How to Bet on Nascar: A Betting Guide

Learn How to Bet on Nascar with this simple betting guide.

In the US, NASCAR is a hugely popular sport, particularly in the southern states of the union.There is a major race throughout the nation almost every weekend of the year, culminating in the crowning of a NASCAR Cup champion at the end of the season. Bettors interested in NASCAR can wager on the total Sportsbook of the NASCAR Cup championship as well as the Sportsbook of each of these races.

How To Read NASCAR Betting Odds

There are basically three major ways to bet on NASCAR: weekly bets like head-to-head and outright Sportsbook wagers, as well as futures wagers where you pick which driver will win the NASCAR Cup. NASCAR is all about picking which driver will win, unlike traditional North American sports where you can wager on the moneyline, cover a spread, or go OVER/UNDER a certain total.

The favorite’s odds in NASCAR betting almost always feature a plus sign next to them. Other sports usually have a minus sign next to the odds to represent the favored. If the favorite contains a minus sign, like -120, you have to bet that amount to make $100; if you invest $120, you will win $220 and make $100.

If the favorite contains a plus symbol, such as +120, you can profit that number by placing a $100 wager and winning $220, or $120 in profit.

NASCAR offers a higher value because there are a lot of unknowns that may happen during a race, such an accident, a mechanical issue, or even a mistake made on pit road that might ruin a driver’s chances of winning.

Futures Betting

If you’re looking for a longer-term gamble, you may choose which driver will win the NASCAR Cup at the end of the season by placing a futures bet. Because there is a lot more volatility throughout a season, a futures bet usually offers more value than your weekly wagers.

Here’s an illustration of how a sportsbook may present futures odds:

Odds To Win The NASCAR Cup
Driver Odds
Kevin Harvick +500
Kyle Busch +500
Martin Truex Jr. +600
Denny Hamlin +700
Brad Keselowski +1000
Joey Logano +1000
Kyle Larson +1000
Chase Elliott +1200
Erik Jones +1800
Ryan Blaney +1800
William Byron +2800
Clint Bowyer +3300
Alex Bowman +4000
Jimmie Johnson +4000

Since a single race doesn’t ruin a season until the playoffs start, futures odds may also fluctuate less over the season. However, as drivers are eliminated from contention, there may be significant swings. Having said that, you might be able to hedge your bet to increase your chances of making a profit if there are significant odds changes later in the season.

For instance, at the beginning of the season, you wager on Kevin Harvick to win the NASCAR Cup at +500, and he makes it to the finals. With odds of +500, Denny Hamlin, who is also in the finals, would provide you with two drivers that may help you turn a profit.

Outright Sportsbook And Place Betting

You can wager on which driver will win the race every week, unlike with futures where you have to wait for the season to end to get your rewards. Many books also give you the option to be a little more conservative by letting you decide whether a driver will place in the top three, top five, or some other range.

It can be challenging to predict which driver will win a race because there are mishaps, mechanical issues, and even issues on pit road. It is a challenging task to overcome all of this and yet hold off the other 39 drivers, which is why the favorite has good odds of +300 (3:1) or higher, and the odds get higher for each driver after that. Hitting on a driver who is paying +1000 (10:1) in any given race is not unusual.

Many online sportsbooks offer the opportunity to wager on a driver to finish in the top five, which helps to reduce some of the risks associated with selecting a driver to win the race outright. This gives you some leeway to select a good driver who might lose the lead on the final lap; even so, the payouts are significantly smaller and you remain a Sportsbook.

For instance, Kevin Harvick might have odds of -120 (wager $120 to profit $100) to place in the top five if he was the +300 (3:1) favorite to win the race.

Head-To-Head Betting

There are head-to-head betting markets available at several sportsbooks where you may select which of two drivers will finish first. The odds for a head-to-head wager are significantly lower than those for a futures bet or an outright Sportsbook. Instead, they resemble those of a team sport, where one team (the drivers) will finish as a slight minus favorite and the other team (the drivers) will finish as a slight plus underdog. Denny Hamlin, for instance, is a -130 favorite to place higher than Kevin Harvick, who is returning at +110.

  • Denny Hamlin -130
  • Kevin Harvick +110
  • William Byron -150
  • Jimmie Johnson +130
  • Kyle Busch -120
  • Martin Truex Jr. +100

How To Sign Up At A Betting Site

  • Step 1: Select a sportsbook. With our sportsbook review page, we at blog has done some of the legwork to assist you in selecting a betting site that you will use going ahead. It is here that you can examine different sportsbooks and the services they offer. Select the book that best suits your needs by exploring the various options available, since some offer a greater variety of sports, entertainment, or bonuses!
  • Step 2: Registering with a bookmaker. Getting involved in a book is quick and simple. Just provide your name, birthdate, phone number, email address, and mailing address. You are merely creating your profile at this time, which will enable you to view your options before funding an account and placing a wager. You are not required to make a deposit at this time.
  • Step 3: Depositing Money. You must deposit money to be able to place bets after deciding which sportsbook to employ for your future betting. Books will accept a variety of payment methods, including e-transfer, Interac, and bitcoin in some situations. Before you commit any money to sports betting, make sure you have paid for all of your necessities. You should deposit a sum of money that you are willing to lose. Whether it’s $5 or $100, figure out what your typical wager size will be; it should be between 1 and 5 percent of your bankroll.
  • Step 4: Start a bet. Now that you have completed the registration process and have money in your account, you can start betting, which is the exciting part. Navigate through the sportsbook to find the market you want to bet on, then enter your unit size, press “place bet,” and presto—you’ve placed a sports wager.

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