How to Bet on WWE and Pro Wrestling

Check out this simple guide from to learn how to bet on WWE and pro wrestling.

All kidding aside, there are numerous online sportsbooks where you can wager on professional wrestling and the WWE (previously WWF). Sure, selecting sportsbooks won’t provide you Ted DiBiase’s bankroll, but it may still be quite entertaining and profitable.

The majority of online books will provide odds on the major events, such as WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and the Royal Rumble, while some will provide odds on every pay-per-view event that the WWE hosts.

Entertainment Betting Is On The Rise

While sports betting has historically dominated the betting market, there is a growing trend toward betting on television programs like Big Brother, Dancing With the Stars, Game of Thrones, and others.

This category of entertainment betting includes professional wrestling organizations like WWE. Even though the outcomes are known in advance, it’s still exciting to be involved when the public is still mostly in the dark about the outcome.

But Isn’t It Fake?

Indeed, scripted. Not phony, no. However, the scripted portion will make bettors squirm. Given that the result is known, how can it be fair? Even when TV program creators are aware of the outcome, individuals nevertheless like placing wagers for entertainment purposes when they believe they know the solution.

Although the writers and performers are aware of the decision, it is often kept confidential within WWE’s inner circle. Books occasionally leak those outcomes, and one way they let gamblers know they are aware of it is by inflating betting lines—for example, by making a wrestler a -900 favorite in a match.

It’s critical for gamblers to understand that sports betting and entertainment betting are two very different things. The best way to optimize your bankroll is not to bet for entertainment.

Many Books WIll Limit Entertainment Bets

Books will set a maximum bet amount for each entertainment event because the results aren’t known instantly. Typically, a wager would accept a maximum amount of less than $100. In this approach, the book hedges against someone with insider knowledge making a huge wager on a definite thing.

How Do I Make Money Betting On Wrestling?

When examining the wrestling betting odds at your sportsbook, search for contests with pick’em odds or an underdog of less than +250. These are your best chances since they typically indicate that oddsmakers are handicapping the outcome using the same wrestling information that the general public has access to, rather than having inside information on the outcome of the bout.

Choosing a sportsbook in a triple-threat, lethal four-way, battle royal, or royal rumble is another method to make some money. Most of the players in those matches will frequently be plus-money in the run-up to the event. These kinds of bouts also give match writers a lot of leeway when it comes to creative match “finishes”—things like defending their superstars or unseating an overwhelming favorite.

Where Do I Go To Bet On Wrestling?

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