2023 NFL Week 4 Betting Odds and Predictions

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting Odds and Predictions

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting odds and brief predictions for all games, including best straight bet and best parlay.

The first odds for Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season are now live and can be bet on at NFL betting sites. Sharp sports bettors use the opening NFL odds to jump on soft lines and watch how they change throughout the week before kickoff.

We have all the NFL Week 4 betting odds you need to help you plan your NFL betting approach for the upcoming games. This includes point spread bets, moneyline bets, and Over-Under bets. Check out the list below for our best NFL Week 4 picks. The NFL odds come from YouWager.lv.

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2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Lions at Packers

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Lions at Packers Odds.

  • Detroit Lions -1.5
  • Green Bay Packers +1.5
  • Total: 46 Over/ Under

At Lambeau Field, the Lions and Packers, who are both in the NFC North, play the first game of Week 4. As you can see, things are tight at places where you can bet on sports.

Even though the Packers came back from 17 points down, Jordan Love and the offense struggled without left tackle David Bakhtiari. The Packers were also without Christian Watson and Aaron Jones.

In Week 3, Desmond Ridder and the Atlanta Falcons had a hard time avoiding the Lions’ pass rush. If Aidan Hutchinson and the Lions play like they did last week, the Packers will have a long night.

This is a game where you’ll need to pay close attention to the accident report before the game starts. Both teams have been hurt, and it’s still too early to know who will play.

At the moment, though, we think that the Lions’ defense will decide this Thursday Night Football game.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Falcons at Jaguars

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Falcons at Jaguars Odds.

  • Atlanta Falcons +3
  • Jacksonville Jaguars -3
  • Total: 43 Over/ Under

Both the Falcons and the Jaguars just had bad games. Before going to London for the game, both teams want to forget about Week 3 as quickly as possible.

The Falcons’ one-dimensional attack, led by Ridder, could not get into a rhythm. When the running game isn’t going well, Ridder is a sitting duck in the pocket.

The running game should do well against the Jaguars’ defense, which is good news. After a bad game in Detroit, the offensive line should be able to get back on track.

If you think a game will come down to the wire in the fourth quarter, you might want to take the points.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Commanders at Eagles

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Commanders at Eagles Odds.

  • Washington Commanders +8
  • Philadelphia Eagles -8
  • Total: 44 Over/ Under

Sam Howell’s faith was shaken last week when the Buffalo Bills beat them 37–3. The Commanders had several chances in the red zone, including one from the goal line when they were just inches away from cutting the lead to 10-7.

In Week 4, Howell doesn’t have a challenge that he can “get right” against. The Commanders are playing the Philadelphia Eagles’ tough secondary while they are on the road. Howell doesn’t have it easy at Philadelphia after throwing four picks.

You can bet that the Eagles will force Howell to throw into their defense. He will play better, but the Eagles will probably win at home by 10 to 14 points.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Rams at Colts

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Rams at Colts Odds.

  • Los Angeles Rams +1
  • Indianapolis Colts -1
  • Total: 46.5 Over/ Under

Anthony Richardson, the Colts’ rookie quarterback, was ruled out of Week 3’s game against the Ravens, so Gardner Minshew led the Colts, who were 8-point favorites, to an unlikely win in Baltimore.

The Colts’ defense should be very proud that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens could only score 19 points at home. They put the Rams in a tough spot after they played at Cincinnati on Monday Night Football.

After flying back home for a few days, the Rams will pack up again for Week 4 in Indianapolis. After beating the Ravens, which gave them more confidence, the Colts are a good bet as a home underdog in Week 4 of the NFL season.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Ravens at Browns

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Ravens at Browns Odds.

  • Baltimore Ravens +3
  • Cleveland Browns -3
  • Total: 40.5 Over/ Under

The Ravens want to get back on track after giving up a late lead to the Colts. It’s unlikely to get any easier at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The Browns won 27-3 against the Tennessee Titans in their second home game. In Week 1, the Browns beat the Bengals 24–3 because their defense kept them from scoring.

The Browns’ move to sign Za’Darius Smith before the season has paid off in a big way. The offensive lines of other teams can no longer just focus on Myles Garrett, who had 3.5 sacks on Sunday and controlled the game.

Deshaun Watson’s job isn’t easy against the Ravens, but he’s been doing well at home. The Browns are a good bet at home in Week 4 as a small favorite.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Buccaneers at Saints

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Buccaneers at Saints Odds.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3
  • Cleveland Browns -3
  • Total: 40.5 Over/ Under

After their big game against the Eagles on Monday Night Football, the Buccaneers have a short week before Week 4.

The starting quarterback for the Saints, Derek Carr, left the field because he hurt his shoulder. He went to the hospital for tests because it was so bad.

Jameis Winston was put into the game from the bench without any preparation. He couldn’t stop the Packers from coming back from 17 points down to win the game.

You can expect him to play better against the Buccaneers after a week to prepare. You can count on the Saints’ defense to help them win and cover at home.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Broncos at Bears

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Broncos at Bears Odds.

  • Denver Broncos -3
  • Chicago Bears +3
  • Total: 46 Over/ Under

In the worst game of the week, the Broncos, who haven’t won yet, are going to Chicago to play the Bears, who also haven’t won yet.

Both the Broncos and the Bears just had awful games. That’s a kind thing to do.

After three weeks of the season, both the Broncos and the Bears looked like they were giving up on the field. At Soldier Field, someone has to win or at least tie this game.

Russell Wilson hasn’t attacked his coaches in public like the other team has, so that’s something. In this early-season game between two bad teams, we can see the Bears getting booed off the field.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Vikings at Panthers

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Broncos at Bears Odds.

  • Minnesota Vikings -3.5
  • Carolina Panthers +3.5
  • Total: 46 Over/ Under

The Vikings started the season with a loss at home to the Chargers, 28-24. With just seconds left, Minnesota had the ball in the red zone, but Kirk Cousins threw an interception that ended the game.

After winning the NFC North last year, we knew the Vikings would go backwards. There is still a lot of football to play, but this group is missing something.

For one thing, the Vikings need help for Justin Jefferson. Without Dalvin Cook in the backfield, the offense is too one-dimensional.

As a home outsider, the Panthers’ NFL Week 4 odds are a good value bet at football betting sites.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Steelers at Texans

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Broncos at Bears Odds.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers -3
  • Houston Texans +3
  • Total: 40.5 Over/ Under

In Week 4, the Steelers will go to Houston to play the red-hot Texans. The first-year quarterback C.J. Stroud just had a great game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road.

Ohio State quarterbacks haven’t had the best track record in the NFL, but Stroud has stood out in his first three games.

Going into Week 4, Stroud and the Texans play with a lot of confidence. The key is to keep T.J. Watt from getting to the edge.

Watt will get what’s coming to him, but 4.5 points is too many to bet on the road here.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Bengals at Texans

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Bengals at Texans Odds.

  • Cincinnati Bengals -2
  • Tennessee Titans +2
  • Total: 41 Over/ Under

It will be important to keep a close eye on Joe Burrow’s health for Week 4. The Bengals’ quarterback is not in perfect shape, even if he starts at Tennessee.

At the time this was written, Burrow is questionable for Monday Night Football against the Rams. At -1.5, the Bengals have a slight edge in the first NFL Week 4 odds.

Last week, the Titans lost to the Browns after beating the Chargers in overtime the week before. The Titans’ season is going to be like that.

One week, they’ll look like a team that could make the playoffs, and the next, they’ll look like one of the top five teams in the NFL Draft for 2024. In Week 4, the Titans should be able to handle a Bengals team with a lot of injuries on a short week.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Dolphins at Bills

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Dolphins at Bills Odds.

  • Miami Dolphins -2.5
  • Buffalo Bills +2.5
  • Total: 53.5 Over/ Under

The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills game in Orchard Park is the best game of the week. The Dolphins just beat the Broncos in a thrilling 70–20 game.

At the same time, the Bills beat the Commanders 37–3 on the road. When two teams both want to go to the conference championship game, we have to pick the team at home with the better defense.

Josh Allen should have a good game in this one to get some NFL awards. Tua Tagovailoa is the favorite to win NFL MVP right now, but Allen will have a better chance after Week 4.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Raiders at Chargers

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Raiders at Chargers Odds.

  • Las Vegas Raiders +5.5
  • Los Angeles Chargers -5.5
  • Total: 47.5 Over/ Under

The Chargers were just one play away from starting the season 0-3. Instead, it was the Vikings who lost, and they are still without a win.

They are lucky to have a chance to even out their record against the Raiders in Week 4. The defense has been terrible, and every week Justin Herbert has to throw for a lot of yards.

On this defense, the Raiders will make some big plays. So, Jimmy Garoppolo and the Raiders shouldn’t be able to beat the Chargers.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Cardinals at 49ers

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Cardinals at 49ers Odds.

  • Arizona Cardinals  +14
  • San Francisco 49ers -14
  • Total: 44 Over/ Under

The Cardinals’ 28-16 win over the Cowboys was the biggest surprise of the early 2023 NFL season.

Where did the Cowboys go?

Simply put, they didn’t think much of the Cardinals. Joshua Dobbs ran right through the NFL’s best defense.

This week, the Cardinals will be brought back down to earth by the 49ers’ defense. When they play the well-rested 49ers in the Bay Area, the Cardinals will get a rude wake-up call.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Patriots at Cowboys

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Patriots at Cowboys Odds.

  • New England Patriots  +7
  • Dallas Cowboys -7
  • Total: 43 Over/ Under

The worst thing that could have happened was for the Cardinals to beat the Cowboys. At AT&T Stadium, the Patriots should expect to face a mad Cowboys team.

The Patriots’ defense is good, but Mac Jones needs to move the ball more often. In Arlington, where the Cowboys play, that will be hard to do.

The Cowboys aren’t likely to win by more than 10 points, but they could win by that many.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Chiefs at Jets

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Chiefs at Jets Odds.

  • Kansas City Chiefs  -10
  • New York Jets +10
  • Total: 42 Over/ Under

In a 41-10 win over the Bears, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense finally played like who they are. It could have been a lot worse if Mahomes and the players hadn’t been taken out of the game.

How do the Jets score points when they play the Chiefs? Aaron Rodgers wants to come back for the playoffs, but not if Zach Wilson keeps playing quarterback.

The playmakers on offense for the Chiefs are now awake. They should help the Chiefs win on the road by more than 10 points.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Seahawks at Giants

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting: Seahawks at Giants Odds.

  • Seattle Seahawks  PK
  • New York Giants PK
  • Total: 47 Over/ Under

In Week 4, MetLife Stadium will host another game in the evening. This week’s last game in New York is between the Giants and the Seahawks.

After losing to the 49ers 30–12, the Giants should be glad to have more time to get ready for the Seahawks. After coming back to beat the Cardinals in Week 2, they have only looked good for half of a football game.

Is this the week that the Giants get it all together? After winning their last two games, the Seahawks are feeling good about themselves. However, the Giants are likely to play desperate football in primetime to get a close win.

NFL Week 4 Best Bet

We don’t want to say it was a “must-win” situation, but the Chargers needed to beat the Vikings badly to stay in the AFC West race.

The Chargers will probably feel better about themselves this week at home after getting their first win of the season. The team’s whole season may have changed because Kenneth Murray Jr. picked off a pass.

After a tough game against the Steelers on Sunday Night Football, the Raiders should be too tired to play the Chargers in Week 4. Even though the defense won’t be great, Herbert should do well against the Raiders’ secondary.

2023 NFL Week 4 Betting Pick: Los Angeles Chargers -5.5

Best NFL Week 4 Parlay

If you want to bet on NFL football, you shouldn’t just use parlay bets. Still, NFL parlays can be fun to play and give you the best chance to win a lot of money with a small bet.

We are putting $100 on a five-team moneyline parlay as our best NFL Week 4 parlay. This parlay could bring back a lot of money for bettors:

  • Dallas Cowboys ML
  • Kansas City Chiefs ML
  • San Francisco 49ers ML
  • Buffalo Bills ML
  • New York Giants ML

At YouWager.lv you can wager on the different betting types, such as moneyline, spread, and total, and you can bet either on your favorite team or an undervalued underdog, always with the best and latest wagering lines. Place these wagers easily, and with the best 2023 NFL Week 4 Betting odds at YouWager.lv, sign up now and receive a 100% Crypto sign-up first-deposit bonus. Just click below:

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