a sports betting site is reliable.

Once more, YouWager lv does not let you down. Without a strong reputation, it would undoubtedly be difficult for any sportsbook to continue operating as long as YouWager lv.

You have three options for withdrawals: bitcoin, bank wire payment, or person-to-person. The best option for speed and dependability is still cryptocurrencies.

Making a withdrawal will be as simple as making a deposit if you chose this technique. The bitcoin withdrawal thresholds range from $50,000 to $15,000.

Additionally, bettors have the option of receiving an E-check between the limits of $100 and $3,000 or a bank transfer between the limits of $5,000 and $10,000.

Finally, gamblers have the option of paying another individual directly through Ria ($100-$500) or Money Gram ($100-$450). There are a few more things to think about, the first of which is that payment methods and thresholds may vary according to availability.

Next, some payment options, such as direct deposits, person-to-person money transfers, checks, and electronic checks, come with costs. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are free of charge.

YouWager lv Strong Customer Support

By selecting the live chat button at the bottom of any page on the desktop of YouWager lv’s mobile site, you may communicate with a member of the YouWager lv customer support team.

Additionally, we provide email and toll-free phone support for customers. The same goes for all three channels of communication: you will discover that the customer support agents are courteous, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.

The promptness with which your inquiries will be handled at YouWager lv is elite. This is compared to some sportsbooks that are poor at returning calls or responding to live chat.

You can inquire about a variety of topics, including deposit methods, minimum deposit sums, how to withdraw funds from YouWager lv, the privacy statement, online casino promotions, horse racing, and much more.

We can give YouWager a positive assessment for its customer support, particularly the live chat feature, because the responses we got were usually useful.

YouWager lv Review

To begin with, we appreciate the YouWager lv interface’s straightforward and efficient design.

The majority of the information you need is visible above the fold, so you won’t frequently need to scroll down the page.

Some websites have dazzling design components, a wide range of options, and a flashy appearance, but frequently the very thing that makes some websites challenging to browse.

New clients want to register, make a deposit, and begin placing bets. The process is greatly streamlined on the home page of YouWager lv so you can do that.

Simply click the blazing red “Join Now” button located in the top right corner of the screen.

Sportsbook, Live Betting, Benefits, Promotions, Casino, Live Dealer, Racebook, Poker, Cashier,  Help, and Contact are the tabs at the top of the page, in that order.

Separate weekly offers for sports, casinos, and poker are also displayed on a banner that rotates every five seconds on the homepage.

There is also a link in the banner that says “play now” or “join now.” To access a page where you can create an account or login into an existing one, click one of them.

YouWager’s ability to accommodate users wishing to put wagers of all sizes is one of its strongest features.

Customers benefit from high betting limits, distinctive player props, and some of the best odds in the industry, making for an unrivaled overall sports betting experience.

All of the main sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, CFL, AFL, and WNBA, are covered by YouWager lv, along with international sporting events like MMA, boxing, golf, and tennis.

All of the main soccer leagues from Europe and the Americas are also covered, rounding out its increased options.

Depending on the size of their business, the majority of sportsbooks offer many of the same betting options in an effort to appeal to all types of gamblers. YouWager stands out since they provide many more options.

On YouWager lv, you have the choice to buy points on point spreads as well as totals, money lines, prop bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers, if bets, action reversal, rolling if bets, and futures.