NFL Team Valuations 2024: Most Valuable Franchises 1 to 32

NFL Team Valuations 2024: Most Valuable Franchises 1 to 32

Here is our list of NFL Team Valuations 2024, including the most valuable franchises in the league, ranked 1 to 32.

The average NFL franchise is now valued a record $5.1 billion, 14% more than last year, thanks to increased television revenue and the $6.05 billion sale of the Washington Commanders—at 11 times revenue—to billionaire Josh Harris’ company in July.

During the 2022 season, average revenue for the league’s 32 teams increased 8% to $581 million, while operating income (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) fell 14% to an average of $126 million, owing to a significant year-over-year increase in player benefits deferred due to the pandemic.

The Dallas Cowboys remain the league’s most valued club, worth a record $9 billion, 13% more than a year ago. The Cowboys have the most revenue ($1.1 billion) and operating income ($500 million) in the NFL.

There were also four teams that increased their value by at least 20% in the last year: the Tennessee Titans (up 26% to $4.4 billion), the Las Vegas Raiders (now worth $6.2 billion, 22% more than a year ago), the Miami Dolphins (up 24% to $5.7 billion), and the Cleveland Browns (up 20% to $4.62 billion).

Given the NFL’s new media contracts and the upcoming modification in its debt cap, those values are likely to increase even further by 2024.

NFL Team Valuations 2024: The List

Here is the list of NFL Team Valuations 2024, with the most valuable franchises ranked 1 to 32.

Dallas Cowboys 1 $9 B TX
New England Patriots 2 $7 B MA
Los Angeles Rams 3 $6.9 B CA
New York Giants 4 $6.8 B NJ
Chicago Bears 5 $6.3 B IL
Las Vegas Raiders 6 $6.2 B NV
New York Jets 7 $6.1 B NJ
Washington Commanders 8 $6.05 B MD
San Francisco 49ers 9 $6 B CA
Philadelphia Eagles 10 $5.8 B PA
Miami Dolphins 11 $5.7 B FL
Houston Texans 12 $5.5 B TX
Denver Broncos 13 $5.1 B CO
Seattle Seahawks 14 $5 B WA
Atlanta Falcons 15 $4.7 B GA
Minnesota Vikings 16 $4.65 B MN
Baltimore Ravens 17 $4.63 B MD
Pittsburgh Steelers 18 $4.63 B PA
Cleveland Browns 19 $4.62 B OH
Green Bay Packers 20 $4.6 B WI
Tennessee Titans 21 $4.4 B TN
Indianapolis Colts 22 $4.35 B IN
Kansas City Chiefs 23 $4.3 B MO
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 $4.2 B FL
Los Angeles Chargers 25 $4.15 B LA
Carolina Panthers 26 $4.1 B NC
New Orleans Saints 27 $4.08 B LA
Jacksonville Jaguars 28 $4 B FL
Arizona Cardinals 29 $3.8 B AZ
Buffalo Bills 30 $3.7 B NY
Detroit Lions 31 $3.6 B MI
Cincinnati Bengals 32 $3.5 B OH

Dallas Cowboys: When The Most Valuable NFL Team Fails Again

The Dallas Cowboys have become the biggest letdown of the 2023 season after losing to the Green Bay Packers, marking another year of failure for “America’s team.”

They have not made the Super Bowl in 29 years, despite winning the NFC East twice since 2021 and making three consecutive play-off appearances.
The Cowboys’ reputation as postseason favorites to win the Super Bowl over rivals such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, and San Francisco 49ers to earn the Lombardi Trophy created great expectations.

Dak Prescott’s squad made the playoffs as the only team with a perfect record in the eight games it played at AT&T Stadium, but they failed to end a 29-year run of not reaching the National Conference Finals. The most recent time they achieved it was during the 1995 season.

The Cowboys, the most valuable franchise in the NFL at $9 billion, finished second in the NFC with a 12-5 record, matching the first-seeded 49ers, who overcame them due to a higher winning percentage against conference opponents.

Feeling of Failure

Prescott was the quarterback with the most touchdown throws (36), nine interceptions, and the most points (509) among the 32 teams. They led the league in all of those areas but couldn’t deliver when it counted.

Numbers that heightened the sense of failure as they became the first team in history to win 12 or more games in three consecutive seasons while failing to reach the conference finals.

The number two seed, with seven picks in the 2024 Pro Bowl, lost to the seventh-ranked team, which had no Pro Bowl players and gave them their first home loss of the season.

McCarthy has failed to win a Super Bowl in four seasons as head coach, and his employment is now under criticism from fans, the media, and, potentially, ownership.

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