How to Bet on Bundesliga Online: A Betting Guide

Do you enjoy watching soccer but have never placed a bet? Bet on the Bundesliga, if you dare. Soccer is a very profitable sport. It’s the reason why the owners of numerous clubs are the richest people on the globe, and it’s the reason why certain clubs are able to pay their players six figures or more every single week.

There are numerous sportsbooks that provide soccer odds for each clash, so there are lots of betting alternatives. We’ll walk you through the different kinds of wagers you may place to become as wealthy as Ronaldo—or at the very least, earn enough money to fund your account!

What Bettors Need To Know About The Bundesliga

In recent years, the Bundesliga in Germany has had an exponential growth in both its international significance and fan base. It is regarded as the third-richest soccer league globally, with only the English Premier League and La Liga ranking higher. With an estimated brand worth of approximately £1.2 billion, Bayern Munich is the biggest moneymaker among the 18 clubs and has dominated for the most of the league’s existence.

Out of all the major soccer leagues, the Bundesliga has the highest attendance. With an average attendance of around 44,500 per game—6,000 more than the English Premier League—the German top division maintained its lead over the league and is destined to continue drawing the largest audiences on the continent for many years to come.

With an average of 3.04 goals per game, the Bundesliga offers more excitement on the field than any of the top leagues in Europe. More goalless games have occurred in the Bundesliga than in any other league. Football is being played as it should.

Popular Ways To Bet The Bundesliga

One thing that anyone can do is bet on the Bundesliga. One sport that draws to gamblers from all backgrounds is soccer. We have you covered whether you’re betting on soccer from your phone or, as you should, from the comforts of your own house. We’ll give you the quickest and easiest ways to wager on the odds and assist you in making the most astute forecasts!

When betting on soccer, understanding the odds is crucial. Understanding the meaning of the numbers can offer you a significant edge over other gamblers.

3-Way Betting

Any soccer betting website will show you the odds in the following manner:

  • Bayern Munich -137
  • Borussia Dortmund +328
  • Draw +304

This is a standard moneyline wager where all you have to do is select a team to win or for the game to conclude in a tie. The minus sign (-) stands for the favored. The plus sign (+) signifies the underdog. All sportsbooks offer this, although depending on the matchup, all three of the lines in the 3-way moneyline may occasionally be plus money (+).

Borussia Dortmund is the favorite at -137 and has a 57.8% chance of winning. Bayern Munich has a 23.4 percent shot and is the underdog at +328. 24.8 percent of the time, the game will result in a tie. Which way to gamble is entirely up to you.

If you wager $100 on Dortmund and you believe they will win, you will receive a payment of $172.99. In addition to your earnings of $72.99, you would receive your initial $100 back. If you wager $100 and you believe Bayern Munich will win, you will receive a payment of $428. Along with your $328 in winnings, you would receive your initial $100 back. Although they carry a somewhat higher risk, underdog bets can yield larger payouts.

You may see how much you might win using our odds calculator by entering the number of bets and the odds. That way, before you make your selections, you’ll know precisely what you stand to win.

OVER/UNDER: Betting On The Combined Score

Making entertaining predictions for the Bundesliga can be done by placing an OVER/UNDER wager. You can wager, for example, on the total number of goals scored by the two teams competing in a particular match, as well as whether the overall number of goals will be MORE or LESS than what the sportsbook predicts.

In soccer betting, the average total is 2.0 goals, yet the result can change based on the matchup. Assume that the total for a match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund is set at 2.5. You would wager on the OVER if you believe the cumulative score for both teams will be three goals or higher. You would wager on the UNDER if you believe the total score would be two goals or fewer.

Point Spread: Which Team Will Cover?

The oddsmaker will change the line in point spread betting to give the underdog side an advantage in the contest. Before the game even starts, the underdog is typically assigned a +0.5 goal differential. The favorite will get off to a -0.5 goal deficit. If you had wagered on the underdog in this scenario at +0.5, you would have won if your team prevailed or if the game ended in a tie. You will forfeit your bet if they lose the game hands-down. The Bundesliga betting odds for a spread at betting sites might resemble this:

  • Borussia Dortmund -2.5 (+110)
  • Bayern Munich -120 + 2.5

Dortmund would need to win by three goals or more if you were to wager on them. In order for you to win your wager if you chose the opposite side, Bayern Munich would have to win, lose by two goals or less, or draw. Juice is indicated by the numbers in brackets. The sportsbook deducts this amount from your wager. It is analogous to paying a commission or tax.

Asian Handicap

Similar to the runline in baseball or the puckline in hockey, Asian Handicapping gives the underdog the upper hand by eliminating the draw from the equation. Rather than using three possibilities, the oddsmaker uses two to construct the spread. This means that each side has an equal probability of winning when the draw is eliminated.

Your Wager Full Win Partial Win  Full Loss  Partial Loss
-0.25 Win by 1 Or More Lose By 1 Or More Draw
+0.25 Win by 1 Or More Draw Lose By 1 Or More
-0.5 Win by 1 Or More Lose By 1 Or More Or Draw
+0.5 Win By 1 Or More Or Draw Lose By 1 Or More
-0.75  Win by 2 Or More Win By 1 Lose By 1 Or More Or Draw
+0.75 Win By 1 Or More Or Draw Lose By Two Or More Lose By 1
-1.0 Win By 2 Or More Lose By 1 Or More Or Draw
+1.0 Win By 1 Or More Or Draw Lose By 2 Or More

Asian Handicap soccer betting is a terrific technique to reduce risk, despite the fact that it may seem perplexing at first. The Asian Handicap offers you a one-in-two chance to at least receive your money back, as opposed to a standard wager that offers players a one-in-three chance to win.


The futures wagerer is the best option for wagerers wishing to place long-term wagers on the Bundesliga. You can place a bet on which team will take home the championship title with this kind of stake. You can also bet on futures to see which player in each league will be crowned MVP.

The main drawback of placing bets on future events is that, if you place a big stake, your funds can be committed for the entire season. But if you win your futures wager and receive a sizable payout at the conclusion of the season, it can end up being advantageous in the long run.

Live Odds And In-Play Betting

The market for live soccer betting is enormous. Betting sites offer a plethora of alternatives for in-play wagering, such as the possibility of a player making a penalty kick. When it comes to high-profile soccer matchups, the sportsbook posts in-game odds, which are ideal for bettors who want to stay involved in the action during any specific game. But move quickly, for the motion you enjoy will disappear faster than you can say “sauerkraut.”

As the game goes on, keep an eye on how the odds are moving and pay attention to how the game flows. Watching Dortmund vs. Bayern at 0-0, but with a strong possession advantage and their moneyline odds increasing to +150 in the second half, and believing that Dortmund has the best chance to win or score, would be a wise decision to bet on them at a higher price.

Props: Team And Player Milestones

A prop bet, short for proposition, is a gamble on events or inevitabilities that will occur during a sporting event. Different from point spreads, totals, or straight-up bets, these situations might not have an impact on the game’s result or even the score at the end. Since props might deal with individual player or team achievements, they are regarded as novelty bets.Prop betting refers to bets placed on almost anything related to a soccer match. The props will be made of:

  • How many yellow cards is club X going to get?
  • Who will score first, the team or the opposition?
  • What is the expected number of goals in the second half?
  • Is there any chance for player X to score throughout the game?

You can continue betting on the Bundesliga now that you have all the necessary odds information!

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