Texans at Colts Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 9/8/24

Texans at Colts Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 9/8/24

Texans at Colts Betting odds and wagering prediction for this game set for September 8, 2024. Place a bet on this NFL football game now.

Texans at Colts Betting Odds

Here are the Texans at Colts Betting odds:


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Texans at Colts Betting Preview

As they prepare to play the Houston Texans (-1.5) at home in Week 18, the Indianapolis Colts have a season ahead of them with a plus-1.5 rating when they take on the Houston Texans. In their most recent meeting, which took place in Houston during the second week of the season, the Colts were victorious by a score of 31-20.

When these division rivals compete against one another, they will not only be competing for the opportunity to advance to the playoffs as the seventh seed, but they may also be competing with the division itself on the line. According to DraftKings Sportsbook, this game is a pick’em, which gives the Colts a one-point lead in terms of the spread spread.

At the moment, the money line is -118, and the over/under is now lying at 47 pounds.

The Colts found themselves in a position where they would have to face the scorching-hot Las Vegas Raiders (+3). These Raiders had previously defeated the Chargers at home and unexpectedly defeated the Chiefs away from home in order to salvage any hope they had of making the playoffs.

In the American Football Conference, both teams were competing for the final Wild Card position. The Colts got off to a quick start by scoring a score right away, but in contrast to the previous week, they never gave up the leading position. The Colts were able to make enough plays to eliminate the Raiders from any possibility of making the playoffs, while the defense was able to consistently thwart Raider drives out on third and short near midfield.

Even though they were hosting the Tennessee Titans (+4.5), the Texans were not exactly the friendliest hosts. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 20-0, and the Texans went on to win the championship game by a score of 26-3, destroying their opponents from the division.

During the time that the two quarterbacks for the Titans combined for six sacks, C.J. Stroud was doing his thing. The Colts had best hope that the Titans figure things out this week since they are playing the Jaguars at home, and this game could potentially set up a meeting between the Colts and the Texans that would decide who wins the division.

Everything is in place. You are in if you win. If you don’t lose, you might even end up winning the division. It is reasonable to expect that Stroud will strike fear into the hearts of Colts supporters; yet, it is important to remember that he is still a rookie. As he is too good to give up, he will get what he deserves.

The Colts can only harbor the hope that they will be able to push him into numerous sacks and turnovers while simultaneously safeguarding the ball. This one ought to be a good one. Whatever is at stake is at stake.

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