How to Bet on College Basketball: NCAAB Betting Tips

Learn How to Bet on College Basketball with these easy online NCAAB betting tips.

The world of collegiate basketball is a thrilling and erratic one. It’s difficult to top the action, with the wildest audiences and the biggest upsets waiting to happen. Putting money on the line and putting bets is one technique to up the intensity from a 9 to a 10.

No worries if you’re new to the world of sports betting! We have all the advice, methods, and support you need right here at blog to help you become a winning NCAA basketball bettor right now.

How To Read NCAA Basketball Betting Lines

There are multiple approaches to interpreting college basketball betting lines. American, decimal, and fractional odds are the three formats in which college basketball odds are most frequently shown.

American Odds

There will be American-style lines with a plus or minus sign to indicate who is the favorite and the underdog. As these lines are calculated with a $100 wager in mind, a favorite may be posted at -200, meaning that $200 would need to be wagered in order to win $100. Conversely, if you bet $100 on a club that has a +200 win value, you would gain $200.

Decimal Odds

Decimal lines that are incredibly easy to read show the direct betting value of the bet multiplied by your wager. For instance, if a team had 1.90 odds to win, a $100 wager (1.90 x 100) would result in a $190 payout.

Fractional Odds

Fractional betting, which is most frequently used in horse racing but is also useful outside of it, calculates the likelihood that an event will occur in a specific sample size. For instance, if Gonzaga were favored to win 7/11, this would indicate that, in eighteen games, Gonzaga will win eleven and lose seven.

You would divide the win probability (11), which is the probability of winning, by the value wagered in order to determine your earnings for this kind of bet. In this case, you would win $63.63 if you wagered $100 on the Bulldogs to win at 7/11 odds. In the same circumstance, an underdog receives the same treatment. Gonzaga would win $157.14 if they were an 11/7 underdog if you divide 11 by 7 and multiply by your $100 wager.

Types Of College Basketball Bets


Let’s begin by discussing the moneyline, which is the foundation of college basketball wagering. When it comes to single-game betting, a moneyline bet is as easy as it gets. It simply involves placing a wager on the player you believe will win the game without any further conditions.

The odds will change based on the matchup you choose to bet on and the team that is favored to win. You can profit handsomely from this straightforward wager if you can stifle a sneaky underdog, or you can play it safe and back a strong favorite to win.

Point Spread

Another quick and easy approach to start wagering college basketball is to wager on the spread, which is the cousin of the moneyline. Every contest will have a specified point spread. This spread is the difference between the final score that oddsmakers have set for a particular game.

If UNC is favored by 8.5 points (-8.5) against Kentucky, for instance, then the Tar Heels would need to win by a margin of at least nine points in order to cover the spread.

In contrast, the Wildcats would be +8.5. If you bet on them to cover the spread, you would still profit even if the UK lost the game by no more than eight points. Since the odds for both teams will usually be equal, betting on the point spread is a terrific strategy to increase the value of a wager.


On certain elements of a game, you can place an OVER/UNDER wager. You have the option to bet on whether the oddsmaker’s predetermined number will be reached for the overall number of points scored in the game, in a half, or by a particular player.

When the total points scored in a showdown is, for instance, set at 150.5, hitting the OVER requires the two sides to score 151 points or more combined. The overall score would need to be 150 or less in order to hit on the UNDER. Other numbers like rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks are also subject to OVER/UNDERs, but points are typically the simplest and most easily accessible option at most bookies.


Parlays are a great strategy to increase your winnings when you wager on college basketball. By stacking your bets together, a parlay lets you place multiple bets and increase your odds. The catch with a parlay, though, is that each stake you place must hit in order for you to win; otherwise, you forfeit your money.

For instance, even though you were right on most of your picks, you will still lose your bet if you wager a five-game parlay and four of the five teams you backed win. Although parlays are an excellent method to bet small and win big, they are quite difficult to align. In fact, some online sportsbooks even permit same-game parlays (SGP), which have shown to be an excellent method of increasing the value of your wager.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are among the most thrilling ways to wager on college basketball because they let you go beyond the conventional lines of sportsbooks and point spreads and get more precise. Props cover every scenario that could happen in a particular game for players and teams alike.

First basket scored is one of the most well-liked prop bets that can increase your bankroll because it lets you wager on who will initiate a game’s scoring. Prop bets on first scorers are thrilling, provide great odds, and produce results right away. Prop bets are available to enhance the excitement of major events like the Super Bowl or March Madness, with specific rules and restrictions.


Take out your crystal ball and examine it closely to determine the next best thing to invest in. The process of placing a futures bet is straightforward: all you have to do is guess the result of a season, the NCAA Tournament, or even the Sportsbook of an individual award. If your guess is correct, you win.

For instance, if you wager on Duke to win the March Madness NCAA Tournament at the start of the NCAAB season and they succeed and win everything, you win. If you bet early on a person or club that the oddsmakers are undervaluing, you can find tremendous value in futures; however, the more time you spend placing those bets, the more the odds will change. Thus, keep in mind that it’s always preferable to strike while the iron is hot.

Live Betting

Live betting, which is still relatively new in the world of sports betting, lets you profit in real time from the way the odds fluctuate during a match. Live betting on a game, also referred to as in-play betting, enables you to place bets on the game’s result, point spread, and OVER/UNDER as it happens.

New lines and odds will continue to emerge as the game goes on. A team’s chances may decrease if they gain ground on the scoreboard, while their opponent’s worth will increase if they lose ground. Those that bet strategically can profit from real-time line movement by placing a wager on a team that is trailing to maximize value, or vice versa, by supporting a team that has a sizable lead to easily win or cover.

NCAAB Betting Advice

It is the wildest college basketball season ever. You can employ certain methods and best practices to increase your chances of winning at Sportsbook. Even while there’s no foolproof method to predict when a wager will pay off, following these suggestions can at least get you started in the right path.

Ride With Hot Teams

To put it simply, if a team is winning all of their games, this is not the time to bet against them. Unless an instance occurs when the irresistible force meets the immovable object, these patterns will most likely continue. Whether you choose to bet on the moneyline or the spread, generally speaking, it is prudent to place your money on the hotter team.

Follow Trends Closely

Every team’s regular season in college basketball sees the development of certain tendencies. These patterns, whether favorable or unfavorable, transcend victories and defeats. When you start learning how to bet on NCAAB, spotting trends can be a simple method to start making some money, even though it could require some independent study on your part.

If you can locate exceptional value in most betting markets, you can find a mid-major school that is turning into a covering machine or a blue blood that is unstoppable from three points out.

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