How to Bet on College Football: What You Need to Know

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There is something for everyone in the world of college football betting, which is similar to the actual world but with a run-and-shoot attack. Every Saturday offers a plethora of intriguing storylines and betting opportunities, ranging from defensive matchups between championship contenders in the Big 12 to high-scoring blowouts between two unfairly matched teams.

Moneyline: Picking A Winner

You are able to wager on moneylines for both regular season and postseason matches. Often referred to as a straight-up wager, all you’re doing is selecting the team you believe will win the match. Assume for the moment that Louisiana State University and Alabama are playing each other in one of their annual rivalries. The odds would resemble this:

  • Alabama -220
  • LSU +180

The minus symbol (-) indicates that “Bama is the favorite” in this case. Additionally, LSU is the underdog; the plus sign (+) indicates this. Every betting website that shows American odds uses the same symbols.

If you bet $25 on the Crimson Tide and they won, you would receive a payout of $36.36 as you would get your original $25 back in addition to your profits of $11.36. However, you would receive $70 if the Tigers clenched their teeth and said, “Not today, Saban!” Your $25 will be returned along with your $45 in winnings.

Point Spread: Set Number Of Points

You can place a wager on how much a team will win or lose by using the point spread. The underdog has an advantage over the favorites if they win by a certain amount of points or if they don’t lose by more than that. Additionally, they disadvantage the favorite by preventing them from winning by a margin greater than a predetermined number of points.

When Ohio State hosts the Illinois Fighting Illini (say that ten times quickly), the Buckeyes are likely to be the favorites. The spread is what makes a game like this one worthwhile to wager on. The odds would resemble this:

  • Ohio State -40.5
  • Illinois +40.5

Ohio State is the clear favorite in this matchup, and you would need to win your wager if they win by at least 41 points. However, in order for Illinois to cover the spread, they would have to either win the game handily or avoid losing by more than 40 points.

Spread betting, regardless of how lopsided the games appear on paper, makes every game on the NCAA football game board more evenly matched. Selecting a side to cover the spread instead of going for the win can add excitement to watching college football.


OVER/UNDER, sometimes known as a totals bet, is an additional betting choice. There is a total point total that sportsbooks set for college football games. You would have to place a wager as a bettor on whether the total number of points actually scored will exceed or fall short of the predetermined amount.

Let’s take an example where Wisconsin is playing Michigan and the over is 58.5. You would take the OVER if you believe the total score will be 59 points or higher. You would wager the UNDER if you believe the total score will be 58 points or fewer.

Rarely, the total that the bookmakers have established will not include a half-point (.5). Assume that the score for Wisconsin vs. Michigan is 58, not 58.5. You would receive your money back if the final score was exactly 58 because there was no over or under. The betting site will reimburse your money for this, which is known as a PUSH.

Props: Player Milestones

What adds to the excitement of betting are prop bets. These are bets that might not precisely match the game’s result. For instance, you would wager on the following rather than spreads, the total number of points, or the winner outright:

  • Is Player X going to gallop for more than fifty yards?
  • Is Player Y going to attempt an interception?
  • Is Player Z going to miss a field goal?

Parlays: Multiple Bets On One Ticket

A parlay is another entertaining way to wager on college football. You can place many bets on the same ticket for this kind of wagering to maximize your possible payoff.You’re interested in betting on the moneyline between Auburn and Oregon and you’re also considering the spread between Utah and USC. You can combine those on a single ticket using a parlay.

For the Idaho State vs. Nebraska game, you may also put a totals wager. With this type of wager, the only thing to watch out for is that in order to cash in your ticket, all of your bets must hit. Your entire ticket is a bust if you lose even one bet.

Futures: Events That Have Yet To Happen

You place bets on futures that you hope will pay off eventually. These are bets on things like conference winners.For the SEC, the odds would be something like this:

  • Arkansas +2500
  • Tennessee +6600
  • Vanderbilt +12500

When the season is over, you can receive a sizable return if you lock in your futures bets early enough. For example, you may win $1,875 if you put $15 on Vandy to win the SEC and they end up winning the conference.

When placing a futures wager, bear in mind that your funds will be locked in until the conclusion of the college football season. Keeping an eye on your bankroll following your futures selections will help you make sure you have adequate money to wager all season long.

Teasers: Altering The Odds

With teaser betting, you can manipulate the totals or spread odds to your advantage on two or more bets. Similar to a parlay, all of your wagers must win for your ticket to be considered a complete loss.

Suppose you had two games to choose from: Colorado -13 vs. Arkansas +13 and Clemson -10 vs. Louisville +10. To switch, you must select one side in each match. Your betting slip’s updated odds would resemble this:

Arkansas -3 Clemson +20

The most typical college football teasers are six, seven, or ten points. Online bookmakers often provide you two teams for teasers with six and seven points, and three teams for teasers with ten points.

Live Betting: When The Game Is In Play

You should be betting on Miami vs Virginia Tech, but you forgot to do so. Fortunately, live betting is available at sportsbooks, allowing you to place bets on any play after the game has begun. In order to wager on the results of plays, like as whether they will result in a touchdown, interception, or field goal, live odds are made available to you during the game.

Bowls, Bowls, All Types Of Bowls

December and the first week of January see 42 college football bowl games. The New Year’s Six (Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl) are among them, along with the Outback Bowl and Liberty Bowl. Two of the six are chosen annually to serve as semifinals, determining which teams advance to the title game.

Every bowl game has its odds announced, and the same betting choices as during the regular season are available.

National Championship Betting

Whether it’s on Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, soccer, or basketball, sports betting always ends with a title. The Sooners might be 3-point favorites over the Seminoles if Florida State plays Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Sportsbooks will provide bettors a wide range of selections and they adore huge games. There are many different betting options available to you; you can select from any of the ones we have listed above.

How To Sign Up At A Sportsbook To Bet On College Football

There are lines and odds available for most college games at most online sportsbooks, or at least at the NCAA football betting sites that we suggest. We’ve studied them all and can vouch for their usability and security.

Create an account at any of the betting sites we recommend. It will take a few minutes, so please have your deposit details and email address ready. PayPal and Bitcoin are both accepted by the sportsbooks we recommend.

After completing the sign-up procedure, review your selections for rewards. A welcome bonus at many college football betting companies will match a portion of your initial deposit up to a predetermined sum.

A reward might be as much as the full $200 value of your initial contribution, 100% of it. This implies that your bankroll would increase by an additional $100 if you wagered $100. Before taking any bonuses, be careful to read the fine print as terms and limitations do apply.

Ready To Make Your Betting Picks?

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