Pacers vs Lakers Betting Prediction: In-Season Tournament Final

Pacers vs Lakers Betting Prediction: In-Season Tournament Final

Pacers vs Lakers Betting Prediction for the In-Season Tournament Final and odds by

Pacers vs Lakers Betting Odds

Here are the Pacers vs Lakers betting odds for the In-Season Tournament Final:

INDIANA PACERS +4 +160 Over 242
LOS ANGELES LAKERS -4 -185 Under 242

Pacers vs Lakers Betting Prediction for Both Teams

Here is the Packers vs Lakers Betting Prediction for both teams:

Indiana Prediction

In their most recent game, the Pacers defeated the Bucks 128-119 to claim victory. With regard to personal fouls, the Pacers had 21 before they departed the arena, while the Bucks had 17. Out of 33 tries, 12 were buried from outside the fence. Milwaukee made 21 of their 28 attempts at the free throw line, good for a 75.0% success rate.

Milwaukee also had 8 blocked shots and 46 rebounds (12 offensive, 34 defensive). In this game, Milwaukee recorded 3 steals and 19 assists. In terms of defense, Indiana let their opponent shoot 43 out of 96 shots, or 44.8%, from the field. In addition, they had nine steals, 12 turnovers, and 30 assists during the game.

They pulled down a total of 51 rebounds, 15 of which were offensive rebounds. The Pacers converted 21 of their 25 attempts at the charity stripe for an 84.0% success rate. Indiana shot 50 out of 102 for a 49.0% field goal percentage and made seven of their thirty-three three-point attempts as they concluded the game.

One person that made a contribution to the game was Tyrese Haliburton. With 15 assists, Haliburton finished the game with a 57.9% shooting percentage. In addition to playing 37 minutes, he pulled down 7 rebounds. He made 11 of 19 shots for 27 points.

Indiana, who has a 12-8 record for the year, will be playing this game. They are now hitting 50.8% from the field and averaging 128.4 points per game, which ranks them first in the NBA. The Pacers are making 79.2% of their shots from the charity stripe and 38.1% of their shots from downtown (296 of 777). Indiana is third in the NBA in terms of ball passing as a team, grabbing 40.1 rebounds per game and totaling 604 assists thus far this season. They commit 22.3 personal fouls a game as a team and turn the ball over 12.6 times on average.

The Pacers are drawing 19.1 fouls per game and pushing their opponents into 14.2 turnovers on the defensive end of the court. They are 29th in the NBA in terms of opponents’ PPG (124.9), but they are giving up 38.9% on 3-pointers. The Pacers defensively are giving up a field goal percentage of 49.9% (915 of 1,832) and they surrender 43.8 boards per game as a team. With 493 assists given up this season, they are fourth in the league in terms of assist surrender.

Los Angeles Prediction

In their most recent meeting with the Pelicans, the Lakers won 133-89 to claim the victory. In terms of clearing the glass, Los Angeles gave up 42 total points to New Orleans (12 offensive). They made 7 of 31 3-pointers for a final percentage of 22.6%, while they made 14 of 20 free throws (70.0%) from the foul line.

In this game, the Pelicans shot 35.8% from the field because the Lakers let them convert 34 of their 95 attempts from the field. The Lakers concluded the game with a 54.7% shooting percentage, making 47 of their 86 shots from the field. Regarding shots from outside the area, Los Angeles converted 17 out of 35 attempts (48.6%).

With a 75.9% success rate, they were able to convert 22 of their free throw attempts. The Pelicans fouled out 21 times during the game, forcing the Lakers to make 29 trips to the free throw line. In addition, they committed 14 turnovers and had 6 steals during the encounter. For the game, the Lakers managed to grab 59 rebounds overall—48 on defense and 11 on offense.

In this game, LeBron James was crucial for the Lakers. In his 23 minutes on the court, James scored 30 points and had 8 assists in this game. In the game, he made 9 of 12 free throws for a 75.0% field goal percentage and pulled down 5 rebounds.

Los Angeles is currently 14-9 on the season. The Lakers average 17.3 fouls per game and have a 77.0% free throw shooting percentage. They turn the ball over 14.7 times per game and get assists at a rate of 26.3 per game, which ranks them 10th in the NBA. With 113.1 points per game this season, Los Angeles has amassed 2,602 points, and they grab 44.8 rebounds each game. The Lakers’ offensive clip is 48.4% from the field, good for sixth place in the NBA.

With 112.0 PPG given up, the Lakers rank 13th in the NBA in terms of defensive efficiency. They enable teams to shoot 45.3% from the field (7th in the league) and force 14.0 TOs per game. In addition to opponents making 76.8% of their free throw tries, the Los Angeles defense gives up 361 of 863 3-point attempts, or 36.0% of the total. Every game, they give up 26.5 points and 44.9 rebounds, which is good for 19th and 23rd place in the league.

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