Best March Madness Betting Sites For 2023

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March Madness betting chances are available from Selection Sunday on March 13 through the college basketball National Championship game on April 3. If you play your cards well, or more accurately, if the team you’re betting on covers the spread, you may make a tidy profit. We are here to tell you which March Madness betting sites are Cinderellas and which ones are ugly stepsisters, given the abundance of online sportsbooks available for March Madness wagering.

In addition to being able to add fairy tales to March Madness phrases that already exist, we are also knowledgeable about the top real money March Madness betting sites. You can discover comprehensive reviews of the best sites to wager on the NCAA basketball tournament, along with an explanation of odds and a guide to the various March Madness wagers available, on the blog.

Best Betting Sites For March Madness Bets

There are a few criteria we must look for in the top March Madness betting sites. We don’t think that March Madness betting sites are the greatest venues to wager on March Madness if they don’t offer fantastic rewards programs or a wide range of betting alternatives to sports bettors.

Where To Bet On March Madness Games

Consider us to be your own personal jury of selection. However, instead of assigning teams to compete in a single-elimination tournament at Sportsbook Superdome, we rank NCAA basketball sportsbooks and provide you with March Madness 2023 NCAA Tournament betting tactics and advice.

Top Sites For March Madness Betting

In addition to being reliable, trustworthy, and secure bookmakers, the top March Madness betting sites also meet all the other requirements. We check for the following to make sure a reputable online bookmaker is worthwhile:

Deposits And Withdrawals

You can use debit, e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller), credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa), and Bitcoin to finance your account. You can begin betting as soon as your deposit is complete. You can wager as much as you like on the March Madness tournament, although the majority of NCAA bracket betting sites have a $10 minimum deposit requirement.

Some of the greatest online bookmakers for March Madness betting allow you to withdraw your profits using the same payment method that you used to fund your bankroll. Another option is to have a paper cheque mailed to you. It may take a few hours or several days to receive your reward.

At March Madness cryptocurrency betting sites, only cryptocurrency is instantaneous. Like with futures betting, you can also keep your money in your account; we go into more detail about that below.

Customer Service, Sign Up Bonuses, Rewards And Special Offers

Online sportsbooks who offer March Madness betting incentives and promos do so as a way of saying “thank you” to their customers. These March Madness bonuses include increased odds as well as Welcome Bonuses, which double your first deposit up to a predetermined percentage. If you increase your bankroll by $200, for example, the March Madness betting site will give you an additional $100 (or 50%) to wager online.

While some of the top bookmakers for March Madness betting provide risk-free bets if you pair NBA basketball games with college basketball, others offer their own VIP rewards programs.

How To Read March Madness Betting Odds

March Madness is the Super Bowl of college basketball wagering, so to speak. If you’re just starting off with March Madness betting, the odds at a sportsbook might resemble this:

  • North Carolina -180
  • Duke +220

We utilize American odds, but you have the option to choose fractional (1/5) or decimal (1.20). While gamblers in the United Kingdom prefer fractions, those in Europe and Australia tend to favor decimals, and those in the Americas typically stick with their namesake odds.

These are the college basketball odds for a standard moneyline wager, meaning that you would select a team to win the match hands-down. Duke is the underdog and UNC is the favorite. It is customary to depict favorites as minus signs (-) and dogs as plus ones (+). This applies to every March Madness betting website.

Estimators peg the Tar Heels’ chances of winning the game at 64.29 percent, with a -180 odds. If you wagered $100 on them, you would receive a payment of $155.56, which includes a return of your initial investment and your $55.56 in winnings.

Conversely, the Blue Devils have a 31.25 percent chance of winning at +220. You would receive $320 if you wagered $100 on them; your $100 is returned along with your $220 prize. Underdog wagers are riskier, which is why they yield more rewards in the event of a victory.

March Madness Betting Options

You can wager on single games, conference tournaments, or any other college basketball regular season clash using a variety of betting methods. You can wager on the following in addition to the moneyline:

Point Spread Bets On March Madness

A squad may find itself totally outmatched during a game. At other times, they participate in competitions where their win is all but guaranteed. The point spread is there for this reason.

You’re choosing a team to cover rather than wagering on one to win. Because point spreads benefit the underdog and disadvantage the favorite, this also evens the playing field for bettors.

The odds would be as follows:

  • Penn State -9.5
  • Purdue +9.5

To cover the spread in this scenario, the Nittany Lions would have to win by a margin of at least ten points. On the other hand, for that side of the wager to win, the Boilermakers would have to win the game hands-down or not lose by more than nine points.

The spread is a great wager to place on any team, whether it’s a Sweet 16 match, Elite Eight, or two ranked teams (like 2 vs. 15, where a moneyline wager might not make sense or look too easy).

Totals Bets On March Madness: Betting On The Combined Score

Because it allows you to take scoring into account as a whole, totals betting is popular among March Madness scorers and college basketball bettors. You would need to ascertain if the total score for both teams will exceed or fall short of the oddsmaker’s predetermined amount before placing this kind of wager.

At NCAA March Madness sites, the odds would look like this:

Villanova Vs Michigan
Option Total
OVER 147.5
UNDER 147.5

You would choose the OVER if you believe the combined score of the Wildcats and Wolverines will be at least 148 points. You would place a UNDER wager if you believe the pooled score will be 147 or lower.

There are instances when the totals lack a decimal point (.5). Assume for the moment that the total for the identical game is 147 rather than 147.5. A push occurs when the final combined score of both teams is precisely 147. Since neither the OVER nor the UNDER hit at that point, you would receive your money back.

Betting On March Madness Futures: Bets For The Long Run

One could argue that all wagers are placed before to the event, with the exception of in-play wagering, which we’ll discuss shortly. But with futures odds, you may place a wager weeks or even months in advance of the release of the March Madness brackets. Predicting which team will win the national title is a relatively common futures wager.

It’s crucial to seize college basketball lines you like as soon as possible because the top March Madness sportsbooks will disclose the odds early. If your wager is successful, you will profit more from a team that is plus money (+) than from one that is negative money (-).

Betting On March Madness Props: Getting More Fun Out Of Your Bets

Properly spelled “proposition,” this is a wager that you can place on the occurrence or non-occurrence of specific player or team milestones that might not have a direct bearing on the result of the match. The fact that you can wager on items like: makes prop bets much more entertaining than other March Madness betting markets.

  • What is player Y expected to score in points?
  • Is it possible for the top seed to win the national title?
  • How many rebounds will player X get?
  • Could a 16th seed make it to the Final Four?
  • What is the duration of player Z’s play?
  • What is the number of buzzer-beating shots in the first round?

Parlay Bets On March Madness

The abundance of March Madness betting options is one of the best things about the men’s basketball tournament. Why not wager on each one if you are unable to select just one? You can add several bets to a single ticket using parlays.

A Gonzaga wager can have a Jayhawks moneyline added to it to cover the spread. You can also include wagers from other sports, such as a soccer bet or an NHL puckline. In order for a parlay ticket to cash, all of your bets must win.

Your entire ticket is a bust, much like the Virginia Cavaliers in 2018, if even one bet fails. You can add two to fifteen bets (depending on the online sportsbook) to your betting slip.

Betting On March Madness Teasers: Creating Your Own Betting Lines

Parlay bets that allow you to influence the action in your favor are known as teasers. In order to produce a smaller or larger spread, you can tweak the betting lines by a few points, depending on how you assess the participating teams. If it makes sense for the game you’re betting on, for instance, you can move the action by seven points. Similar to parlays, all of your ticket’s wagers must succeed in order for you to profit.

Teasers do not pay out as much as a wager where you are not touching the lines because they allow you to manipulate the odds to your benefit. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t place a three-team teaser wager, but bear in mind that the reward for a win won’t be that large.

March Madness Live Betting: Handicapping Fresh Odds

Sometimes you will forget to place your bets prior to kickoff, or you may conclude at halftime that the OVER you took is not going to occur. You can place bets on live odds as the game is happening with in-play wagering. During commercial breaks, the top March Madness online casinos will give updated spread, total, and prop odds.

Live odds are another tool for hedging bets. With live picks, you can recover your losses if your moneyline doesn’t work out or if the team you choose doesn’t cover the spread.’s NCAA Basketball Sites For Betting On March Madness

You’re going to have an excellent March Madness mobile betting experience if you stick with any of the online betting companies we mentioned above. The greatest locations to wager on March Madness online are without a doubt these top March Madness betting sites and their betting applications.

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