Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Odds, Schedule, Preview

Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Odds, Schedule, Preview

Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Odds, Schedule, Preview. Place a bet on the 2024 NBA Finals with the best odds at now.

The Dallas Mavericks face the Boston Celtics for the NBA championship on Thursday, and we’re breaking down the NBA Finals odds and betting preview before of the series.

The Boston Celtics’ NBA championship odds consistently reflected their status as one of the league’s top teams throughout the season.

The Celtics have so far lived up to expectations, posting an outstanding 12-2 postseason record on their way to the finals. However, the renowned franchise will be terribly upset if they fall short in the last round.

The Dallas Mavericks represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals, which few predicted at the beginning of the season.

Many assumed Dallas would require the NBA Play-In Tournament to advance to the playoffs. Luka Doncic’s outstanding performance has helped the Mavericks surpass expectations, making him a favorite for NBA Finals MVP.

This clash is especially enticing because both teams are peaking just after the conference championships. It’s a battle between the league’s finest team and, arguably, its best player. This year’s NBA Finals, regardless of the outcome, promise to be replete with interesting narratives.

Here’s our breakdown of the finest NBA Finals odds and betting previews.

Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Odds

Here are the Mavs vs Wolves Betting odds for this NBA Finals series:

Market Mavericks  Celtics
Series winner +200 -240 
Series spread +1.5 games  -1.5 games 
Series total games Over 5.5 Under 5.5 
Game 1 winner +210  -250 
Game 1 spread +6.5  -6.5 
Game 1 total Over 214.5  Under 214.5 
Finals MVP favorite Luka Doncic Jayson Tatum

Looking at the series as a whole, it’s tough to gamble on this market without having some bias toward Boston. The Celtics have simply been the greatest team this season, and despite a few hiccups in the playoffs, a 12-2 record is astounding. I think it’s even better that they’ve had to come back from behind a couple occasions, most notably against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals.

They’ve demonstrated that even when things appear bad, they have veterans capable of spearheading a comeback and performing at their peak in crunch time. According to our top sportsbooks, Boston is the superior squad on paper. According to our odds calculator, the Celtics have a 67.74% chance of winning the series, with the longest odds being -210. However, those odds would only result in a $4.76 profit on a $10 bet.

That is why I believe that targeting different odds for the series and individual games is a superior strategy. The series spread odds are reasonable regardless of who you bet on, and I believe that combining them with the series total game odds makes a lot of sense. I believe Boston will win the series in six games, thus the Celtics’ -1.5 series spread and Over 5.5 total games work well together.

Looking at the NBA Finals MVP market, this corresponds to the team you are most invested in winning the championship. Given Doncic’s role as the engine that propels the Mavericks, he’s an obvious MVP contender to back, especially with the +215 odds giving a $21.50 payoff on a $10 wager.

The Celtics are a little difficult. Tatum is the best player, but with his talent, he doesn’t always need to put up big numbers. An excellent illustration of this is the ECF vs the Pacers. Brown was chosen MVP of the series after averaging 29.8 points; his best odds of winning Finals MVP are +650. Nonetheless, Tatum at -115 is a good pick; such odds imply a 53.49% win probability.

2024 NBA Finals schedule

Game Location Date
1 TD Garden (Boston) Thursday, June 6
2 TD Garden (Boston) Sunday, June 9
3 American Airlines Center (Dallas) Wednesday, June 12
4 American Airlines Center (Dallas) Friday, June 14
5 TD Garden (Boston) Monday, June 17
6 American Airlines Center (Dallas) Thursday, June 20
7 TD Garden (Boston) Sunday, June 23

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Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Preview

Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting preview.

The NBA Finals will be a tremendous delight. Doncic is one of the most magnificent athletes to have ever graced an NBA court, and like Nikola Jokic last year, all he wants to do is drink his first post-win beer. However, despite his talent, winning the series against this Boston club is virtually as unlikely as the Dallas Cowboys winning a Super Bowl under Mike McCarthy.

Celtics general manager Brad Stevens has expertly created this squad, and head coach Joe Mazzulla has done nothing to raise doubt on his ability to lead it. Even when Boston has struggled in the playoffs, the Celtics have rallied to win, such as when they overturned an 18-point deficit against the Pacers.

That’s why I don’t believe the Mavericks have enough support around Doncic to win four games against Boston, unless Irving stomps the Celtics’ defense like Lucky the Leprechaun. However, as talented as Irving is, he is temperamental and has had five games with fewer than 20 points this playoff season, which cannot happen against Boston.

Nonetheless, Doncic appears to be a decent bet to win many of the player props categories. Nobody will be more reliant on him to score in the series, and Jason Kidd has given him permission to shoot as often as he wants, making the plus-money odds for him to lead the series in threes my favorite Finals prop.

But, at the end of the day, this is Boston’s championship to lose, and it would be poetic if Bill Walton’s favorite childhood team, with whom he won a championship in 1986, won the crown. Even more beautiful is the fact that Walton was the unofficial Pac-12 ambassador, and the Celtics’ starting lineup includes three former stars from the “conference of champions.”Boston in six.

Best bet: Doncic will lead the series in total 3-pointers made.

Mavs vs Celtics NBA Finals Betting Series Player Props

Series leader Mavericks Celtics
Total points Luka Doncic  Jayson Tatum
Total rebounds Luka Doncic Jayson Tatum
Total assists Luka Doncic  Jayson Tatum 
Total threes Luka Doncic  Derrick White 

Clearly, the two top players on each club run this market. Doncic has been putting up Larry Bird-like numbers in the playoffs, averaging 28.8 points per game, 9.6 rebounds, 8.8 assists, and 3.4 three-pointers made each game. He’s a strong candidate to lead a few of these categories.

Given Doncic’s usage and the need for him to score for Dallas to win the series, the -135 odds on his scoring the most total points are a good bargain. He’s averaging 29.6 combined field goals and free throws per game in the playoffs, 2.1 more than Tatum, and 1.3 more three-pointers per game.

However, it is best to avoid using the entire assist prop. Doncic is so certain to lead the series in apples that the best odds are -500, implying an 83.33% win probability but only paying you a $2 profit on a $10 wager.

The greatest bet in terms of probability and price may be Doncic’s +120 odds to lead the series in threes. This prop is minus-money across our other best sports betting sites, and he’s averaging the same amount of made threes per game as White. However, he’s taking more, playing more, and will likely need to hit more to keep the Mavs competitive.

Tatum has a good shot of leading the series in rebounds. He’s been accumulating boards like Tom Brady did Super Bowl rings, averaging 10.4 per game in the playoffs. Dallas allowed opponents the sixth-most rebounds per game (45.1) this season, so the -105 odds are a fantastic value.

How to bet on the NBA Finals

Before you place any bets on NBA games, become familiar with the main types of bets available, such as prop bets, spread bets, and Over/Under bets. Choosing the finest sports betting apps is crucial, but it’s also important to decide on your wager. From there, research the teams, players, and previous performances. Consider injuries, team dynamics, and home court advantage.

Consider significant player matchups and how they might impact the game. For example, if one side has a dominant center while the other suffers with interior defense, this could be a significant issue.Consider how each team’s strengths complement the opposing team’s shortcomings. For example, a team that excels at three-point shooting may have an advantage over one that fails to defend the perimeter.

Injuries have a big impact on the outcome of a game. Keep up with the latest injury news and player statuses. Even the absence of a significant role player can change the dynamics of the game.Examine how the teams have performed in recent games. Teams who peak at the appropriate time frequently carry momentum into the Finals. Consider victory streaks, defensive and offensive efficiencies, and how they’ve performed against tough opposition.

By adding these tactics into your NBA Finals betting strategy, you may make better-informed and potentially more profitable bets. Always bet responsibly and within your means.


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