2024 NFL Draft Predictions For Picks 1, 2, 3

2024 NFL Draft Predictions For Picks 1, 2, 3

Here are our 2024 NFL Draft Predictions for the first 3 picks of this upcoming event from the National Football League.

The NFL draft is now going on. As the latest group of NFL stars, role players, and washouts tries to improve draft stock, betting sites are now offering odds on the 2024 NFL draft. As drills, interviews, and the always-present “anonymous scouts” and “team sources” make their claims, stocks will go up and down. In the same way, NFL draft odds will change.

In light of this, YouWager.lv blog has put together a list of recent NFL draft betting markets. These will give you a quick look at the prices right now, both before and after the changes that are coming this week.

2024 NFL Draft Prediction: Number 1 Pick, Caleb Williams

The Bears haven’t shown much sign that they will pick someone other than Caleb Williams with the first and only pick. The mystery team that paid a king’s ransom hasn’t shown much sign that they would take someone other than Williams if the Bears trade the pick for the second year in a row, which isn’t likely. He is still number one on all or almost all fake drafts and big boards.

A different player hearing his name called first on April 25 would definitely be a surprise. There have been stunners before, though. Baker Mayfield had odds of around +1200 just a few days before he was picked first overall in 2018. Getting really excited about Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels seems like the only thing that could make a team want to trade Williams at No. 1.

In the NFL draft betting, we won’t waste our time with the first quarterback taken market. For the sixth time in seven years and the twenty-seventh time in the past 27 games, it looks like a quarterback will be the first player picked.

2024 NFL Draft Prediction: Number 2 Pick, Drake Maye

Most people who play fake drafts seem to agree that Daniels or Maye should be the pick here.

Some people think Washington could even trade back (see latest PFF fake draft), which would mean that the pick would depend on the preferences of a team other than the Commanders. While Sam Howell gained a lot of yards this season, he didn’t seem like he was close to being a good enough quarterback to lead Washington to victory. The team needs a new quarterback.

No matter which team picks, it’s likely that they’ll pick one of those two quarterbacks. Since last season, most people thought Maye would win this. Daniels won the Heisman Trophy and had an amazing season with 50 scores and other impressive stats. This has put him within striking distance.

2024 NFL Draft Prediction: Number 3 Pick, Jayden Daniels

The market slightly favors Maye at No. 2, so it makes sense that Daniels is at the top of the list for No. 3 total. But things are also not at all settled here.

One thing is clear: the Patriots need help at receiver. Some people think that Marvin Harrison Jr., a receiver in this draft, will be the best receiver in years to come. Out of eight games, only Kendrick Bourne (Patriots) had more than 45 receiving yards per game.

The team hasn’t had a great wide receiver since at least the end of Tom Brady’s time there. The trades that brought in Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill, as well as their salaries, show that the league clearly values these players.

There will be a market for Kirk Cousins, and you could also get Justin Fields through a trade.

Watch for signs that the Patriots might make such a move, but keep in mind that they could also just trade down here. There’s no question that some teams will want the quarterback that’s left after the top two are taken.

First Non-QB Picked

Harrison rates as the clear favorite here, with many tabbing him as the best player in the draft, though positional value will obviously trump and push the QBs ahead of him.

Could anyone jump past the Ohio State phenom?

Looking over some of the mock drafts, one name of interest is Georgia TE Brock Bowers. However, the league hasn’t historically valued tight ends this highly very often.

And the most recent time it did, the results have been uneven with Kyle Pitts, to say the least. Furthermore, new coach Jim Harbaugh has always stressed and valued line play highly; so Bowers doesn’t really seem like his type of pick.

Notre Dame T Joe Alt is the market’s top challenger to Harrison Jr. Jeremiah has Alt going fifth, and everyone else has him no lower than seventh. He also fits the aforementioned Harbaugh ethos of building from the trenches on out, but that still leaves open the question of how he can slide ahead of Harrison Jr. into Arizona’s draft slot.

There’s no clear top prospect here, but it’s a position that’s always valued highly by NFL teams at the top of the draft.

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