BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting Prediction, Odds for 3/9/24

BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting Prediction, Odds for 3/9/24

BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting prediction and wagering odds for this game set for March 9, 2024. Place a bet on this college basketball game now.

BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting Odds

These are the BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting odds:

OKLAHOMA STATE +13.5 +650 Over 152.5
BYU -13.5 -1000 Under 152.5

BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting Prediction

Here is our BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting prediction.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys (12-18, 4-13 Big 12) play the 20th-ranked Brigham Young Cougars (21-9, 9-8) on Saturday in a game that will show how hard both teams have worked all season. Oklahoma State is trying to get back on track after losing at home to Texas Tech 75–58. They will be playing BYU, who is trying to get back on track after losing at Iowa State 68–63 on the road.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Betting Prediction

Here is the BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting prediction for the Cowboys.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys (12-18, 4-13) are looking to turn things around going into this game. Their journey has been full of problems, especially in their most recent game against Texas Tech, which they lost 75–58. This game showed how hard it has been for them all season to be consistent.

This result shows a moment in a season when both offense and defense have been inconsistent. The Cowboys score 71.3 points per game on 44.3% shooting from the field, which puts them near the bottom of the scoring charts in college basketball. Oklahoma State has a hard time scoring every night because they only make 33.7% of their three-point shots and 69.8% of their free throws.

Oklahoma State’s defense lets opponents score 72.2 points per game on average, and they shoot 45.8% from the floor. This defensive permeability has made it hard for them to get more wins because they can’t stop other teams’ attacks. The Cowboys also have trouble controlling the pace and flow of games because they average 33.6 boards per game. They are currently 13th in the Big 12, which shows how hard they’ve been working this season.

One player who really shows how well he can play all around is Javon Small, who leads the team with 14.3 points and 4.3 assists per game. Brandon Garrison’s ability to make good shots from the field stands out, and Quion Williams makes his impact known on the boards with 5.7 rebounds per game. But Oklahoma State’s stars need more help from the rest of the team to make a big difference in games, which is especially important against a high-scoring BYU team.

BYU Cougars Betting Prediction

Now we have the BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting prediction for the Cougars.

The Brigham Young Cougars (21-9, 9-8) have a strong offense that gives them hope going into this game. In their most recent game, a close 68–63 loss on the road to Iowa State, BYU showed they are tough and can fight with the best teams in the Big 12.

This toughness has been a theme of their season. They’ve scored an impressive 82.1 points per game on 46.4% shooting, which puts them among the best scoring teams in the country. Their shooting rates from three points and free throws are 34.9 and 73.2, respectively, which shows that they can score from anywhere on the court.

BYU’s defense has been pretty strong; they give up 69.4 points per game and only let opponents shoot 42.5% from the field. They’re not just guarding the paint; they’ve also kept their defense against 3-pointers at 31.1%, which is very important against a team like Oklahoma State that counts on shooting from outside the paint.

The Cougars have shown they can dominate the boards by averaging 40.0 rebounds per game. This is an important part of their game plan that lets them quickly switch from defense to attack.

With 13.8 points per game, Jaxson Robinson leads the way in scoring, and Dallin Hall’s 5.0 assists per game are a key part of the offense. Both Spencer Johnson and Fousseyni Traore make important contributions on both ends of the court.

Johnson’s defense and Traore’s shooting accuracy are especially useful. Injury to key players like Marcus Adams Jr. and Dawson Baker has been a problem for the team, but BYU’s depth and ability to respond have helped them stay ahead in the highly competitive Big 12.

BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting Pick

When it comes to the Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Brigham Young Cougars game, BYU is clear favorite. The Cougars’ attack is a monster. They score 82.1 points per game on average and are very good from the field (46.4%) and beyond the arc (34.9%).

Brigham Young is a strong team because they can change and score many points, with Jaxson Robinson leading the way and Dallin Hall making plays. With an amazing 33.6 rebounds per game, the Cougars have shown time and time again that they can dominate the boards.

This helps their fast-paced offense and protects their defense. Oklahoma State has problems on defense and getting rebounds. However, Brigham Young’s high scoring and well-rounded team play, along with their home court edge and strong performance in the Big 12, make them the clear favorite to win.

  • BYU vs Oklahoma State Betting Pick: Cougars to cover.

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