Packers at Eagles Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 9/6/24

Packers at Eagles Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 9/6/24

Packers at Eagles Betting odds and wagering prediction for this game set for September 6, 2024. Place a bet on this NFL football game now.

Packers at Eagles Betting Odds

Here are the Packers at Eagles Betting odds:


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Packers at Eagles Betting Preview

There has already been a significant amount of line movement for the second game of the 2024 NFL season, which is the Packers versus the Eagles in Brazil. The line for this game, which initially started at Eagles -3.5, is currently listing at some sportsbooks as.

Despite the fact that September 6 is still five months away, the fact that the point spread has gone from ‘3’, which is the most important number in football betting, to almost completely undermining the favorite tells us quite a bit about the ideas that have been around each team over this offseason.

Because quarterback Jordan Love’s rise to prominence in the second part of the season led to a stronger-than-expected finish to the year, the Green Bay Packers are a favorite among gamblers. The Eagles, on the other hand, collapsed and burned at the finish line, which is echoing more effectively in the minds of bettors than a successful free-agency period, which includes the signing of Saquon Barkley.

Green Bay Packers NFL Futures Ods

With chances of +2000 to win the NFL Super Bowl in the 2019 season, the Packers are now in second place on the NFL Super Bowl futures boards, right behind the Eagles.

They are the second favorite to win their own division, coming in behind the Detroit Lions at +190 to win what is expected to be a very tough NFC North. They are the second division favorites. Compared to the Bears, the Lions have a plus-145 position.

At least not at online sportsbooks, you won’t discover early betting stats that show the Packers as the public favorite. This is because no one is betting on them. On the other hand, this may have something to do with legality, in addition to the buzz that surrounds the Pack’s different competitors.

At, as of the middle of March, the Lions were receiving nearly half of the tickets (48.1%), and they were also receiving almost all of the handle (82.7%), to win the North. On all counts, the Bears came in second place (25.8% and 9%).

In the state of Wisconsin, online sports betting is legal, but it is done so in a very restricted manner. Any online sports bets must be placed on tribal grounds that belong to tribes who offer an app. States such as Michigan and Illinois are the only states that allow online sports betting.

Despite the fact that this could not possibly explain for all of that handle, it is not unusual for the Lions to be a very public team at online sportsbooks. This was the case even before Dan Campbell turned things around in Detroit.

In addition, Green Bay has a victory total set at 9.5, and they have a lot of money on the over (-134). After a significant amount of movement on the line for Week 1, the oddsmakers who set the lines are optimistic about the Pack, and the bettors who change them are also optimistic about the Pack.

Philadelphia Eagles NFL Futures Odds

In addition, the Eagles are the second favorite to win their division (+115), although they are just slightly behind the Dallas Cowboys (+130) in the odds for the NFC East.

Philadelphia has the seventh-best chances to win the Super Bowl (+1400), and the third-best odds to win the National Football Conference (+700), behind only the 49ers and the Lions, who were both participants in the NFC Championship game this past year.

With odds that are practically even on the OVER (+100), their win total is going to be 10.5.

Therefore, despite the fact that the Eagles may have a worse public reputation and a lower end of the season compared to the Packers, bookies continue to consider them to be among the greatest teams in the National Football League.

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