Hornets vs 76ers Betting Prediction, Odds for 3/16/24

Hornets vs 76ers Betting Prediction, Odds for 3/16/24

Hornets vs 76ers Betting prediction and wagering odds for this game set for March 16, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

Hornets vs 76ers Betting Odds

Here are the Hornets vs 76ers Betting odds:

CHARLOTTE HORNETS +10.5 +410 Over 208
PHILADELPHIA 76ERS -10.5 -520 Under 208

Hornets vs 76ers Betting Prediction

Here is our Hornets vs 76ers Betting prediction.

When the Philadelphia 76ers meet the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center, it will be a battle in the Eastern Conference. The Hornets are having a bad year right now, but they’d love to be the surprise team at the end. The 76ers’ season has also been in danger because of injuries, but this game could be a chance to get back on track. This season, Philadelphia has won all three games, and it looks like they’ll win another one since they’ll be at home.

Charlotte Hornets Betting Prediction

First, we have the Hornets vs 76ers Betting prediction for Charlotte.

They’ve had a terrible season so far, and having to play this game on the road probably won’t boost their confidence too much. When they’re not at home, they have an 8–26 record, and illnesses and lack of experience have made it hard for them to be consistent. In their last ten games, they’ve only won two, and it looks like they’re barely still in the game. Now that the playoffs are out of reach, things are coming to a close quickly. It will be interesting to see how they handle games like this one in the last few games.

Charlotte is coming into this one with five injuries, which is bound to make things tough. As of now, Lamelo Ball is still out and is the biggest loss. However, not having Mark Williams and Cody Martin also doesn’t help. This team had problems even when they were healthy, and those problems will get worse now.

On defense and offense, Charlotte is in the bottom third of the league in almost all categories. Those stats won’t give you a lot of comfort against a team like Philadelphia that has a lot of different players. There’s been a lot more ball for Miles Bridges, and Brandon Miller’s first season has gone well too. Besides those two, though, it’s hard to say who else will hit 10 on any given night. And even though the 76ers are missing some big names, this gap between them and the Thunder is still very big.

Philadelphia 76ers Betting Prediction

Now we have the Hornets vs 76ers Betting prediction for Philly.

People still think the 76ers will be a strong team in the Eastern Conference, but illness have made things tough over the last few weeks. They’re missing their most valuable player, and even their backup cast is still hurt. Even though they have only won one of their last six games, they should feel good about this one because they have won all six of their home games. While the Hornets have been having a rough season, the fact that Charlotte has won the season series should help them get over the hump.

As we already said, accidents have been a problem for this group. Embiid will be out for the rest of the month, and Covington and Melton will join him. Given that Tobias Harris’s situation is “questionable,” it will be important to keep an eye on it.

It doesn’t matter that this team has been having trouble lately; they should still win this one. Lately, the Hornets have been bad on both ends of the court. The 76ers, on the other hand, have been able to focus on defense. Tyrese Maxey (25.9 ppg) has been one of the best offensive players in the league, and he will have his way against one of the worst teams in the league. The lack of depth is a problem, especially for the future, but he probably won’t come back to hurt them on Saturday.

Hornets vs 76ers Betting Pick

There is no doubt that Philadelphia will win this game and cover the spread. Their defense will do most of the work. As a result of losing their All-Star point guard, the Hornets’ attack has suffered. With a defense that is long and doesn’t face many other teams, Philadelphia will be able to control how this game goes for Charlotte. If Harris is able to play, the 76ers will have a real chance to score from three points. Maxey is still a good offensive option for them. That’s how things have been between these two teams all season, and it will stay that way in this one.

  • Hornets vs 76ers Betting Pick: Take the Sixers to cover.

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