Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting Odds, Prediction

Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting Odds, Prediction

Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting odds and Predictions for this game set for Sunday, January 28th, 2024. Place a bet on this game with the latest odds at

Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting Odds

Here are the Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting Odds:

DETROIT LIONS +7 +250 Over 51
SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -7 -320 Under 51

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Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting: Detroit

Here is the Chiefs at Ravens Conference Title Betting prediction for Detroit.

The Detroit Lions are 14-5 on the season going into this game. By a score of 31–23, the Lions defeated the Buccaneers in their Divisional round match. Jared Goff completed his pass attempt on 30/43 for 287 yards and two touchdowns.

With no interceptions towards the end of the game, he had a QB rating of 103.5. The Lions’ top player on the ground was Jahmyr Gibbs, who had nine carries for 74 yards (8.2 yards per carry).

Amon-Ra St. Brown finished with 77 yards on 8 receptions, averaging 9.6 yards per catch. With 26 different attempts, the Detroit Lions gained 114 yards of total offense, or 4.4 yards per carry. All the all, they completed 71 plays for a total of 391 yards.

Detroit gave up 319 yards and a completion percentage of 63.4% on 26 completions on 41 tries. The Lions gave up 89 yards on 15 tries in the running game, or 5.9 yards per rush allowed.

The Detroit Lions average 27.1 points per game when it comes to endzone scoring. With an average of 135.9 yards gained on the run, their offensive stats place them fifth in the NFL. For the season, the Lions have accumulated 6,712 total yards.

As a team, Detroit has recorded 228 first downs and has been called for 97 penalties totaling 843 yards. They have mishandled the ball 23 times (12 interceptions and 11 lost fumbles). Detroit has scored 30 touchdowns through the air and 27 touchdowns on the ground.

The Lions rank 27th in the league in passing yards allowed, having given up 4,205 yards. They have allowed a completion rate of 63.1% and 247.4 yards per game through the air. Their overall turnover rate is 336.1 yards per game, good for 19th place in the league.

Throughout the season, they are giving up 88.8 running yards per game and 3.7 yards per rush. They have given up 1,509 rushing yards in 17 games this season. With 23.2 points per game allowed, the Lions are 23rd in the league against opposing teams in scoring.

Detroit’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 258.9 (4,401) 2
Rush yards 135.9 (2,311) 5
Points scored 27.1 (461) 5
Pass yards against 247.4 (4,205) 27
Rush yards against 88.8 (1,509) 2
Points allowed 23.2 (395) 23

Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting: San Francisco

Here is the Chiefs at Ravens Conference Title Betting prediction for San Francisco.

The 49ers have a 13-5 record this season going into this matchup. The 49ers defeated the Packers 24-21 in the Divisional round to claim the victory. With an 86.7 quarterback rating, Brock Purdy (1 touchdown) completed the game with 252 yards on 23/39 passing.

He averaged 6.5 yards per attempt and did not throw any picks. The 49ers’ best receiver, George Kittle, caught four passes for 81 yards, averaging 20.3 yards per reception. For San Francisco, Christian McCaffrey ran the ball 17 times for 98 yards, finishing the game with 5.8 yards per try.

The 49ers ran 64 plays for 356 yards (5.6 yds per play) in the game’s conclusion. San Francisco gained a total of 111 yards on 24 attempts, averaging 4.6 yards per carry. San Francisco gave up 136 yards on 28 run attempts (4.9 yards per carry). The 49ers secondary gave up 194 yards on 21 of 34 passing attempts, good for a completion rate of 61.8%.

With an average of 28.9 points per game, the 49ers are third among all teams in the league in terms of points scored. The 49ers are fourth in the NFL with 4,384 passing yards and an average of 257.9 throwing yards per game through the first four games of the season.

They have run the ball for 2,389 yards this season, averaging 140.5 rushing yards per game. Out of all NFL teams, the San Francisco 49ers rank second with an average of 398.4 yards per game.

When it comes to aiding the opposition, the San Francisco offense ranks 11th in the league with 933 yards of penalties on 101 infractions. They have accumulated 207 first downs and lost 6 fumbles while throwing 12 interceptions.

They are 14th in the NFL because they have given up 20 passing touchdowns and 214.2 yards per contest to the opposition. Throughout the season, San Francisco has allowed 10 touchdowns via the ground game in addition to 1,525 yards on the ground (89.7 yards per game).

They have given up 298 points in total so far. So far this season, their defense has caused 28 turnovers (6 fumbles recovered and 22 interceptions). The 49ers defense is seventh in the NFL with 1,038 plays played on the field. The 49ers are third among all NFL teams in terms of points allowed per game, at 17.5.

San Francisco’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 257.9 (4,384) 4
Rush yards 140.5 (2,389) 3
Points scored 28.9 (491) 3
Pass yards against 214.2 (3,642) 14
Rush yards against 89.7 (1,525) 3
Points allowed 17.5 (298) 3

Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting Options

Here are the Lions at 49ers Conference Title Betting options:

Points Spread

49ers are a -7 point favorite vs the Lions

The 49ers were a powerhouse this season, with the exception of a stretch in the middle of the season in which they lost three games in a row; nevertheless, this did not transfer to good results for the spread. There were seven games in which they were favored by 6.5 or more, but they were unable to cover the spread in seven of those games. Their overall record was merely 9-8, and they were favored in every single game.

When it comes to the Lions, things are different because they have been a spread-covering machine ever since the previous season even began. Detroit finished the regular season with a record of 12-5 against the spread, which was the best mark in the entire National Football League. After covering as 6.5-point favorites over the Buccaneers, they have a record of 1-1 in the playoffs. However, they were able to lose to the Rams by a single point. They did cover in two out of three of those cases, despite the fact that they were rarely underdogs this year.

They have a 57% chance of covering the +7 points, which indicates that the experts have a strong preference for the Lions with the spread in this game. In spite of the fact that it is not the most prestigious number, their odds of -115 at indicate a likelihood of 53.5%, which indicates that they have a 3.5% advantage in odds, which according to the judgment of experts should be -135.


49ers are the favorite at -300 odds at

Despite being the most heavily favored team on the moneyline, the 49ers are virtually impossible to wager on in this market. They concluded the regular season with a record of 12-5, which includes a game in Week 18 in which numerous starters did not play because the Niners ensured that they would be the top seed in the National Football Conference.

Detroit concluded with the same record as before, 12-5, and they only won one game as an underdog out of three games they played. It is also worth noting that they had a margin of victory of -10.7 in those three games.

The experts believe that San Francisco has a 70% chance of winning, despite the fact that their odds at are -300. San Francisco receives an implied win probability of 75%. This brings their fair price closer to -225, but at that amount, it is not really a play that is appealing to consider. At the website, the Lions have a +240 odds, which is equivalent to a probability of 29.4%. We offer them a thirty percent chance, which is equivalent to approximately two hundred and twenty dollars. Despite the fact that it is a very low figure, you can already see the minor difference.

Total: Over/Under

The Over/Under for the AFC title game is set at 50.5 points at

The 49ers had a unique blend of great defense and high-octane offense, which resulted in a 10-7 record to the Over during the regular season. This outcome was a result of the 49ers’ tendency to score more points than their opponents. The one and only playoff encounter they had with Green Bay was unsuccessful.

The Lions, on the other hand, are now in first place in another betting area, where they share an 11-6 record to the Over with the Browns and the Colts. After going over in their game against Tampa Bay, they have a record of 1-1 in the postseason.

From the perspective of the expert, there is a slight tendency toward the Over with a chance of 53%. At -105, you are getting close to the reasonable price, but it does not provide anything of value. In addition, you are observing that the bookies are favoring the under at -115, despite the fact that we compute just a 47% likelihood there, which indicates that it ought to be in the plus-money region of odds, approximately +115.


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