Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting Odds and Predictions

Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting Odds and Predictions

Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting odds and predictions for this game that is set for Sunday, October 22, 2023.

Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting Odds

Here are the Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting odds:

Detroit Lions +3 +135 Over 43
Baltimore Ravens -3 -160 Under 43

Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting Predictions

These are the Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting predictions.

Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting Prediction: Detroit

Here is the Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting prediction for Detroit.

This year, the Detroit Lions have a 5-1 record. The Lions beat the Buccaneers 20–6 in their most recent game. Jared Goff completed 30 out of 44 passes, gaining 353 yards and two touchdowns. He had a 107.5 quarterback rating and didn’t throw a pick in the game’s last few minutes.

Craig Reynolds ran the ball the most for the Lions, gaining 15 yards on 10 carries (1.5 yards per carry). After 12 catches, Amon-Ra St. Brown gained 124 yards, which is an average of 10.3 yards per catch.

Out of the 22 times they ran the ball, the Lions gained 40 yards, or an average of 1.8 yards per possession. They ran 69 plays during the game, which added up to 380 yards. Detroit gave up 19 completions on 37 tries, which added up to 205 yards and a 51.4% completion rate. When it came to running the ball, the Lions gave up 46 yards on 16 tries, or 2.9 yards per rush.

So far this season, the Lions have gained 2,302 yards. As a team, Detroit has 77 first downs and 36 penalties for 346 yards. Detroit has scored 11 touchdowns through the air and 9 touchdowns on the ground when it comes to getting the ball in the end zone.

They have given the ball to the other team six times (3 picks and 3 lost fumbles). Together, they run the ball for 124.2 yards per game, which is eighth best in the NFL. When it comes to scoring, the Detroit Lions score 28.0 points per game.

Giving up 18.8 points per game, the Lions are tenth in the NFL in terms of team defense. They give up 64.7 yards on the ground per game and 3.3 yards per carry this season. The running game has gained 388 yards against them in 6 games this year.

The Lions are 21st in the NFL in terms of yards given up through the air, with 1,327 yards given up. It takes them 60.8 percent of the time to complete passes, which adds up to 221.2 yards per game. So far this season, they’ve given up 285.8 yards per game, which is seventh in the league.

Lions Betting Insights

  • This year, Detroit has won five of its six games against the spread.
  • There was one time this year when the Lions were favored by three points or more and still won.
  • Three of Detroit’s six games this year (50%) have gone over.
  • When Detroit is a 3-point or more underdog on the road this year, they are 1-0 ATS.
  • Lions away games this season average 47.2 points, which is 4.7 points more than the over/under for this game (42.5).
  • So far this season, Detroit has only lost one game and won it.
  • This season, the Lions have only lost one game as a favorite by 136 points or more.

Detroit’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 259.5 (1,557) 4
Rush yards 124.2 (745) 8
Points scored 28 (168) 4
Pass yards against 221.2 (1,327) 18
Rush yards against 64.7 (388) 1
Points allowed 18.8 (113) 9

Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting Prediction: Baltimore

Here is the Lions at Ravens Week 7 Betting prediction for Baltimore.

The Ravens are 4-2 so far this season when they take the field. The Ravens beat the Titans 24–16 in their last game. At the end of the game, Lamar Jackson had thrown for 223 yards and one touchdown on 21/30 passes, giving him an 88.6 quarterback rating.

e had one interception and an average of 7.4 yards per pass. In the Ravens’ passing game, Zay Flowers caught six passes for 50 yards, which is 8.3 yards per catch. Lamar Jackson ran the ball 13 times for 62 yards, giving Baltimore an average of 4.8 yards per run. After 70 plays, the Ravens gained 360 yards, or 5.1 yards per play.

In the end, Baltimore ran the ball 39 times for 139 yards, averaged 3.6 yards per carry. Baltimore let 19 runs go for 129 yards, which is 6.8 yards per run. It was 57.1% success rate for the Ravens’ pass defense, who gave up 104 yards on 12 out of 21 passes.

Based on how many points they score, the Ravens are 16th in the NFL, scoring an average of 22.2 per game. So far this season, the Ravens have gained 1,166 yards through the air and average 194.3 yards per game, which is good enough for 24th in the league.

It takes them 144.8 yards to run the ball each game, and they’ve run for 869 yards the whole year. Based on their average of 339.2 yards per game, the Baltimore Ravens are ranked 11th in the NFL. There have been 39 penalties against the Baltimore attack, which is the 10th most helpful to the other team in football. They have gained 55 first downs and lost 3 interceptions and 6 fumbles.

They’ve given up 163.2 yards per game and 4 scores through the air, which is second in the league. This season, Baltimore has given up 586 yards rushing, or 97.7 yards per game, and one score through the ground game. All together, they have given up 91 points.

So far this season, their defense has caused 8 mistakes, with 3 fumbles recovered and 5 picks. The Ravens’ defense has been on the field for 389 plays, which ranks them 24th in the league. The Ravens are fourth in football because they give up 15.2 points per game.

Ravens Betting Insights

  • After six games, Baltimore has won four of them against the spread.
  • The Ravens have won two of their four times this season when they were favorites by three points or more.
  • This year, only one of Baltimore’s six games (1.6%) have gone over the number of points allowed.
  • These three games show that Baltimore has won 60% of the times it was a moneyline favorite this season.
  • When the Ravens are a moneyline favorite of -162 or less, they are 2-2 and win half of their games.

Baltimore’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 194.3 (1,166) 24
Rush yards 144.8 (869) 5
Points scored 22.2 (133) 12
Pass yards against 163.2 (979) 2
Rush yards against 97.7 (586) 10
Points allowed 15.2 (91) 4

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