New Face of the NBA: Is Wemby the Next LeBron James?


Who is set to become the New Face of the NBA? We have prepared information that will help you have a clearer idea.

LeBron has been in the league forever. Well, exactly 20 years, making him the only player from the 2003 NBA Draft class that is still active.

But Bron himself is surprised that he’s still playing in the NBA after all this time.

“When I came into the league, I didn’t look at myself as the face of anything,” James said.

Despite that, he did become the face of the NBA for many years, and his 20th NBA All-Star Game served as a reminder that the league is definitely ready for a different main guy.

LeBron James has his own opinion on this: “I don’t think you just say, ‘OK, well, this guy’s the next person. You have to just let it happen organically and see what happens. But we have some great, great players in this league that can carry anything if they put their minds where they want it.”

So, Bron doesn’t want to say directly who he believes will be the new master and commander of the league, as Commissioner Adam Silver is the guy with the job.

In fact, this is not the first time that Silver has overseen a succession.

Back in the day, Silver served as the head of entertainment in the NBA, and he was present when Michael Jordan left in 1998, leaving a void that was hard to fill.

And, on Sunday, at the NBA All Star Game, he remembered one of the most intriguing questions everybody was focused on at the time: who will be the next Michael Jordan?

“I remember at the time, David Stern (former NBA Commissioner) was saying that whoever demonstrates on the court should be. That’s what’s so wonderful about the competition in the league.” Silver said.

Tyrese Haliburton, the local Indy hero that night, was also asked the same question, to which he responded: “There’s a lot of different guys it could be. We’ll see. To be the face of the league, winning has to come with that. Whatever young guy takes that charge and is winning moving forward, that’s probably who it will be.”

And, Jayson Tatum, of the Boston Celtics, seemed to agree with Haliburton: “We win a championship, and I’ve got something to say about it. I know that.”

New Face of the NBA: Steph Curry’s Opinion

Stephen Curry, of the current elite NBA players, has his own opinion on the New Face of the NBA.

No one understands this scenario better than Steph Curry, who has been the top rival for James during the past decade.

It was ten years ago that Curry played his very first NBA All-Star Game, when he was 24, and had already played in the playoffs once in five NBA seasons.

Back then, if you said to someone that you believed Curry was on his way to winning 2 MVPs, appearing in six NBA Finals, and winning 4 titles, it would have been considered pure fantasy.

Since he knows the basketball dusk is putting on his, Bron’s, and KD’s careers, he has an idea of who will be the guys that will become the faces of the league in the short future.

“There’s a lot of guys to pick from in this group of 24 that are here. You see Luka, Ant, Shai, guys really coming into their prime, and they’re already highly decorated as All-Stars and All-NBA guys.” Curry said

But it’s not only Curry who believes that these are the players who will be the face of the league, as when the question was thrown around, most people responded with the same names.

Jayson Tatum, Tyrese Haliburton, Donovan Mitchell, and Devin Booker are the other most mentioned names.

New Face of the NBA: The Favorite

Although all of those names were mentioned, the actual name that people see as a top favorite to become the next Bron: Victor Wembanyama, a member of the San Antonio Spurs.

Giannis, one of the current elite NBA players, had his own opinion on Wemby becoming the top guy in the league:

“For him, the most important thing, I think, throughout his career is going to be health. Because, if he has health, he has everything. You know he’s going to dominate on the court because he’s unguardable. You cannot guard him one-on-one.” Giannis said.

Following Bron’s Steps

When Lebron James was in high school, he was already on a Sports Illustrated cover, where the caption below him read “the chosen one.”

When it comes to Wemby, those in the know have been predicting him to go first overall in the draft for years, with the league even broadcasting many of his games in France in anticipation to his arrival in the league. And needless to say, he was indeed chosen number one.

But it really doesn’t matter what everybody thinks, the one who must possess that winning mentality is Wemby, and he carries himself with self-assurance and the poise of a vet, which are factors that can allow him to dream big and achieve his professional goals, and even go beyond them.

Wemby also understands the responsibilities of being number one, and he has been preparing himself accordingly, mentioning, “It’s something I’ve been working on for years because being labeled as one of the faces of the league is not primarily basketball, but also, your image in front of everyone.”

Victory Wembanyama is the latest international star who has managed to dominate the NBA in past years, with the past five MVPs all being obtained by internationals, and that is definitely a trend that appears to be continuing this season.

Who will really become the new face of the NBA at a high caliber level as LeBron James has been during all these years?

Let’s just watch.

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