How to Bet on Golf: A Golf Betting Guide

Now that golf is offering rising talents like Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm, and Justin Thomas an opportunity to make their mark, it’s a great moment to learn how to bet on golf matches and start a golf betting business.

The LPGA is thrilling to watch because of women like Sung Hyun Park and Brooke Henderson who are rising to fame. The British Open, U.S. Open, Masters, and Ryder Cup are just a few of the golf events that provide bettors opportunities all year long. And there’s that guy named Tiger Woods. He may be familiar to you.

How Does Golf Betting Work?

Given the fervor surrounding the golf industry, you may be wondering, “How do I bet on golf?”Having a solid grasp of how to bet on golf online and how to interpret golf odds can help you place wise bets regardless of whether you’re a novice at sports betting or a seasoned pro.

Basic Odds And Betting Options

Now that you know how golf betting works, let’s start with the fundamentals of golf betting advice so you can start winning right away. The most popular kind of bet in golf is to predict a player’s winner of an event. Assume Happy Gilmore is a real person who enjoys overwhelming success in every competition he enters, much like a young Tiger Woods. For Gilmore, a line would resemble this: +700.

This shows that Happy is a 7-1 favorite to win the competition and that you have to wager $100 in order to win $700.Because of the golfer’s longer odds, if you were to wager on a long shot in the tournament, your reward would be higher if you won.

Golf Props

There are numerous reasons why golf is special, but one of the main ones is the abundance of betting props.

During big events, sportsbooks go all out, providing odds on anything from golfers to make or miss the cut to the possibility of a hole-in-one, as well as OVER/UNDERs on the final winner’s score. Prop bets are a fun way to improve your betting experience, just like in other sports.

We’ll utilize Rory McIlroy, one of the greatest golfers in the planet, from Northern Ireland for these examples:

  • Will McIlroy score more than or less than 70.5 in the opening round?
  • Is McIlroy going to make a hole-in-one?
  • Is McIlroy going to finish in the top 10?

Nationality Bets

This kind of wager places the wager on the nation from which the player hails, as opposed to the person. Sportsbooks, for instance, occasionally feature props like “Nationality of the eventual champion.” Those who wagered on an American-born player to win the tournament would receive their money back if Dustin Johnson, an American, ends up winning.

Additionally, wagers involving players from the same nation are available. Books will provide odds along the lines of “Which Australian player will score the lowest?” You can place a bet on the Australians Jason Day, Marc Leishman, and Adam Scott to finish first, second, and third in the same tournament.

Three-Ball/Head-To-Head Bets

Sportsbooks allow their patrons to select the golfer they believe will finish first in their group in a given round because most golf tournaments begin with groups of three players.

At the conclusion of that round, three-ball wagers will be resolved, allowing bettors to take advantage of their potential wins without having to wait until the tournament is over.

Three-ball betting is void if two or more players in the group tie for the lowest score after 18 holes.

Because they place two players against each other based on both the individual round matchups and the overall tournament matchups, head-to-head matchup bets are particularly entertaining. The odds of Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy winning a match in a tournament would probably be equal at -110 apiece.

Live Betting

You can wager on a match to see who will shoot the lowest total among a two- or three-ball group. If two golfers are playing on the same golf course in separate groups, you can also place match bets on them.

In recent years, live betting has become one of the fastest-growing categories of gambling in all sports, and the world of golf is no exception. In contrast to team sports, a single swing of the club can make or break your wager when it comes to live betting on golf.

For example, if you are betting on the Masters final round and two players are tied for the lead at the 18th hole, a single shot can ensure a win or a loss.

You can raise the stakes by placing a live bet on the golfer you believe will win before he even tees off if you have an opinion on who will win. If your pre-event bets didn’t pay off, you may still place bets on the outright winners of a golf tournament while it’s still going on.


A fantastic method to solidify your selections well in advance of an event is to gamble on golf futures. When it comes to golf tournament betting, understanding futures wagering is crucial. It’s a great way to take advantage of value months ahead of time because your wager won’t be impacted by any additional odds adjustments made by sportsbooks before to the competition.

You can bet on a player right away if you believe he will be on a hot streak and he is currently +5000 to win the Masters in January. You will still have him at +5000 if he plays well in the closing stages and is +3000 before play at Augusta National begins.

Although it can be annoying to have money locked up in your account months in advance, the prospective reward may well justify the wait.

Golf Betting Strategies

The wonderful thing about golf is that a new star can emerge any given weekend. Because the best golfers are frequently at or close to the top of the leaderboards, betting on them offers gamblers a decent chance to turn a slight profit.

Still, if they are hitting their putts and having the proper bounces, hundreds of golfers just below the elite tier can win a tournament.

It’s important for bettors to constantly be researching the game and getting to know as many players as possible. In addition to your top choices, you can come across some value selections that are surefire upset candidates with enormous rewards.

You might even make lesser bets on live +3000 or +4000 plays, which would pay off nicely even on modest wagers, even if your big bets are on one or two favorites.

It will be very useful to know this information in smaller events. Because many of the best players avoid the smaller events, there are great betting chances for golf bettors who are more knowledgeable about the game.

Use these pages to handicap your golf wagers:

Where To Bet On Golf

Finding the best sportsbook for you is crucial now that you are aware of the several ways to place bets on the links. It can be intimidating to start with, but that is why we at the blog are here to help make the process easy.

How To Sign Up At A Sportsbook

After determining which sportsbook to use, click the Join or Sign Up button to begin the registration process. The next step will ask you for your name, birthdate, email address, and address.

Deposit Options

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