Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting Odds and Predictions

Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting Odds and Predictions

Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting odds and predictions for this game set for Monday, December 11, 2023. Place a bet on this game with the latest odds at YouWager.lv.

Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting Odds

Here are the Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting odds:

TENNESSEE TITANS +13 +600 Over 47
MIAMI DOLPHINS -13 -850 Under 47

Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting Predictions

Here are the Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting predictions.

Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting Prediction: Tennessee

Here is the Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting prediction for Tennessee.

The Tennessee Titans have a 4-8 record as of the start of this game. The Titans’ most recent encounter against the Colts resulted in a 31-28 loss. On 18/28, Will Levis struck for 185 yards throwing. At the end of the game, he ended with an 83.2 quarterback rating and no interceptions. DeAndre Hopkins recorded 49 yards on three receptions, averaging 16.3 yards per reception. The Titans’ greatest rusher was Derrick Henry, who gained 76 yards on 18 carries at a rate of 4.2 yards per carry. They ran 81 plays for 381 yards during the contest.

The Tennessee Titans averaged 4.2 yards per carry while running the ball 42 times for a total of 177 yards. The Titans gave up 55 yards on 23 attempts against the run, or an average of 2.4 yards per run allowed. Tennessee gave up 300 yards and a completion percentage of 61.9% on 26 pass completions on 42 attempts.

This season, the Titans have accumulated 3,505 total yards. Tennessee has accumulated 107 first downs overall and has been called for 78 penalties for 632 yards. Tennessee has accumulated 10 throwing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns in terms of touchdown distribution. They have mishandled the ball 14 times (8 picks and 6 lost fumbles). They rank 17th in the National Football League with a team average of 108.9 yards gained on the ground. The Tennessee Titans score 17.8 points per game on average when it comes to scoring points.

The Titans are rated 22nd in the NFL for the amount of passing yards they have allowed—2,770 yards. They are giving up 230.8 air yards per game in addition to a 67.3% completion percentage. Their average amount of yards surrendered this year is 337.0, good for 17th place in the National Football League. Throughout the season, they have given up 106.2 running yards per game and 3.7 yards per run on average. With 12 games played so far this season, they have allowed 1,274 rushing yards. With 21.3 points allowed per game against the opposition, the Titans are 18th in the National Football League in terms of scoring defense.

Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting Prediction: Miami

Here is the Titans at Dolphins Week 14 Betting prediction for Miami.

The Dolphins are 9-3 on the season going into this game. The Dolphins defeated the Commanders 45–15 in the end when they last took the football field. Tua Tagovailoa (1 TD) completed the game with 243 yards on 21/30 passing and a 77.5 passer rating. He completed 8.1 yards per throw attempt on average and threw two interceptions. The Dolphins’ primary target, Jaylen Waddle, caught eight passes for 114 yards at a rate of 14.3 yards per reception. Raheem Mostert finished the game with 4.7 yards per carry for Miami after running the ball 20 times for 94 yards.

The Dolphins ran 59 plays for 406 yards, averaging 6.9 yards per play. Miami gained 123 yards on 34 attempts of running the ball at a rate of 3.6 yards per tote. Miami gave up 138 yards on 28 running attempts (4.9 yards per carry). The Dolphins secondary gave up 107 yards on 12 of 23 passing attempts, with a completion percentage of 52.2%.

With an average of 32.0 points per game, the Dolphins rank second in football in terms of point scoring ability. With 3,421 yards gained through passes and an average of 285.1 throwing yards per game thus far this season, the Dolphins lead the NFL in passing yards. They have ran for 1,720 yards this year, maintaining an average of 143.3 yards per game. With an average of 428.4 yards per game, the Miami Dolphins lead the league in yardage. With 542 penalty yards on 67 infractions, the Miami offense is 23rd in football when it comes to aiding the opposition. They have yielded 11 interceptions, allowed opponents to recover 8 fumbles, and amassed 167 first downs.

The Dolphins are 22nd in the NFL in terms of points allowed per game, giving up 22.2. They are ninth in the league after giving up 203.6 yards per game and 16 passing touchdowns. For the year, Miami has allowed 1,159 rushing yards (96.6 yards/game) and 11 ground touchdowns. With 741 plays played, the Dolphins defense is now ranked 11th in the NFL. Over the season, they had 15 takeaways (5 fumbles and 10 picks). They have given up 266 points in total this year.

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