Best Pitchers in Baseball: 2024 and All-Time

Best Pitchers in Baseball: 2024 and All-Time

A baseball team’s pitchers are an essential component. We examine some of the greatest pitchers in baseball history in this post, broken down by position, year, and other criteria. This can be regarded as the definitive resource for baseball’s top pitchers, period.

Let’s begin by examining the greatest MLB closing pitchers of all time.


When no one knows that you completed your task, closers are at their best at what they do. In sports, closers have some of the hardest and most demanding tasks. The top 5 best closers in history will be looked at in this article.

First in our list of the Best Pitchers in Baseball, we have the best closers of all time:


Billy Wagner is sixth all-time in MLB history with 422 career saves. Wagner was also chosen for seven all-star games, and he placed in the top 10 of the Cy Young voting twice.

With a lifetime WHIP under 1.000, Wagner is just 100 innings pitched away from being eligible for the all-time list, where he would have the second-lowest WHIP ever.


Rich Gossage led the league three different times in his career and finished with 310 saves. In addition, Gossage won nine All-Star selections and five Cy Young awards.

Along with helping the New York Yankees win the 1978 World Series, Gossage received 85.8 percent of the vote in 2008 and was admitted to Cooperstown.


With 601 career saves, Trevor Hoffman is second all-time only behind Mariano Rivera. Throughout his career, Hoffman was a seven-time all-star and briefly held the league record for saves.

With a lifetime WHIP of 1.058, Trevor Hoffman is ranked 10th all-time among qualifying pitchers. During his career, Hoffman also placed second twice in the Cy Young voting.


Dennis Eckersley ranks 9th all time in career saves with 390, and was a six time all star. Eckersley also won the Cy Young and the MVP in 1992, where he also led the league in saves that season for the second time during his career.

Dennis Eckersley placed fifth in the Cy Young vote five more times, and he placed fifth in the MVP voting two more times. Eckersley also helped the Oakland A’s win the 1989 World Series and was the 1989 ALCS MVP on the road to the World Series.


With 652 career saves, Mariano Rivera holds the record for most career saves. Throughout his career, Rivera was chosen as an all-star 13 times and three times led the league in saves.

Over the course of his career, Rivera broke innumerable bats with his powerful cutter. Given how good that one pitch was, Rivera was able to dominate the game for about 15 years with just one primary out pitch.

Along with helping the New York Yankees win five World Series during his career, Rivera holds the record for the highest ERA+ ever, at 205. Mariano Rivera is without a doubt the best closer to have ever played in Major League Baseball.


Now on our list of the Best Pitchers in Baseball, we have the top 5 in college for 2024:

Naturally, there is debate over this list, as various people find different things to concentrate on. The blog made an effort to utilize every piece of work from the previous season.

  1. Josh Hartle of Wake Forest: In 18 appearances and 17 games started, he pitched 102.1 innings and had an 11-2 record with a 2.81 ERA. The opposition’s batting average was.237. This lefthander, who stands 6’5″ and weighs 200 pounds, has four distinct pitches. His fastball, which reaches a maximum velocity of 94 mph, misses a lot of bats because to its angle, sinking and boring action, and command. His greatest secondary pitch is his excellent low-80s slider with two-plane depth, but he also has moments with his upper-80s cutter and mid-80s change-up.
  2. The Arkansas Razorbacks’ Hagen Smith finished the previous season 9-2 with a 3.64 ERA in 11 starts and 71.2 innings pitched. This left-hander has good short relief ability and can reach triple digits with his fastball. both extended and intermediate relief. According to his coach, he is most suited as a starter. About a 5–15 draft pick, that is.
  3. Trey Yesavage is a right-hander from East Carolina who stands 6’4″ and weighs 225 pounds. He has outstanding lower body control and a large build. His fastball is in the mid-90s and can reach 98 mph with great carry, but as the season progressed, it was more in the low-90s. His command has also significantly improved. There are many whiffs from Yesavage’s secondaries, the best of which is a cutter/slider hybrid from the mid-to-upper 80s with late bite and tilt. His low-80s curveball is really successful and has a lot of depth.
  4. Brody Brecht is a 6’4″, 225-pound right-hander from Iowa. With a fastball that can reach 104 mph, he is a monster on the mound. Usually, he moves at 97–99 mph with tremendous force. His strongest pitch is a slider, which travels between 87 and 91 mph and has a ton of vertical and horizontal action. Though not too often employed, his splitter is a good pitch. He has a lot going for him. Possible draft position: Top Ten, depending on team needs. Seems like a nice fit for the St. Louis Cardinals, who have a fondness for fiery players.
  5. Chase Burns is a Wake Forest starter as well. Before using the transfer portal, he pitched for the Tennessee Volunteers in the previous season. He has a 4.25 ERA in 19 appearances and 2 saves in 2023, going 5-3. His fastball has a 96 MPH max and may occasionally reach 102 MPH. The fastball is delivered straight to the hitters, giving them a clear view of it. With a 61% swing and miss percentage, his slider is an excellent pitch in the mid 80s. draft selection in the first round. Convert to a relief state.

The next three are Drew Beam (Tennessee) and Matt Ager (UC Santa Barbara). Massey Michael (Wake Forest)


Lastly, on our list of the Best Pitchers in Baseball, we have the top 5 relief pitchers in college for 2024:

  1. Fran Oschell, a 6’7′′, 230-pound junior reliever from Duke, is a right-hander. In 2023, he made 22 appearances and his ERA was 0.69. With just 18 walks in 39.1 innings of work, he struck out 66 batters. He was batting just.133 versus opponents. ended the season with a 14-inning streak without giving up a run.
  2. Tyson Neighbors, a 6’2″ and 220 pound native of Kansas State. He could have easily been ranked number two on this list. Last spring, he finished first in the Big 12 Conference with 11 saves, 86 strikeouts in 48 2/3 innings, and a 1.85 ERA. He was hit.134 against by opponents.
  3. 6’3″ and 220 pounds is Florida native Brandon Neely. He pitches right-handed and is a senior. He pitched 51.2 innings in 2023 with a 3.66 ERA, 19:68 BB:K ratio, and 13 saves. He was hitting.218 against opponents.
  4. UC Santa Barbara’s Hudson Barrett is a left-handed sophomore pitcher. At 6’5′′, he weighs 225 pounds. He tossed 61 innings and finished 5-1 with a 1.92 ERA.He walked 32 hitters and struck out 82. Against him, opponents manage to hit.195.
  5. East Carolina native Danny Beal is 6’2″ and weighs 205 pounds. Last season, this right-hander tossed 53 innings and was 6-2 with a 2.70 ERA. He only issued 12 base on balls while striking out 65 opponents.

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