How to Bet College Football Win Totals: NCAAF Over/Unders

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Comprehending the various betting kinds and having a basic understanding of the sport are prerequisites for wagering on NCAA football teams. We at can assist you with both. When it comes to knowing how to wager college football win totals, consider this article to be your new best friend.

We’ll go over how to place OVER/UNDER college football bets as well as how to wager on NCAAF season win totals, along with handicapping information.

What Is An OVER/UNDER Bet?

A betting on the total amount of points scored by both teams combined is known as an OVER/UNDER college football bet. Before every NCAAF game, oddsmakers evaluate each team to estimate how many points they should score, then sum the two. This is sometimes known as a totals bet. After examining the data, you would determine whether you believed the pooled score would be higher (OVER) or lower (UNDER) than the expected score.

In contrast to a moneyline wager, when all you have to do is pick a winner, you would also need to consider each team’s offense and defense; more on that in a moment.

O/U Odds Explained

Our odds are in American style (-500), but you have the option of Fractional (1/5) or Decimal (1.20). The totals betting lines at the sportsbook look like this:

Auburn Vs Ole Miss

  • OVER 52.5 (-125)
  • UNDER 52.5 (-125)

The oddsmakers predict that the combined score of the two teams will be close to 52.5 points. You would bet on the OVER if you think the total score will be 53 or higher. On the other hand, you would take the UNDER if you believe it would be 52 or less.

For the real odds, the number in brackets is the value. They are identical in this instance at -125. This implies that you would receive the same odds whether you bet on the O or the U, depending on which side you choose. Assume that your $25 wager on the OVER was successful. With your original $25 returned to you plus your $20 in loot, you would receive a payout of $45 total.

On the other hand, since the odds are the same, your payoff would be the same if you wagered $25 on the UNDER and it turned out to be a winning wager. Using our odds calculator, you can see how much you could win given the odds and the stake size.

You don’t have to worry about whether team will score more touchdowns or whether the Tigers will make more field goals than the Rebels when placing a wager like this. It is inconsequential whether the score consists of touchdowns, field goals, two-point conversions, or all three since the amount of the total points is what matters.

What Happens If There’s A PUSH?

When the total score precisely matches the oddsmaker’s number, there is a PUSH. A PUSH is possible if the odds are set at a whole number rather than a decimal. Let’s use the previous scenario again and assume that the sportsbook total is 52 rather than 52.5. You will get your money back since neither the OVER nor the UNDER won if the total score ends up at 52 on the nose.

How To Bet NCAAF Win Totals: Handicapping Totals Bets

When the total score precisely matches the oddsmaker’s number, there is a PUSH. A PUSH is possible if the odds are set at a whole number rather than a decimal. Let’s use the previous scenario again and assume that the sportsbook total is 52 rather than 52.5. You will get your money back since neither the OVER nor the UNDER won if the total score ends up at 52 on the nose.

Pace And Points Per Play (PPP)

The offensive potential of a club is just as significant as the defensive effectiveness of the team. Do the players on the team complete drives? A team that can score more points and get the ball into the end zone is more likely to do so, which will result in the OVER.

An additional query to pose is: Does this team produce turnovers? When they are the underdog, these teams are more likely to prevent scoring or score more points, which results in the UNDER.

Take note of a team’s on-field pacing strategy. This will assist you in figuring out the gameplay. ones that move quickly will probably score more points, whereas slower ones won’t score as frequently. It’s important to take into account a team’s points per play (PPP).

Teams who play college football with higher PPP averages than their rivals have a better chance of winning. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You have a better chance of winning the game if you outscore your opponent more. Sports betting is rife with “duh moments,” as they are known.

However, when placing a UNDER wager, be cautious of explosive offenses. Unless you have a shark phobia, in which case fiery, quick offenses would be a UNDER bettor’s second-worst nightmare. Uptempo offenses with rapid downfield runs have a greater chance of scoring far more than the stated amount.

The totals are never high enough when a club is recognized for their potent offensive ability, therefore if you believe the oddsmaker’s figure should be higher, you should avoid taking the UNDER.

Similarly, quick offensive units are favorable OVER bets for a variety of reasons. Their tempo not only increases their scoring opportunities but also reduces the amount of time opposition defenses have to regroup, perhaps resulting in more points conceded.

The backups can keep up the scoring even if the starters are substituted later in a blowout since their coaches will want them to gain experience running the offense at the same pace — which is not to be confused with Speed, the 1994 movie that grossed the fifth most money.

Seek for NCAA football teams who start the college football season with huge numbers and implement these fast-paced offenses. Bettors may typically obtain a lot of value on their OVER bets if they can locate these kinds of squads before the general public does.

Does Home Field Matter?

Home-field advantage is a topic of considerable discussion when it comes to college football OVER/UNDER wagering. In the past, clubs have performed better on their home field. They don’t have to travel, and they have the support of their own followers. Does that imply, then, that you should always take the over? No.

It’s important for you to consider if this is a rivalry game.

If so, you might be in for some significant points. Since both sides have something to prove, rivalry games can occasionally result in closer finishes. To determine whether to take the OVER or UNDER, you must evaluate the rivalry itself. Is Michigan vs. Ohio State playing The Game? Is it Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee? The LSU Tigers versus the Alabama Crimson Tide? Large rivalries may translate into large OVER victories and points.

Watch The Weather

Outdoor stadiums host the majority of college football games. Check the weather forecast before making your selections. Players find it more difficult to pass and catch in bad weather. The wind may make it more difficult for a kicker to get the ball between the uprights.

The less chances a team has to score, the worse the weather. While West Coast and southern teams may suffer when playing up north, particularly later in the season when it gets colder, run-heavy teams may do better in bad weather.

Injuries And Coaching Staff

The state of a player’s health affects how totals are handicapped. Are important players on the roster? Do they have injuries? It’s possible that a backup quarterback with no prior quarterback experience won’t lead his team to any scoring drives. A less experienced running back who is missing a crucial game due to a broken arm could not have as many catches as his more experienced rival.

It’s also necessary to consider the coaches. There is more cooperation between players and staff in the NFL. In college football, everything is in the hands of the staff. They are the ones that call the plays and devise the strategies, so if a player has a falling out with his head coach, it might show on the field.

If a player feels his coach isn’t using him to his full potential, he may protest by performing poorly. Although this may come out as immature, keep in mind that college athletes are still young and that this may be their first experience being away from home.

Look To The Betting Trends

A key component of handicapping is observing other people’s betting patterns. With our Consensus page, you can observe which side the public is firmly in favor of. Additionally, a look at our Betting Trends page will reveal how the total has appeared in previous games. As an illustration, trends might resemble this:

Nebraska Vs Purdue

  • Six of the previous ten away games for Nebraska have seen the total go over.
  • When playing Purdue, Nebraska is 3-3 SU (straight up) in its last 6 games.
  • Of Purdue’s last nine home games, five have had the total go over.
  • In two of Purdue’s previous six games, the total has gone UNDER.

Using Our College Football Database

Aside from our Betting Trends page, our NCAAF Database is one of the best handicapping resources available. This allows you to examine a team’s past performance in certain scenarios. For instance, you may view Notre Dame’s performance in the previous thirty games, at home, away, in the regular season, in the postseason, as a favorite, or as an underdog, versus a certain opponent. Additionally, you’ll be able to view the score and whether the total came in above or under budget.

Don’t Bet Blindly On OVERs

When it comes to NCAA football, it might seem wise to constantly go with the over. You would assume that betting OVERs all the time would make sense because the game usually has a large scoring component. Although there are 130 teams to choose from, some of them are worth taking a chance on the OVER; nevertheless, there is frequently benefit in taking the UNDER instead.

When conference play starts, a club running a typical pro-style offense and scoring a ton of points against inferior opponents may receive a lot of attention and see enormous totals set. This isn’t just for fun. It is generally believed that the stronger side would prevail, which is why oddsmakers set larger totals for games like these.

These offenses won’t be nearly as effective against teams that aren’t completely outmatched on defense and winning every play, though, and the winners will be the ones who picked the UNDER.

The key to wagering 2021 college football totals is to consider both the method and the quantity of a team’s scoring when selecting your selections.

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