Oilers vs Stars Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 5/31/24

Oilers vs Stars Betting Odds, Prediction, Pick, 5/31/24

Oilers vs Stars Betting odds and wagering prediction for this game set for May 31, 2024. Place a bet on this NHL hockey game now.

On Friday, the Dallas Stars will play Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals at American Airlines Center against the Edmonton Oilers. The series is even at 2-2. The Oilers are +112 to win this game, while the Stars are -134. The betting total stands at 7.

Oilers vs Stars Betting Odds

Here are the Oilers vs Stars Betting odds:

+1.5 +110 Over 6
DALLAS STARS -1.5 +130 Under 6

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Oilers vs Stars Betting Prediction

Here is the Oilers vs Stars Betting prediction.

Edmonton Oilers Betting Prediction

First, we have the Oilers vs Stars Betting prediction for Edmonton.

In Game 4, the Edmonton Oilers brought the series to a tie by defeating the Stars by a score of 5-2. During the course of this match, Edmonton played for a total of four penalty minutes. In addition, they got one opportunity to conduct a power play, but they did not take advantage of it.

Throughout the course of this game, the Oilers shown an exceptional offensive accomplishment. During the course of the competition, they took 29 shots and scored on five of those goals.

There have been 258 power play opportunities for opponents of the Edmonton Oilers, which ranks ninth in the NHL, and they have scored 53 goals. With a save percentage of.898, the Oilers have faced 2,307 shots over the course of their season. The shooting percentage for Edmonton is 10.6%, and they have taken a total of 2,768 shots.

During their time at even strength, the Oilers have scored 228 goals while allowing 183 at the same time. As a result of 243 power play opportunities and 64 goals, Edmonton has a success record of 26.34% using the power play.

This season, they have accumulated 104 points, which gives them a points percentage of.634. This season, the Edmonton Oilers have scored 292 goals, which places them fourth in the NHL, and they have allowed 236 goals this season.

For this particular match, Stuart Skinner will be the goalkeeper. Over the course of his career in professional hockey, Skinner has made 70 quality starts, resulting in a winning percentage of.593. Considering that he has played 7,058 minutes, his save percentage is.909 percent.

Over the course of his career, Skinner has faced 3,494 shots and made 3,177 saves. Over the course of his career, Skinner has allowed 317 goals, with an average of 2.69 goals not allowed per game. He has started 118 games and has a record of 72-36-10 throughout his career. Skinner has participated in 123 games at the professional level of hockey.

Dallas Stars Betting Prediction

Now, we have the Oilers vs Stars Betting prediction for Dallas.

294 goals, 113 points, and a points percentage of.689 were the totals for the Dallas Stars throughout the course of the season. There have been a total of 232 goals scored against them, with 189 goals scored when they were at even strength and 43 goals scored when they were shorthanded.

As of right now, the Stars have scored 236 goals at even strength and 58 goals on the power play, which places them ninth in the professional hockey league. The power play percentage for them is 24.17%, and they have gotten 240 opportunities to use the power play.

The Dallas Stars have attempted 2,588 shots, which ranks eleventh in the professional hockey league. They have a shot percentage of 11.36%, while they have had 2,350 shots blocked against them. Their current save percentage is 90.1%, and they have a penalty kill rate of 82.01% on the 239 power play attempts that the other team has made.

It is highly likely that Jake Oettinger will be the goalkeeper for the opposing team. With 4,832 saves out of 5,293 shots against him, he has a save percentage of.913, which is the most in the league. Over the course of his career, Oettinger has seen action in 193 games and has a record of 113-48-23. His total playing time was 11,042 minutes, and he started 184 games.

Oettinger has a quality start percentage of 58.2% all throughout his professional hockey career, and he has 107 starts overall. His opponents have scored an average of 2.50 goals per game, and he has allowed a total of 461 goals scored against him.

Oilers vs Stars Betting Picks

Free Oilers vs Stars Betting Picks:


In Game 5, the STARS (-130) are a good bet to push the Oilers (+110) to the brink of elimination, much to the displeasure of an entire nation. This would push the Oilers to the edge of elimination. Ever since the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993, Edmonton has been Canada’s best hope of bringing the trophy back to the country.

As of right now, the Oilers have a record of 5-3 on the road in the playoffs, including a victory over Dallas in Game 1 of this series by a score of 3-2 after double overtime.

Making a wager on Oettinger and the STARS (-130) continues to be a secure option.

Puck line/Against the spread

More than twice as much as the potential profit will be required to purchase the Oilers +1.5 (-225). In the event that you are on the more conservative side of things but still want some road team insurance, it is simply an excessive amount of danger for such a small amount of return.

If you have interest in Edmonton, you should bet on it.

You should not bet on the puck line.


It is a good idea to place a wager on the UNDER 6 (-120) in this vital Game 5.

In the first two games that took place in Texas, the total was under, and it is a fair bet that the total will continue to have a negative value. To enable the opposition team to get an odd-man rush going in the opposite direction is something that neither of these teams will want to do since it would be a stupid mistake. Because a loss will bring each team to the edge of the playoffs, they should all play as close to the vest as possible.

In Game 5, you may anticipate a significant quantity of goals.

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