Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting Odds and Predictions

Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting Odds and Predictions

Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting odds and predictions for this game set for Monday, December 25, 2023. Place a bet on this game with the latest odds at YouWager.lv.

Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting Odds

Here are the Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting odds:

BALTIMORE RAVENS +5 +190 Over 47
SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -5 -230 Under 47

Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting Predictions

Here are the Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting predictions.

Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting Prediction: Baltimore

Here is the Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting prediction for Baltimore.

Entering the game, the Baltimore Ravens had an 11-3 record for the current campaign. The Ravens defeated the Jaguars 23–7 in their most recent game on the football field. Lamar Jackson completed 14/24 passing for 171 yards and one touchdown. At the end of the game, he had one pick and a quarterback rating of 76.9. Isaiah probably gained 70 yards on 5 catches, or an average of 14.0 yards per catch. The Ravens’ top rusher, Lamar Jackson, completed 12 attempts for 97 yards (averaging 8.1 yards per attempt). They ran 69 plays for 396 yards when the final whistle blew.

With an average of 6.0 yards per carry, the Baltimore Ravens gained 251 yards from their 42 rushes of the ball. The Ravens surrendered 4.4 yards per carry allowed on the ground, giving up 75 yards on 17 tries. Baltimore gave up 258 yards and 25 completions on 43 attempts, for a completion percentage of 58.1%.

This season, the Ravens have gained 5,238 total yards. Baltimore has accumulated 817 yards of penalty time in addition to 142 first downs. Baltimore has scored eighteen touchdowns through the air and twenty-three scores on the ground. They have mishandled the ball 16 times (7 interceptions and 9 fumbles). They lead the league in rushing average (163.8 yards per game). The Baltimore Ravens average 27.4 points per game in terms of scoring.

With a team defensive rating of 16.1 points per game, the Ravens are the best in the NFL. Throughout the year, opposing teams have averaged 102.1 rushing yards per game and 4.3 yards per rush on the ground. They have allowed 1,430 yards through the running game in 14 games this year. The Ravens rank seventh in the NFL for passing yardage surrendered, with 2,600 yards given up. They are giving up a completion rate of 60.0% and 185.7 yards per game through the air. They rank second in the league with a 287.9 yards per game average this year.

Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting Prediction: San Francisco

Here is the Ravens at 49ers Week 16 Betting prediction for San Francisco.

The 49ers are 11-3 on the season going into this game. The last time the 49ers played on the football field, they defeated the Cardinals 45-29 in the end. With eighteen carries for one hundred and fifty yards, Christian McCaffrey finished the game with an average of 6.4 yards per run for San Francisco. The 49ers’ main target, Christian McCaffrey, caught five passes for 72 yards at a rate of 14.4 yards per reception. With four touchdowns, Brock Purdy ended the game with 242 yards on 16/25 passing and a QB rating of 135.3.

He completed 9.7 yards per pass attempt on average and did not throw any interceptions. San Francisco gave up 234 yards on 30 tries on the ground (7.8 yards per run). The 49ers secondary gave up 202 yards on 26 for 39 via the air, good for a completion percentage of 66.7%. The 49ers ran 54 plays in the game, averaging 7.5 yards per play, for a total of 406 yards. San Francisco gained 144 yards on 26 attempts while rushing the football for an average of 5.5 yards per attempt.

Ranked second in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers average 402.6 yards per game. They have carried the ball 1,959 yards total and maintain an average of 139.9 yards per game in the ground game. They have accumulated 169 first downs, given up 5 fumbles, and thrown 7 interceptions. When it comes to penalties committed, the San Francisco offense ranks 18th in football with 733 penalty yards from 83 infractions. Currently ranked second in the NFL, the 49ers have gained 3,677 yards in the air this season, with an average of 262.6 yards per game. The 49ers rank third in the league in terms of point scoring ability, scoring 30.4 points per game.

The 49ers are giving up 16.7 points per game, good for second place in the NFL. They rank 15th in football after giving up 220.6 yards per game and 15 touchdowns via the air. Throughout the season, San Francisco has allowed 1,252 yards of total ground play (89.4 yards per game) and 8 touchdowns. Situated 10th in football, the 49ers defense has played 870 plays. This year, their defense has produced 25 takeaways (6 fumble recoveries and 19 interceptions). Their overall number of points conceded this season is 234.

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