Super Bowl LVIII Ravens vs 49ers Might Break the Internet

Super Bowl LVIII Ravens vs 49ers Might Break the Internet

If you want to know why Super Bowl LVIII Ravens vs 49ers might break the internet if it happens, keep reading.

Overreactions are a regular in the world of sports betting. Nothing excites our brains more than grabbing a statistic or morsel of information and running with it, spooling a narrative thread as rich and multi-layered as a Christopher Nolan picture.

In the NFL, the most narrative-driven of the main American sports, that impulse is amplified to the max, and if the Baltimore Ravens face the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, all hell breaks loose.

How many times have you heard someone mention the “script” for a game? Sports, particularly the NFL, have always had some who shout “rigged” when a result does not go their way. With the growth of social media and legalized gambling, this attitude has gained popularity, both in satire and among those who genuinely believe it.

The NFL has actively invested in this concept as a marketing strategy, even airing a preseason ad incorporating “The Script” for the 2023-24 NFL season. Now, an incorrect on-screen graphic from a local news station has fans and conspiracy theorists wondering if the Super Bowl “script” has leaked.

Was Super Bowl LVIII Ravens vs 49ers Revealed?

To begin, we must state unequivocally that we do not accept the idea of the NFL orchestrating a predetermined Super Bowl matchup.

Anyway, in an unusual turn of events, a Canadian public television station has accidentally spawned a surge of NFL conspiracy rumors, implying a possible rigging of this year’s Super Bowl LVIII clash, which will feature the Ravens vs. 49ers when the game kicks off in Las Vegas.

The assumption arose from an unusual depiction of the February 11 championship game presented in a January 18th broadcast on CTV News Vancouver Island.

The caption for the on-screen graphic says, “Reba McEntire, Usher, and Post Malone are scheduled to perform at the San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl matchup on February 11.”

What begins as a seemingly benign brief about the Super Bowl halftime show gradually turns into an eye-opening statement that is essentially chum in the water for conspiracy theorists.

The fact that the second round of the playoffs had not yet begun at the time of the broadcast, before the 49ers and Ravens both went on to win their respective matchups, added fuel to social media claims that the NFL’s alleged playoff script had been leaked. Fans and theorists alike are now plunging headfirst into these accusations, as the buildup to the Super Bowl takes an unexpected turn into speculation.

We have to question that CTV News in Vancouver has insider information from the NFL. This would be like MTV breaking the news that Tom Brady was running for president; it just won’t happen (no offense, Canada). Most likely, some placeholder text made its way into a finished design that slipped past one of the show’s producers.

It’s an honest mistake, but one has to ask why the placeholder text wouldn’t just read “Super Bowl LVIII,” as including the probable teams serves no use when the game is still several weeks away.

The Super Bowl LVIII Logo Conspiracy

This is not the first time a viral claim concerning Super Bowl LVIII contestants has surfaced. This notion, which dates back to earlier in the season, is based on the official Super Bowl LVIII emblem and the primary colors included within it.

Two seasons ago, the Super Bowl LVI logo included orange and yellow, which matched the principal colors of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, who faced off at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles that season, with the Rams emerging as champions.

The next season, Super Bowl LVII was noticeably green(ish) and red, with the Chiefs and Eagles facing off in the championship game.

The Ravens and 49ers are expected to face off on the field of Super Bowl LVIII, as the logo is predominantly purple and red.

Yes, that’s it. Not exactly the foundational evidence you’re presenting to Congress as proof of the NFL’s rigged matchup. However, the combination of the logo conspiracy and the recent Canadian TV blunder has fans and theorists obsessed with the concept.

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