Broncos at Seahawks Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 9/8/24

Broncos at Seahawks Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 9/8/24

Broncos at Seahawks Betting odds and wagering prediction for this game set for September 8, 2024. Place a bet on this NFL football game now.

Broncos at Seahawks Betting Odds

Here are the Broncos at Seahawks Betting odds:


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Broncos at Seahawks Betting Preview

During the first week of the season, the Denver Broncos (+4.5) will play the Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) that will be their opponent on the road. According to the Sportsbook, the oddsmakers have assigned a 4.5-point lead to the home team, which places Denver in the position of being the underdog.

As of right now, the over/under is 43. Only a few minutes after the official Broncos 2024 schedule was released, this spread was significantly reduced.

Given that Denver will most likely be starting a rookie quarterback in Bo Nix or, even worse, having Zach Wilson be the Week 1 starter with Nix not yet ready to play, this spread appears to have the potential to extend even more in favor of Seattle.

One thing that they have going for them is that they have won the most season openers since 1960, with a record of 40-22-1 over that time period. However, they have been unsuccessful in their previous two tries at opening the season.

Being a resident of Idaho, I have a strong aversion to the Seahawks, to the extent that a fan of the Broncos can have a strong aversion to that franchise. But with Denver in the midst of a significant rebuilding project and a quarterback who is just starting out, it will all come down to growth for me.

What is the development of this team on a weekly basis, and how does Bo Nix appear when he is playing on the field? That is where I shall be concentrating my concentration since I am looking forward to that future.

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