Sports Betting with Cryptocurrency: What is Bitcoin?

Were you curious as to why so many sports bettors are choosing to use Bitcoin as their medium of exchange? And we were, too! Therefore, we made the decision to investigate and learn more about why it’s so well-liked as well as the steps involved in making a first-time Bitcoin deposit.

What is the purpose of Bitcoin? Can I use it to place a wager? How can I purchase it? Now that digital currency is all the rage, these are the questions that sports bettors are asking. Using Bitcoin (BTC) to finance your sportsbook account could appear to be a flashy and unique option. It resembles money in a way similar to Dennis Rodman. It might look strange and a little odd, but it can help you win an NBA title and defend and rebound like it’s no big deal.

We have you covered for everything from depositing Bitcoin to bonuses and everything in between.

What Is Bitcoin And How Does It Work?

One cryptocurrency that runs independently of a central bank or administrator is called Bitcoin. Bitcoin may be transferred from person to person over a peer-to-peer network, unlike traditional currency. In essence, you can send a few bitcoins to your friend directly, without the middleman.

Advantages Of Betting With Bitcoin

Similar to the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line, Bitcoin is quickly becoming the preferred currency for many sports bettors due to its ease of use, speed, and several other advantages.

Faster Deposits And Withdrawals

When it comes to filling your account and retrieving your winnings, speed is crucial. However, unlike the Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock hit film from 1995, you can exceed 50 mph (or, in this case, add more than 50 units of bitcoin to your account). You might have to wait anywhere from a day to ten business days to see your money if you choose an alternative deposit method. The entire process takes minutes when using Bitcoin.

Big Rewards And Huge Bonuses

Bonuses are available for new users at online sportsbooks. Additionally, they frequently give bettors who use bitcoin additional pay. For example, if you use bitcoin, the betting site might give you an extra $100 to play with. The only thing to be aware of when it comes to rewards is that there are usually conditions attached, such as the need to wager on a particular sport or make a minimum deposit in order to receive what is effectively free money. Before taking any deal, make careful to read the terms and restrictions.


The easiest argument in favor of the move is also the best one: Bitcoin simply functions. Bitcoin transactions are far more dependable than credit card transactions that are refused and associated penalties. You should bet using bitcoin because some betting sites no longer accept credit or debit cards.

Higher Limits

Increased deposit and withdrawal limits are a feature that many online sportsbooks provide, making Bitcoin betting even more favorable. If you win $1,000, you might choose to take out the entire amount at once rather than dividing it into several transactions.

How To Purchase Bitcoin For Betting

Buying bitcoin is simple. The initial action is to download a wallet for bitcoin. This is similar to a paper wallet in that it keeps Bitcoin units digitally rather than your driver’s license and frozen yogurt punch cards. When the letter B appears in relation to Bitcoin, it stands for the cryptocurrency itself. The unit of digital currency known as a token is bitcoin, denoted by the lowercase letter B.

The visit to a Bitcoin exchange is the next step. To prove you’re a real person and not some Agent Smith from The Matrix type who wants to steal all the cryptocurrencies and use it for bad things like buying up the Champions League and forcing Ronaldo to play for every team, you’ll need to provide identification. Bitcoin exchanges are online sites where users may trade their bitcoin for fiat money such as USD, CAD, EUR, GPB, and so forth.

Since bitcoin isn’t physical, a key is required. The place where transactions are made is using a public key. When you receive your wallet, you are issued a private key. Unless you want to be hacked, never give out your private key to anyone. One of the best things about using Bitcoin for sports betting is that, unlike using a credit card, which is vulnerable to fraud, it is very difficult to hack your bitcoin bets. It is true that identity theft occurs. We are aware of this because typical baseball players are the ones who consistently have flawless games—aces are rarely seen.

Popular Alternative Coins

Compared to Bitcoin, alternative coins, or altcoins, provide a distinct method for executing cryptocurrency transactions. A lot of altcoins position themselves as upgrades. Better user privacy is offered by certain altcoins, such as Zcash and Monero. On the other hand, other coins like Litecoin offer a quicker and more lightweight version of Bitcoin. Unlike all these other cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum blockchain offers far more than just bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin SV

The newest cryptocurrency to have a significant impact on the online payment sector is called Bitcoin SV. Since its founding in 2018, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been accessible through a number of international online sportsbooks, particularly those based in the US. One of the purported inventors of the original Bitcoin currency, Satoshi Nakamoto (also known as Craig Steven Wright), is the source of the moniker Bitcoin SV, or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

Bitcoin SV payments process so quickly that they appear nearly instantly. For sportsbook players, who usually want to retrieve their funds immediately, this is highly useful.


The “primary altcoin,” Ethereum, is a well-known cryptocurrency that functions similarly to Bitcoin in that it trades value online via blockchain technology. Smart contracts are also used by the Ethereum blockchain to support, certify, and uphold discussions. Ethereum supporters think that in the future, peer-to-peer sports betting will be possible without vigorish.

Bitcoin Cash

The term “peer-to-peer electronic cash for the Internet” refers to Bitcoin Cash. Without a central bank, Bitcoin Cash is completely decentralized and runs without the need for dependable third parties. The sole requirement for Bitcoin Cash’s continued existence is the completion of more transactions.


Another cryptocurrency in the altcoin group is Litecoin. The moniker is applied to cryptocurrencies that are not known as Bitcoin. On the open market, there are currently around 2,500 distinct cryptocurrencies, though that number is subject to change. They are there for several purposes. Many of them make the claim to be able to execute transactions more quickly, more affordably, and widely than Bitcoin.

Indeed, some benefits come with using Bitcoin to place bets.

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