Bucks vs Bulls Betting Prediction and Odds for 3/1/24

Bucks vs Bulls Betting Prediction and Odds for 3/1/24

Read our Bucks vs Bulls Betting prediction to help you make the best choices when getting action on this game set for March 1, 2024.

  • The Bucks have won 39 of their last 21 games against the Bulls.
  • A lot of teams are scoring more points than Milwaukee does every game.
  • The Bucks beat the Hornets by a score of 111–99.
  • The Bulls will host the Bucks. The Bulls have a record of 28-31 right now.
  • 52% of their field goals are successful, which puts Chicago in 26th place.
  • The Bulls beat the Cavaliers by a score of 132–123 in their most recent game.

Bucks vs Bulls Betting Odds

Here are the Bucks vs Bulls Betting odds:

MILWAUKEE BUCKS -4 -170 Over 221.5
+4 +150 Under 221.5

Bucks vs Bulls Betting Prediction

These two teams are in the same division. The Bulls (+140) will meet the Bucks (-170) at 10:00 ET on ESPN. The Bucks are currently the favorite and have won four games in a row. They have a 3.5-point lead. The over/under number on the line is 221.5.

The Milwaukee Bucks (39-21) are currently third in the Eastern Conference and second in the Central Division. The Chicago Bulls (28-31) are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference.

Bucks vs Bulls Matchup at a Glance

  • Sport: NBA
  • Teams: Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls
  • Where: Chicago at United Center
  • Date: Friday, March 1st

Bucks Prediction: Will Milwaukee Find a Way to Win on the Road?

The Bucks are the favorite to win because they have a 38-15 record so far this season. There have been sixty games between them, and 53 of them have been the favorite. As the favorite, they have won three straight games. Along with covering the spread, they have a 23-30 record as the favorite. In their last three games, they have done so in all three.

The usual over/under line for the Bucks since the start of the season is 237.7, which is higher than the line that is there now, which is 221.5. Since the beginning of the season, Milwaukee has been the loser in four straight games. The team’s overall record against the spread is 30-30.

The most recent game between Milwaukee and another team had a total score of 210 points, which was less than the over/under line of 218.5 points. The Bucks won by a score of 111–99 and covered the spread the whole time. They were 11.5-point favorites going into the game.

With a record of 39-21, the Bucks are currently in third place in the Eastern Conference. They are in second place in the Central Division right now. As of now, Milwaukee has won four straight games and is 25-35 against the spread since the start of the season.

With 121.6 points per game, the Milwaukee Bucks have one of the best teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). They are currently in second place. They score 119.8 points per game on the road, which puts them in third place.

Milwaukee is sixth in the league in terms of speed, with 199 plays per game. With 49% of field goals made, they are in fifth place overall.

With 37.9 three-point tries per game, the Bucks are sixth in the league for three-point shooting. They are fifth in terms of made three-point shots per game (14.3). They are shooting 37% from beyond the line as a whole, which ranks them seventh.

The Bucks’ defense has given up 117.4 points per game, which puts them 19th in the NBA right now. The Bucks’ defense lets opponents hit 54.0% from inside the arc and 34.9% from three-point range.

Bulls Prediction: Will the Bulls Come Through as Home Underdogs?

The Bulls are 12-21 this season when they are the favorites, but they have won both of their last two games without losing a point. They will get 3.5 points today when they play at home.

Chicago had a 31-27 record against the spread and a 16-14 record at home this season. The Bulls have a 15-13 record when playing away from home because they have covered the spread in three straight games.

Together, they scored 255 points, which was a lot more than the over/under of 217 points for their win over the Cavaliers. During this season, the Bulls have won most of their games by scoring 225 points.

With a record of 28–31, the Bulls are currently in ninth place in the Eastern Conference. As a whole, they had a 4-8 record and 16-21 record in conference play against other teams in the Central Division.

There have been 29 games this season where the over/under was higher than the current line of 221.5. The Bulls have a 31-27-1 record on the over/under.

The Bulls score 112.2 points per game on the road, which puts them in 24th place in the American Basketball Association. Their average score per game is 111.9, which puts them in 25th place in the league. About 37.3% of the games the Bulls have played so far this season, they have scored more points than the average NBA team.

Chicago gets the ball 97.1 times per game, which ranks them 27th in the league in terms of play speed. The Bulls are currently hitting 46% from the field, which puts them in 22nd place in the NBA.

The Bulls are seventh in offensive rebounds, but they are only 27th in assists going into this game. They make 11.6% of their three-point shots, which puts them in 24th place. Their three-point shooting average is 35%, which puts them in 25th place.

The Bulls’ defense gives up 113.1 points per game, which ranks 12th in the league. The Cavaliers’ attack could only shoot forty percent during the last game, which the Bulls’ defense just finished. They let Cleveland score 123 points against them in total.

Bucks vs Bulls Betting Trends

  • Milwaukee has played great away from home, winning all five of their last six games (3-2 record). They gave up an average of 106 points per game and scored an average of 111 points per game during this time. The team also did well with the spread, finishing 3-2.
  • In their last five home games, the Chicago Bulls have scored 116 points per game and given up 112 points per game. The team’s record during this time was 3-2, and their record against the spread was 4-1.
  • Since they started the season as a favorite, the Bulls have gone 4-1 against the spread and 3-2 against the straight up in their last five games.
  • There is a 7-3 record against the spread for the Bucks in their last eight games where they were the favorite to win. Taking everything into account, they were 7-3 in these games.

Bucks vs Bulls Betting Pick:

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