March Madness Bankroll Management Tips

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March Madness Bankroll Management Tips

Here are five March Madness Bankroll Management Tips:

March Madness Bankroll Management Tip #1: Limit Futures Bets

March Madness Bankroll Management tip 1 is to limit futures bets.

Although it is exciting to wager money on six or seven teams to win the NCAA championship, there are alternative methods to spend your money that are more prudent.

Futures bets can start to influence one another in a positive way. In the event that one of your teams is victorious, the other teams will definitely suffer defeat. Suddenly, your +1100 winner is only providing you +300 since you have to cover all of your losses. This is because you have to cover more than just your losses. To make matters even worse, in a year like today, when everything is so unexpected, all of your wagers end up being unsuccessful.

If you enjoy betting on futures, it is advised that you save the remaining bullets for individual games and place bets on one long-shot favorite and one “safer” favorite. This will allow you to maximize your chances of winning.

You should keep in mind that if you hedge your bets effectively and your team wins a few games, you can make a profit off of a futures ticket that is losing money.

Recently, the moneyline rollover strategy has emerged as a viable alternative to futures markets, which has contributed to its growing popularity. The use of this method is very beneficial for teams that are anticipated to finish in last place in each round.

As an illustration, during the first round, you place a wager of $100 on Furman +190, and it is successful. Taking that $290 cash-out, placing it all on Furman’s moneyline in the following round, and continuing the process all the way up to the title game (assuming Furman makes it that far) would be the next phase in the process.

The eventual payoff is more than that of a futures bet, in addition to the fact that it is possible to withdraw following a successful wager. For instance, in contrast to futures bets, you have the option of terminating the mission early and yet finish up with a profit in the event that Furman continues to advance and a star player sustains an injury.

March Madness Bankroll Management Tip #2: Don’t Panic After A Slow Start

March Madness Bankroll Management tip 2 is not to panic after a slow start.

What happens to a team that is struggling to score and starts forcing desperate three-point shots when they are losing? In a short amount of time, things can easily turn out of control and unpleasant. This is the epitome of the worst possible scenario for a gambler.

Maintain your composure and stick to your plan in the event that your first round is unsuccessful. It is imperative that you resist from going on a tilt and from increasing the average size of your bets in order to “catch up.” Controlling one’s impulses is necessary for this, which is easier to say than to do.

The practice of “zooming out” is a helpful exercise to engage in whenever you feel the want to “go all in.” When someone is paying close attention to the NCAA Tournament, they may find themselves experiencing anxious thoughts such as “I’m running out of time, the tournament is half over.”

However, if you take a long breath and exhale, you will realize that there is always going to be a competition, and that once it is finished, you will be able to place bets on the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball.

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March Madness Bankroll Management Tip #3: Limit Average Bet Sizes

March Madness Bankroll Management tip 3 is t limit average bet sizes.

It is possible that the most significant difference between professional and Joe Public bettors is that the former routinely wager three percent of their bankroll on each wager, whilst the latter frequently makes much larger swings in their wagers.

It is possible that three percent, or $3, will appear insignificant and even boring to you if you are used to placing larger bets, especially if you only have $100 to risk. Take into consideration the following: would you rather be a winner who is bored or a loser who is immensely entertained?

Put your money where your mouth is if the only thing you want to get out of March Madness is some entertainment and you have a lot of money to throw away. Another benefit of the three percent rule is that it can assist you in developing smart betting practices and coping with losing streaks, which are something that even the most successful sports gamblers eventually encounter.

March Madness Bankroll Management Tip #4: Shop Around & Use Discernment

March Madness Bankroll Management tip 4 is to shop around and use discernment.

It is not under our control because the relationships between sportsbooks and bettors are characterized by a number of characteristics that operate against punters. For instance, we are unable to exert any control over blind referees or bad beats, nor are we able to alter the fact that casinos impose a 10 percent commission on the winnings. On the other hand, we do have control over the locations where we place our wagers.

There is a large amount of variation in point totals and spreads from one book to the next, and spreads and moneyline prices routinely shift by ten percent or more. If you do not use a variety of sportsbooks, you are not betting appropriately, and this is especially true in the year 2023, when bookmakers will be offering bonuses to new customers.

It is important to take into consideration the level of conviction you have and the rationale behind each bet that you place. Strive to be honest with oneself. Putting a bet on a game just because you are bored or because it is the only thing that is on television is not a strategy that will lead to success. There are instances when it is preferable to hold off and not place any wagers at all.

March Madness Bankroll Management Tip #5: Consider 1H Lines

March Madness Bankroll Management tip 5 is to consider 1H lines.

Which of the following is the most recent instance in which you observed an underdog leading the Big Dance at halftime, only to lose by a significant margin?

A skilled three-point shooting squad is one that has the capacity to surge for a quarter, surprise everyone, and then drift away toward the mean. This ability is at the core of one’s ability to hit three-point shots.

The possibility exists that players from schools with a smaller student body will appear to be strong for the majority of the match, but then they will falter in the last minutes of the game. It can be a very terrible experience to lose a game of basketball because you were unable to make free throws at the very end of the game.

It is possible to reduce the likelihood that the incidents described above will result in the cancellation of your wager if you place your wager on the first half of the game rather than on the entire game line.

For the most part, when it comes to betting in March, I advocate placing more bets on favorites on the full-game line and more bets on underdogs on the 1H line. This is because underdogs seem to have a better chance of winning.

For additional wagering options, you have the option of placing a half-unit wager on the first-half line and a half-unit wager on the full-game line. Here is still another option to consider.


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