Denver Broncos Releases Russell Wilson: Reportedly Imminent

Denver Broncos Releases Russell Wilson: Reportedly Imminent

Denver Broncos Releases Russell Wilson is a hot trend right now, and even though it hasn’t happened yet, it’s reportedly imminent.

For weeks, NFL deal rumors have said that the Denver Broncos want to get quarterback Russell Wilson leave for another team. The Broncos are apparently about to let Wilson go into NFL free agency, just a few years after giving up multiple first-round picks to get him.

Denver made Wilson aware of its plans a long time before the summer. It was clear where things were going when the former Super Bowl winner was benched before the end of the regular season and then said the team had threatened to bench him earlier if he didn’t delay the vesting of his guaranteed money.

  • Russell Wilson’s 2023 stats: 98.0 quarterback rating, 66.4% completion rate, 26-8 touchdown-interception ratio, 3,070 throwing yards, 6.9 yards per attempt, 7-8 record.

The Broncos tried to find a trade partner, and most people in the league knew that head coach Sean Payton wanted to move on from quarterback Russell Wilson.

Most people thought that the marriage between the two would not work out. But no team was ready to take on any part of Wilson’s contract. So, the team is likely to have to pay the NFL’s biggest dead-cap hit ever.

When asked about Wilson’s future at the NFL Combine, people from around the league told Dianna Russini of The Athletic on Sunday that they think the Broncos are ready to let go of the senior quarterback as soon as this week.

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