Event Driven Promo: Youwager.lv, Types, Do's and Dont's

An Event Driven Promo is a marketing campaign that is triggered by a specific event or occurrence.

These promotions can be used to generate interest in a product or service, drive sales, or increase brand awareness.

Event-driven promotions can be based on a wide range of events, including holidays, sporting events, cultural events, or product launches.

For example, a company might launch a promotion to coincide with the holiday season, offering discounts or special deals to encourage shoppers to purchase their products.

Or, they might run a promotion around a major sporting event, such as the Super Bowl, March Madness, or the World Cup, to capitalize on the heightened interest and excitement surrounding the event.

Event-driven promotions can take many forms, including gambling, special sales, discounts, giveaways, or contests.

Companies might use social media, email marketing, or other digital channels to promote their event-driven promotions, or they might use more traditional marketing tactics, such as print or radio advertising.

The goal of an event-driven promotion is to create a sense of urgency or excitement around the event and encourage consumers to take advantage of the special offer.

By aligning their promotion with a specific event or occurrence, companies can effectively target their marketing efforts and reach a more relevant audience.

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YouWager.lv’s Event Driven Promo

When you’re offered an Event Driven Promo like the one from YouWager.lv, we encourage you to take advantage.

What is a YouWager.lv Event Driven Promo?

A YouWager.lv Event Driven Promo is a rollover free bet that is offered for a particular sporting event.

In other words, it’s a free play that is only available for certain events or games.

YouWager.lv’s Event Driven Promo: Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions attached to any Event Driven Promo offered by YouWager.lv:

  • This is a free play, and only eligible wagers qualify for specific games.
  • All the appropiate free play restrictions and rules apply.
  • En event driven promo can’t be placed over the phone, only though the web.
  • These bets must be used as the full value of the promo. For example, if you receive a $25 free play, you must place a $25 free play bet.
  • When you receive a free play linked to an event driven promo, then the wager must be placed before the start of such event.
  • This promo is not valid for In-Game bets or Live bets.
  • When you receive your free play, you can’t transfer it or get refunded for it.
  • If you don’t use your event driven promo free play for the specific event, you will not receive any compensations for it.
  • This is a promotion that doesn’t include hold period or rollover.
  • This promo is valid once per player account.
  • Funds from this promotion can’t be translated into withdrawable cash until you make a deposit of $100 minimum, take the respective bonus, and meet the rollover for such bonus.

YouWager.lv Event Driven Promo: How to Redeem It

The first thing you should do is to log into your YouWager.lv account, and then go to the particular game this Event Driven Promo was assigned to.

Once you see the amount screen, activate “Use FREE PLAY.”

Right after you do that, you will see a Free Bet Offer message above the amount box, and that message includes the amount related to the event driven promo.

For any requestions, feel free to call 1-800-968-9243 and get in touch with YouWager.lv’s efficient customer service staff.

Event Driven Promo Types

Here are a few examples of event driven promo types:

  • Launch promotions: These promotions are designed to generate buzz and excitement around the launch of a new product or service. They can include special discounts, limited edition products, or exclusive perks for early adopters.
  • Referral promotions: These promotions incentivize customers to refer their friends and family to a product or service by offering rewards for successful referrals. These rewards can be discounts, free products, or other perks.
  • Anniversary promotions: These promotions celebrate the anniversary of a company’s founding, a product launch, or another important event. They can include special deals, limited edition products, or other perks.
  • Holiday promotions: These promotions are tied to specific holidays and often include special deals or discounts.
  • Abandoned cart promotions: These promotions are triggered when a customer adds items to their online shopping cart but does not complete the purchase. The promotion might include a discount or free shipping to encourage the customer to complete the purchase.
  • Loyalty program promotions: These promotions reward customers for their loyalty to a brand by offering special deals or perks for reaching certain milestones or levels within a loyalty program.
  • Retargeting promotions: These promotions are targeted at customers who have previously interacted with a brand, but have not yet made a purchase. They can include personalized offers or discounts to encourage a sale.

Event Driven Promo Do’s and Don’ts for Customers

Here are some do’s and don’ts for customers participating in an event driven promo:


  • Read the terms and conditions of the promotion: Make sure you understand the details of the promotion, including the eligibility requirements and any exclusions.
  • Take advantage of the promotion if it aligns with your needs: If the promotion offers a discount on a product or service that you were planning to purchase anyway, it can be a good opportunity to save money.
  • Share the promotion with friends and family: If the promotion includes a referral program, consider sharing it with friends and family who might be interested in the product or service.


  • Don’t try to game the system: Avoid attempting to cheat or manipulate the promotion in any way. This could lead to disqualification and damage the trust of the company.
  • Don’t overspend: While it can be tempting to take advantage of a promotion, be mindful of your budget and don’t spend more than you can afford.
  • Don’t neglect your privacy: Be cautious about sharing personal information or signing up for newsletters or email lists as part of the promotion. Make sure you are comfortable with the company’s privacy policies before sharing your information.

Event Driven Promo Do’s and Don’ts: Business Owners

Here are some do’s and don’ts for an event driven promo delivered by business owners:


  • Clearly communicate the event and the promotion: Make sure that customers understand the event being celebrated and the details of the promotion. This includes the dates of the promotion, the eligibility requirements, and any exclusions.
  • Offer incentives that are meaningful to your customers: Think about what your customers value and offer promotions that align with their interests. For example, if your customers are price-sensitive, a discount might be more appealing than a free gift.
  • Use multiple channels to promote the event: Use a variety of channels to reach your target audience, including email, social media, and in-store displays.
  • Test different promotions to see what works best: Try different types of promotions and see which ones are most effective at driving sales and engagement.


Don’t make the promotion too complicated: Keep the promotion simple and easy to understand. Avoid using overly complicated terms or restrictions that may turn customers off.

  • Don’t overdo it: Avoid bombarding customers with too many promotions or event announcements. This can lead to fatigue and ultimately decrease the effectiveness of your promotions.
  • Don’t neglect your existing customers: While it’s important to attract new customers, don’t forget about your existing customer base. Offer promotions and rewards that show your appreciation for their loyalty.
  • Don’t exclude certain customers: Be mindful of any exclusions or limitations in your promotion, and try to make it as inclusive as possible. Excluding certain customers could lead to negative feelings and backlash.

Thank you for checking out this article about what an Event Driven Promo is, we encourage you to sign up for a player account and start taking advance of this YouWager.lv exclusive promotion.