Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting Odds and Predictions

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting Odds and Predictions

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting odds and predictions for this game set for Saturday, December 23, 2023. Place a bet on this game with the latest odds at

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting Odds

Here are the Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting odds:

BUFFALO BILLS -12.5 -700 Over 44
LOS ANGELES CHARGERS +12.5 +525 Under 44

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting Predictions

Here are the Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting predictions.

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting Prediction: Buffalo

Here is the Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting prediction for Buffalo.

This season, the Buffalo Bills come into the game with an 8-6 record. The Cowboys and Bills squared off in their most recent game, which the Bills won 31–10. Josh Allen completed 7/15 with 1 touchdown and 94 throwing yards. At the end of the game, he had an 89.3 quarterback rating and no picks.

James Cook, who completed 25 attempts for 179 yards (averaging 7.2 yards per attempt), was the Bills’ greatest rusher. Stefon Diggs finished with 48 yards on 4 receptions, or an average of 12.0 yards per catch. After all, the Buffalo Bills gained 266 yards and gained 49 rushes, averaging 5.4 yards per attempt. They ran 65 plays totaling 351 yards in all. Buffalo gave up 21 pass completions for 106 yards on 34 attempts, resulting in a 61.8% completion percentage. The Bills gave up 89 yards on 20 attempts on the ground, or 4.5 yards per rush given up.

This season, the Bills have accumulated 5,277 total yards. As a unit, Buffalo has accounted for 166 first downs and has run 746 yards through 89 infractions. Buffalo has amassed 26 throwing touchdowns and 18 rushing touchdowns in terms of points scored. They have turned the ball over to the enemy 21 times (seven fumbles and 14 picks). With a team average of 132.3 yards rushing, they are now ranked sixth in the NFL. In terms of endzone scoring, the Buffalo Bills average 27.1 points per game.

With 18.1 points allowed per game, the Bills’ team defense ranks fourth in the NFL. This season, opposing teams are averaging 112.2 rushing yards per game and 4.6 yards per run. Through 14 games, they have surrendered 1,571 running yards in total. The Bills are ninth in the NFL in terms of yards allowed via the pass with 2,809 yards allowed. They have allowed a completion rate of 65.9% and 200.6 yards per game through the air. Their overall amount of yards allowed per game is 312.9, which ranks them 12th in the National Football League.

Bills Betting Insights

  • This year, Buffalo has six victories against the spread in its 14 games.
  • When ahead by 11.5 points or more, the Bills have not covered the spread in any of their games this season.
  • This year, four out of the fourteen set point totals (28.6%) in Buffalo games have gone over.
  • The Bills appear to have an advantage over the total based on recent history. This season, they scored 46.3 points per game on the road.
  • This season, Buffalo has been the moneyline favorite in 11 games and has won seven of them (63.6%).
  • This season, the Bills have only fielded as a moneyline favorite of -850 or less in one game, which they won.

Buffalo’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 244.6 (3,425) 8
Rush yards 132.3 (1,852) 6
Points scored 27.1 (379) 6
Pass yards against 200.6 (2,809) 9
Rush yards against 112.2 (1,571) 15
Points allowed 18.1 (254) 4

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting Prediction: Los Angeles

Here is the Bills at Chargers Week 16 Betting prediction for Los Angeles.

The Chargers had a 5-9 season record going into this game. When the Chargers played the Raiders in their most recent game, they lost 63-21. For Los Angeles, Isaiah Spiller ran the ball 16 times for 50 yards, averaging 3.1 yards per carry as he left the game. One of the Chargers’ main targets, Josh Palmer caught four passes for 113 yards (averaging 28.3 yards per grab). With three touchdowns, Easton Stick completed the game with 257 yards on 23 of 32 passes and a quarterback rating of 113.7. He threw one interception and averaged 8.0 yards per pass attempt.

Los Angeles gave up 124 yards and 26 run attempts (4.8 yards per rush). The Chargers’ pass defense gave up 254 yards on 22 of 36 passes, or a completion percentage of 61.1%. The Chargers ran 63 plays for a total of 326 yards (5.2 yards per play). Los Angeles finished the game with 92 yards on 28 attempts, rushing the ball for 3.3 yards per tote.

The Chargers are currently ranked 17th in football in terms of scoring offense, scoring 21.6 points per game on average. The Chargers are ranked 10th in football after throwing for 3,332 yards via the air and an average of 238.0 yards per outing this season. They have ran for 1,340 yards this year, with an average of 95.7 yards per game gained through the rush. The Los Angeles Chargers are ranked 15th in football with an average of 333.7 yards per game. With 69 violations totaling 643 penalty yards, the Los Angeles offense ranks 30th in the league for the most amount of mistakes committed. They have accumulated 172 first downs, given up 8 picks, and given up 11 fumbles.

They are ranked 30th in football because they have given up 261.4 yards per game and 24 touchdowns via the air. Los Angeles has given up 1,595 yards of total ground gain (113.9 yards per game) and 16 touchdowns this season to the opponent. Throughout the season, they have given up 345 points altogether. This season, their defense has yielded 17 takeaways (10 fumble recoveries and 7 interceptions). With 935 plays played, the Chargers defense is now ranked 31st in the league. The Chargers are 27th in the league in terms of points allowed per game, at 24.6.

Chargers Betting Insights

  • In 14 games this season, Los Angeles has four victories against the spread.
  • Los Angeles has hit the over in four of its fourteen games played so far in 2023 (28.6%).
  • This season, the Chargers’ average point total in home games is 48.2, which is 4.2 points more than the game’s over/under (44).
  • This season, Los Angeles has been the underdog five times and has lost all of those games.
  • Compared to the +575 moneyline for this game, the Chargers have not been a greater underdog this season.

Los Angeles’ Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 238.0 (3,332) 10
Rush yards 95.7 (1,340) 27
Points scored 21.6 (303) 17
Pass yards against 261.4 (3,659) 30
Rush yards against 113.9 (1,595) 18
Points allowed 24.6 (345) 28

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