LeBron James to Warriors Trade That Didn’t Happen

LeBron James to Warriors Trade That Didn't Happen

The LeBron James to Warriors Trade didn’t happen, here’s more information on one of the trendiest NBA topics of the year so far.

The NBA season lasts too long. We don’t need 82 games to figure out which teams can hurt each other in the playoffs.

But what is the right number?

Plans in the 50s seem to be short. Now we’re there, and some teams are just starting to find their best selves. The slow pace of self-discovery for most of them had nothing to do with deals in the middle of the season; it just took time and is still happening.

LeBron James to Warriors Trade: Woj Rumors on Bron

First in this article on the LeBron James to Warriors Trade, we have the rumors from Woj on Bron.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, the Warriors looked into the potential of trading for LeBron James.

A few hours after James’ Emoji of apparent discontent, Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob called Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, and asked what was going on with James.

Buss suggested Lacob talk to Rich Paul, the CEO of Klutch Sports who has been James’s agent for a long time.

There was a lot of talk about James leaving L.A., but Paul put an end to it. How good could the Warriors be with James and Curry together?

Ask the question again: Would that made-up team be better than the Lakers or Warriors right now, when both of them are having real comebacks? The James-Curry matchup would be perfect, but what would Golden State be missing?

LeBron James to Warriors Trade: The Deal

Now in this article on the LeBron James to Warriors Trade, let’s talk about the deal itself.

It’s likely that the Lakers would want one or both of Jonathan Kuminga and Brandin Podziemski. These are two players who are helping the Warriors reinvent themselves and are Golden State’s last and best chance to build a bridge from one Curry era to the next and beyond. For salary-matching reasons, Chris Paul was probably part of the deal.

If the deal were to take place, the Warriors were probably going to include one of Andrew Wiggins or Klay Thompson. Draymond Green would probably stay with Golden State.

The Lakers have had the third-best scoring in the league for the last 11 games, going 8-3 in those games. The Lakers are finally putting all of their faith in playing their best four-man combination: James, Anthony Davis, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura.

Some of that is just sudden, hot 3-point shooting from a team that usually can’t shoot straight. With those four on the court for 184 minutes, they are 38 points ahead of where they were before. If you go that way, Taurean Prince, Cam Reddish, and Jarred Vanderbilt (if he comes back) will play better parts. Max Christie has earned some time. Coach Darvin Ham has put Christian Wood and Jaxson Hayes in the right spots.

Ham could have gotten here faster, but the NBA is a complicated place.

Kerr and the Warriors

It shouldn’t have taken a public complaint for Kerr to give Kuminga more playing time and offense. Promotions and demotions are tricky for Kerr because he has a past with Green, Thompson, Kevon Looney, and even Wiggins.

The coaches had to figure out how to mix Kuminga, Green, Wiggins, and Gary Payton II, since all of them were bad shooters. What groups could score, defend, and grab rebounds?

Putting Green at center with Kuminga brought out the best in this team. The Warriors found their own style, which was a mix of their traditional “beautiful game” and Kuminga’s strong, above-the-rim scoring.

Green is still a one-of-a-kind defensive player who can wreck all three positions and connect these small-ball teams.

Before the game, Podziemski closed some games better than Thompson, and he now starts after a surprise change in the lineup Thursday night in Golden State’s win over Utah. It takes longer than a week or even a month to evolve there. It could have taken Thompson failing, failing again, and then seeing Podziemski win. Thompson is still learning how to change, and he can still be a good NBA player who wins games at the end.

Thompson exploded in his first game as a reserve in 12 years, scoring 35 points on 13-of-22 shooting to help the Warriors win. It was an effort that befitted a tough, proud competitor.

Not Contenders

The Warriors lost at home to the LA Clippers on Wednesday without Kawhi Leonard, which was a warning not to rush to call the Warriors or the Lakers “born-again” title contenders.

Tenth in the West is Golden State. The Lakers are ninth, three games behind eighth-placed Sacramento Kings. At this point, they would play each other in the lower part of the West play-in tournament. If either team won, the other would be out of the playoffs before they even begin.

For two or three games spread out in the schedule, both teams have shown signs of having high peaks. What a different thing it is to win three playoff series in the West than to win just one. There are more teams at the top of the West now than there were when these teams played in the second round last year. Getting that far again will take a level of greatness that neither has shown.

They might be getting that stability now. We’ll find out in the last part of the season. Do not slam the door all the way shut on these parts.

The playoffs always have an effect on the off-season. I’ve heard for five years that James would like to finish his career with the Laker. Is that a must? No one knows. It’s possible that the Lakers will lose so badly that James will start to look elsewhere.

But in the last four years, the Lakers have won one title and made it to the conference playoffs. This summer, they will be able to move three first-round picks, and league sources say they will look for a perimeter player who can make a difference. The Warriors won’t give up their search for James, though.

Next month is the start of the playoffs.


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