Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting Odds and Predictions

Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting Odds and Predictions

Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting odds and predictions for this game set for Sunday, December 3, 2023. Place a bet on this game with the latest odds at

Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting Odds

Here are the Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting odds:

LOS ANGELES RAMS -5.5 -250 Over 40
ARIZONA CARDINALS +5.5 +200 Under 40

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Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting Predictions

Here are the Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting predictions.

Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting Prediction: LA

Here is the Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting prediction for Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Chargers are 4-7 on the season going into this game. The Chargers faced the Ravens on their previous visit to the field, and they lost 20-10 in the end. Justin Herbert made a 29/44 pass for 217 yards and one touchdown. With one interception at the end of the game, he finished with a QB rating of 75.7. With 106 yards on 14 catches, Keenan Allen had an average of 7.6 yards per catch. With four carries for 47 yards (11.8 yards per attempt), Justin Herbert topped the Chargers’ offensive rushers.

After everything was said and done, they totaled 279 yards with 66 plays. In the end, the Los Angeles Chargers ran for 86 yards on 19 different occasions, averaging 4.5 yards per attempt. The Chargers ceded 35 rushes for 197 yards at the battle of the line of scrimmage, or 5.6 yards per surrendered rush. Los Angeles gave up 18 pass completions for 164 yards on 32 attempts, for a 56.3% completion rate.

For the season, the Chargers have accumulated 3,822 total yards. As a team, Los Angeles has 138 first downs and 57 infractions for 548 yards. Los Angeles has scored nine touchdowns on the run and twenty-one scores through the air when obtaining the ball in the end zone. Twelve times now, they have given up the ball (6 picks and 6 fumbles). They are 20th in the league in terms of offensive average, averaging 103.9 yards on the ground. The Los Angeles Chargers score 24.5 points a game on average when they play.

With 23.5 points per game allowed, the Chargers rank 25th in the NFL in terms of team defense. This season, opposing teams are averaging 110.6 rushing yards per game and 4.2 yards per carry. Through 11 games this season, they have allowed 1,217 rushing yards. The Chargers rank 31st in the NFL in passing yards allowed with 3,080 yards surrendered. They have surrendered a completion rate of 67.2% and 280.0 yards per game through the air. Their season production of 390.6 yards per game puts them in 32nd place in the football league.

Chargers Betting Insights

  • In 11 games this season, Los Angeles has three victories against the spread.
  • This season, Los Angeles has exceeded the total in three out of eleven games (27.3%).
  • Los Angeles has started four games this season as the underdog and hasn’t won any of them.
  • When starting a game as the underdog by -230 or more on the moneyline, the Chargers are 2-7 this season.

Los Angeles’ Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 243.5 (2,679) 10
Rush yards 103.9 (1,143) 20
Points scored 24.5 (269) 8
Pass yards against 280 (3,080) 32
Rush yards against 110.6 (1,217) 14
Points allowed 23.5 (258) 24

Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting Prediction: New England

Here is the Chargers at Patriots Week 13 Betting prediction for New England.

The Patriots are 2-9 on the season going into this game. The Patriots were defeated by the Giants 10-7 in their most recent matchup. With a QB rating of 27.8, Mac Jones finished the game with 89 yards on 12/21 throwing. His average yards per attempt was 4.2 yards, and he threw two interceptions. Among the Patriots’ primary targets, Demario Douglas caught six receptions for 49 yards (8.2 yards per reception). Rhamondre Stevenson carried the ball 21 times for 98 yards, giving New England an average of 4.7 yards per attempt at the end of the game.

The Patriots ran 68 plays for a total of 283 yards (4.2 yards per play). With 31 tries, New England gained a total of 147 yards of yardage, averaging 4.7 yards per attempt. New England gave up 19 run attempts totaling 58 yards (3.1 yards per rush). The Patriots’ pass defense gave up 162 yards on 17 for 25 passing, a completion percentage of 68.0%.

With an average of 13.5 points per game, the Patriots rank 31st in the league in terms of scoring ability. The Patriots are now ranked 23rd in the NFL with 2,132 yards gained by throwing this season, in addition to an average of 193.8 yards per game. They have carried the ball 1,096 yards total and maintain an average of 99.6 yards with the ground game. The New England Patriots rank 25th in football with an average of 293.5 yards per game. With 478 yards of penalties on 65 offenses, the New England offense ranks 21st in the league for aiding the opposition. They have managed to accumulate 106 first downs and have thrown 14 interceptions with 5 fumbles lost.

They are 16th in the NFL with a pass-only yield of 13 touchdowns and 222.7 yards per game. This season, New England has given up 9 touchdowns by the ground and 1,035 yards total to the opposition (94.1 yards/game) in the ground game. They have given up 248 points in all this season. For the year, they have accumulated 11 turnovers (5 fumbles and 6 interceptions). The Patriots defense is now ranked 17th in the league after participating in 707 plays. The Patriots rank 21st in the league because they give up 22.5 points per game.

Patriots Betting Insights

  • In 2023, New England has twice covered the spread.
  • Three of the eleven times this season that New England has gone over the total, or 27.3% of the total, have occurred.
  • This season, New England has favored four times in total on the moneyline. Their record in those games is 1-3.
  • When the Patriots are favored by +190 or less on the moneyline, they are 1-7 (winning just 12.5% of their games).

New England’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 193.8 (2,132) 23
Rush yards 99.6 (1,096) 23
Points scored 13.5 (148) 32
Pass yards against 222.7 (2,450) 16
Rush yards against 94.1 (1,035) 7
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