Off Track Betting: Bet Horse Racing Online

Off-track Betting or OTB, is wagering on horse racing outside a race track. Place a wager on your favorite horse racing track at, one of the best racebooks in the game.

What is Off Track Betting?

Any betting or wagering that occurs outside of the real horse racetrack that is holding the live race is the definition of the term in its most basic form. Since only a tiny portion of the betting public will be present at the track at any given time, this accounts for the majority of gambling on any given race.

Most bets made these days away from the racetrack are placed online, where you can access a number of legitimate and registered services. The physical off-track betting (OTB) sites that are accessible throughout the United States are the primary emphasis of this article, even if we do suggest FanDuel Racing for legal online horse betting.

During a major race, a lot of people who are unable to visit the track will nevertheless try to find a comparable betting experience by interacting with other racing enthusiasts. Being with a group of people who have all supported the same horse and then hearing the collective cheer when it crosses the line first is the most enjoyable thing ever. You can’t have that kind of experience online, which may be why OTB venues are so well-liked. Bet on your favorite horse racing tracks here.

Is Off Track Betting legal?

While there have certainly been many gambling activities in the past that could be regarded as unlawful, off-track betting is now completely legal.

No, that doesn’t imply that you may set up shop on a street corner and begin gambling. It does, however, indicate that there are numerous authorized locations where bets can be placed across the nation.

Simulcast betting is one of the most widely used off-track betting methods, allowing you to watch racing from the track from a distance (including other tracks). You may experience the excitement of the racing with this entirely legal transmission.

Off Track Betting Sites

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The History of OTB

Nevada was the only US state to allow off-track betting of any kind until the 1970s. But in 1970, following a string of failed attempts, New York State was granted permission.

It was hoped that this program would boost gambling earnings and remove gaming from the illegal market, which would lower crime. But with the option to wager off the track, this had the unfavorable side effect of lowering attendance.

A compromise was struck in 1978. It was agreed under the Interstate Horse Racing Act that no over-the-counter (OTT) parlor would be located more than sixty miles from any racecourse. A financial arrangement was also established, according to which the state, the tracks, and the horse owners would each receive a percentage of the earnings from an OTB.

The number of states willing to provide a variety of OTB venues increased as a result of this agreement. To take advantage of these increased betting opportunities, the horse racing authorities released a wider variety of bets, including the exacta and trifecta.

The industry’s revenue grew as a result, even while the attendance at the racetrack were declining.

A lack of profitability forced the original OTB venture in New York City to close its doors in 2010, but efforts are being made to rekindle the sector.

The Future of OTB

In the widest sense of the word, there won’t be any more betting options for patrons away from the track. The majority of this increase in population will come from bettors placing their wagers online.

Even while some of this betting is done through gray market offshore sites, an increasing number of regulated and authorized US-based businesses are sprouting up and providing a totally safe, secure, and legal online betting option.

It also appears that live OTB sites have a bright future. Even while placing bets online could be the simplest alternative, some people will always want to share in the excitement of racing with others, even if they are unable to visit the specific track.

With so many racetracks now connected to casinos, you can get the best possible simulcast experience at some amazing locations across the nation. In addition to racetracks, fellow racing enthusiasts can congregate at any of the numerous casinos and nightclubs located across the United States to take in the action.

Online gaming that is legal and OTB will always go hand in hand. Recently, a few online sportsbooks have struck agreements with casinos to provide their entire array of services at physical locations; this is the ideal combination of online and off-track bookies. These collaborations appear to be set to expand, with new projects and applications in the works across several states.


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