2023 March Madness Bracket: Rules And Betting Tips

Here is the information on the rules and regulations for YouWager.lv’s 2023 March Madness Bracket.

The third month of the year is a very exciting time for those fans of basketball, particularly college hoops.

This is because this is when the March Madness championship takes place.

You can win as much as 10 million dollars for a flawless bracket. And you can also compete with other players to see who is able to handicap this tournament in the best possible way.

Learn how to bet on sports with this easy guide.

March Madness Bracket: How to Participate

Here is how you can participate in the March Madness Bracket.

You have the option of playing as many times as you want to. And your first entry is FREE with a minimum deposit of $200.

These are the rules of the March Madness Bracket:

  • All players will be required to make a deposit of now less than $200 between Selection Sunday, which takes place on March 13, and March 19, which is the first game of the second round to have the option of qualifying for any available prizes.
  • The players that are considered bonus-available will need to get action on the tournament to have the option of participating.
  • A player must have a minimum of $25 in cash balance to have the option of entering the contest.
  • The first entry for the contest is FREE of charge, and additional entries are $25 each.
  • You can’t use FREE PLAY funds to buy into the contest.
  • You can buy an unlimited number of brackets.
  • All brackets must be submitted before the tournament starts.
  • If there is a tie, the final prize will be split.
  • All prizes will be added one day after the graded results are posted.
  • There are no holds or rollovers attached to this particular contest. That being said, the earnings for this promo are provided in free play balance and can’t be turned into cash.
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March Madness Bracket: Betting College Basketball 101

Now in this article on YouWager’s March Madness Bracket we have a nice guide on how to bet on college basketball.

When people bet on college hoops, they usually bet on the totals and the point spread. This is great when you plan to bet against the public.

The big difference here is that while you are betting on 30 teams in the NBA, there are hundreds of college basketball teams to choose from.

This means that you have countless opportunities to earn yourself some nice cash.

But it also means that you need to be very careful when making your selections.

March Madness Bracket: Neutral Court Unders

Next in this March Madness Bracket article, let’s talk about neutral court Unders.

When it comes to college basketball, there are different tournaments that are disputed throughout the season.

Once everything is said and done for the regular season, the top-ranked teams will be playing for conference titles and those teams that remain victorious will advance to play in the NCAA Tournament, also known as March Madness.

What is key about these games is that all of them take place in neutral courts.

And, since neither team is playing either away or at home, this gives you a golden opportunity to bet the under.

The reason for this is that players are not familiarized with the court they’ll be playing at, plus the crowds are divided, with neither squad getting complete support.

March Madness Bracket: Betting College Basketball Against the Public

Now in this March Madness Bracket, let’s see why betting against the public is in your very best interest.

And the way to do this is to focus on televised games that get the most attention, and are also the most wagered by the public.

And, these are the games that give you the best chances at winning when engaging in contrarian betting.

Overvalued Home Court Advantage

Let’s continue this March Madness Bracket article with information on overvalued home court advantages.

The average bettor, who is part of what is known as the betting public really loves to bet on the home team, no matter if it’s the favorite or the underdog.

For this reason, many bad teams end up being overvalued.

That being said, home-court advantage is pretty much real, so be careful about betting on a team just because it is the home team.

When it comes to contrarian betting, most of the public definitely bets on the home team for televised games.

And this gives you a fantastic opportunity to cash in on-the-road teams for these games.

Betting Against Top-Ranked Conference Teams

Continuing with this March Madness Bracket article, let’s see why wagering against top-ranked conference teams definitely makes a lot of sense.

When placing a bet on college basketball, the public pays a lot of attention and focuses on the 25 top teams from the Associated Press ranks.

Sportsbooks are definitely aware of the value of these ranked teams, and so they make it a bit more challenging for bettors.

Knowing this, you can obtain outstanding value by betting against these ranked teams.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that you can just place a bet against a ranked team and win.

Instead, you need to pay attention to the right opportunity, so make sure to do your homework.

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