NFL Week 6 Odds and Predictions, 2023 Season

NFL Week 6 Odds and Predictions, 2023 Season

When the NFL Week 6 odds came out, we broke them down and made picks for every game. We have moneyline and Over-Under picks for NFL Week 6 as well as bets against the spread.

Only the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers won’t be playing in Week 6. There are 15 games planned while they have their bye weeks.

The first game of the week was Thursday Night Football in Kansas City, Missouri, between the Denver Broncos and the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, with KC winning that game 19-8.

Let’s look at the most recent odds and make our early NFL Week 6 picks at these sites. You can find even more NFL Week 6 picks on our A.I. NFL picks page.

YouWager gives us the following NFL Week 6 odds for Sunday’s games:

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans NFL Week 6 Odds

Baltimore Ravens -4.5 (-110) -220 Over 42 (-110)
Tennessee Titans +4.5 (-110) +180 Under 42 (-110)

The Ravens just got back from a tough road game against Pittsburgh in a grudge game. In Week 6, they play the Titans in London, which means they are still on the road.

Baltimore has looked like a strong candidate to win the AFC and go to Super Bowl 58 at times. There are times when they look wildly unreliable, though, and it would be a miracle if they even made the playoffs.

The Titans haven’t been great at stopping the pass, but they should be able to do that against the Ravens.

We want a field goal game. It’s likely that you should look at the points on the enemy at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

Ravens vs. Titans Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Tennessee Titans +4.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Tennessee Titans (+220)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 42 (-110)

Washington Commanders vs. Atlanta Falcons NFL Week 6 Odds

Washington Commanders +2 (-110) +115 Over 42.5 (-110)
Atlanta Falcons -2 (-110) -135 Under 42.5 (-110)

It’s hard to figure out the Commanders better than any other NFL team. Which team shows up after the Bears shamed them in prime time?

Even though they’ve had more time to prepare, I don’t think their defense will hold up well on the road.

Lately, the Falcons have not been a very good-looking football team. But Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier should be able to help them win a bad football game at home.

Commanders vs. Falcons Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Atlanta Falcons -2 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Atlanta Falcons (-135)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 42.5 (-110)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Week 6 Odds

Indianapolis Colts +4 (-110) +175 Over 44.5 (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars -4 (-110) -210 Under 44.5 (-110)

Because Anthony Richardson is hurt, the Colts are ready to start Gardner Minshew, who used to play quarterback for the Jaguars. During his time with the Jaguars from 2019 to 2020, Minshew won some big games.

With a win over the Jaguars, Minshew can move the Colts ahead in the AFC South. Expect Minshew to be fired up when he gets back to Jacksonville.

The Jaguars may not be as pumped up for this divisional matchup since they just got back from London with a big win. The Colts will fight, but the Jags should win.

Colts vs. Jaguars Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Indianapolis Colts +4 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Jacksonville Jaguars (-210)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 44.5 (-110)

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears NFL Week 6 Odds

Minnesota Vikings -3 (-105) -155 Over 43.5 (-110)
Chicago Bears +3 (-115) +135 Under 43.5 (-110)

The Bears have a lot of illnesses, even though their 40–20 win over the Commanders was very impressive. On both ends of the ball, they were missing a number of starters and even second-year players.

The Bears have had more time to get ready for Week 6, but they still have to deal with illnesses. But the Vikings might not have their star wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson is the Vikings’ most important player on offense. With Jefferson on the field, Kirk Cousins can run the ball. The Vikings will have a hard time scoring if he can’t start.

This means that the Bears have the ball at home. With D.J. Moore, Justin Fields should be able to beat a Vikings team that doesn’t have Jefferson. Of course, read the story on the injuries for this one.

Vikings vs. Bears Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Chicago Bears +3 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Chicago Bears (+135)
  • Over-Under Bet: Over 43.5 (-110)

San Francisco 49ers vs. Cleveland Browns NFL Week 6 Odds

San Francisco 49ers -10 (-110) -500 Over 36 (-110)
Cleveland Browns +10 (-110) +400 Under 36 (-110)

People who bet on football are likely to put a lot of money on the 49ers in Week 6 of the NFL season.

The 49ers might not be fully energized after their big game against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. They may also be tired after heading east to Cleveland.

Deshaun Watson was scratched before the game against the Ravens two weeks ago for no apparent reason. After the bye week, he should be ready to go.

The Browns have had two weeks to get ready for this game while the 49ers were focused on the Cowboys. The Browns’ pass rush should keep them in striking distance while Watson gets back to the field in good shape.

49ers vs. Browns Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Cleveland Browns +10 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: San Francisco 49ers (-500)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 36 (-110)

Seattle Seahawks vs. Cincinnati Bengals NFL Week 6 Odds

Seattle Seahawks +3 (-115) +130 Over 45 (-110)
Cincinnati Bengals -3(-105) -150 Under 45 (-110)

The Bengals won at Arizona. Could this be the start of a run? Even though it wasn’t perfect, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were able to get into a flow that made them look at ease.

All of that would be for nothing, though, if the Bengals can’t beat the Seahawks at home.

Even though Burrow looked good, he’s still not playing at his best. His leg was sometimes wrapped on the side by the trainers. Think about the Seahawks in a close game.

Seahawks vs. Bengals Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Seattle Seahawks +3 (-115)
  • Moneyline Bet: Seattle Seahawks (+130)
  • Over-Under Bet: Over 45 (-110)

New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans NFL Week 6 Odds

New Orleans Saints -1.5 (-110) -125 Under 42.5 (-110)
Houston Texans +1.5 (-110) +105 Under 42.5 (-110)

The Saints beat the Patriots by a score of 34-0, which was a big win. Now, they’re going to Houston to play the Texans, who just lost a tough game 21–19 at Atlanta.

In the last second, the Texans lost a close game. Now they have to play at home against the confident Saints’ defense. Adding to that, Alvin Kamara’s return has enhanced the attack.

For this game, the Texans would like their offensive line to be fit. The way they are now, it should be a tough task. At NRG Stadium, the Saints should be able to hold on.

Saints vs. Texans Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: New Orleans Saints -1.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: New Orleans Saints (-125)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 42.5 (-110)

Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins NFL Week 6 Odds

Carolina Panthers +14 (-110) +650 Over 47.5 (-110)
Miami Dolphins -14 (-110) -1000 Under 47.5 (+110)

Bryce Young would learn more from sitting behind an experienced quarterback. As the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Young does not have that option, which is too bad.

The play-calling by Frank Reich’s coaching team isn’t helping him much. Still, Young needs to do better at Miami. He could make some plays, but not enough to keep up with Tua Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa and the Dolphins beat the Panthers in a game between two new Alabama quarterbacks. Last week, Carolina lost to the Lions 42–24, and that score looks like it will stay the same in Week 6.

Panthers vs. Dolphins Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Miami Dolphins -14 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Miami Dolphins (-1000)
  • Over-Under Bet: Over 47.5 (-120)

New England Patriots vs. Las Vegas Raiders NFL Week 6 Odds

New England Patriots +3 (-110) -130 Over 41.5 (-110)
Las Vegas Raiders -3 (-110) -150 Under 41.5 (-110)

It is known that Bill Belichick and the Patriots break records. This season, the teams have had the wrong kind of results. At 1-4, the Patriots have lost their first four games. Their last two games were blown out.

Mac Jones is having a terrible time, and he doesn’t have the tools to make up for the stupid choices he made. Also, the defense isn’t like anything we’ve come to expect from Belichick.

Jimmy Garoppolo will likely beat his old team at home in Las Vegas and give them a kick in the behind. There’s no reason to cheer for the Patriots if they don’t try to win games.

Patriots vs. Raiders Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Las Vegas Raiders -3 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Las Vegas Raiders (-150)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 41.5 (-110)

Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Week 6 Odds

Detroit Lions -3 (-110) -155 Over 42.5 (-110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 (-110) +135 Under 42.5 (-110)

As the Buccaneers get ready for their next game after a week off, the Lions will be a tough opponent. Otherwise, the Lions could quickly score, so the defenders had better do their work.

The Buccaneers played well during the break, beating the Saints 26–9. Derek Carr could only throw for 127 yards. This was a good reaction after Monday Night Football, when they lost 25–11.

Even though the Buccaneers are 3-1, they will have a tough game. However, I think they will win in the end. Odds on the Bucs to win NFL Week 6 are a great deal at + points.

Lions vs. Buccaneers Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+135)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 42.5 (-110)

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets NFL Week 6 Odds

Philadelphia Eagles -6 (-110) -285 Over 41 (-110)
New York Jets +6 (-110) +232 Under 41 (-110)

The Eagles are coming to town, and the Jets are ready to welcome them. They just got back from a tough win in Denver. They beat the Broncos, but the Eagles will be a lot tougher.

You can expect the Eagles’ defense to suffocate Zach Wilson on Sunday. The Jets’ defense is better than people thought it would be, but they can’t beat the Eagles on defense.

The Eagles’ pass rush will show the Jets who is boss over them. At MetLife Stadium, they should get ahead and win by at least a touchdown.

Eagles vs. Jets Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Philadelphia Eagles -6 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Philadelphia Eagles (-285)
  • Over-Under Bet: Under 41 (-110)

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams NFL Week 6 Odds

Arizona Cardinals +7 (-110) +245 Over 48.5 (-110)
Los Angeles Rams -7 (-110) -310 Under 48.5 (-110)

After the defenders stood up at the goal line, Dobbs threw a pick-6. This may have hurt the Cardinals’ confidence. When the Bengals had the chance to pull away for a must-win in the desert, Joe Burrow took it.

After a tough game against the Eagles’ defense, Matthew Stafford and the rest of the team will face a much easier opponent in the Cardinals.

The Cardinals had a nice Cinderella story to start the season, but they probably thought they were better than they were. You can bet that the Rams will win and cover at home.

Cardinals vs. Rams Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Los Angeles Rams -7 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Los Angeles Rams (-310)
  • Over-Under Bet: Over 48.5 (-110)

New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills NFL Week 6 Odds

New York Giants +15 (-110) +825 Over 44 (-110)
Buffalo Bills +15 (-110) -1200 Under 44 (-110)

What a terrible trip to London the Bills had! They are now back in the US. The Jaguars beat the Bills 25–20 because the Bills were quite tired from their trip.

After a disappointing loss, the Giants are the perfect team to play. They have lost three games in a row by more than 10 points, and they are 15-point losers on the road. The oddsmakers think that Orchard Park will be a beatdown.

Daniel Jones is going to get an MRI to look at a neck injury. Jones is next in line to start if he can’t. Jones hasn’t been very good this season, so Taylor might not be that much worse.

The Giants are hopeful that Saquon Barkley will be able to start again after missing three games in a row. Both linebacker Matt Milano and defensive tackle Daquan Jones for the Bills got hurt in London and had to leave. The Bills’ defense is getting hurt, and they already don’t have Tre’Davious White.

The Giants should be able to run out the clock if Barkley gets the start. They’re not winning, but they can cover a point spread that is too high.

Giants vs. Bills Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: New York Giants +15 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Buffalo Bills (-1200)
  • Over-Under Bet: Over 44 (-110)

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Chargers NFL Week 6 Odds

Dallas Cowboys -2 (-110) -135 Over 51 (-110)
Los Angeles Chargers +2 (-110) +115 Under 51 (-110)

The Cowboys’ pass rush was very strong, but the 49ers’ offensive line was strong enough to hold up. We are not as sure that the Chargers will protect Justin Herbert, though.

The Chargers had a week off, but that won’t help them get ready for Micah Parsons and the Cowboys’ defense.

Also, it will be much easier to play against the Chargers’ defense than the 49ers’. They went from being one of the best teams in the league to having the worst record.

The Chargers have given up about 300 receiving yards per game. Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb are both going to have big games on Monday Night Football to end Week 6.

Cowboys vs. Chargers Prediction:

  • Point Spread Bet: Dallas Cowboys -2 (-110)
  • Moneyline Bet: Dallas Cowboys (-135)
  • Over-Under Bet: Over 51 (-110)

NFL Week 6 Best Bet

In their last three games, the Panthers have given up 100 points. They gave up 37 and 42 points to the Seahawks and Lions, respectively.

Our prediction is that the Panthers won’t get better when they play the NFL’s best attack. It will be easy for Tagovailoa and the fast-paced Dolphins’ offense to beat the Panthers, whose defense is led by Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

Two of their home games have seen them score at least 31 points. After putting up 70 points against the Broncos in Week 3, they only scored 20 points at Buffalo. The offense, on the other hand, picked up where it left off at Hard Rock Stadium.

When teams can run the ball, the Panthers have been blown out. The Dolphins can run the ball down their throats and then let the passing game start.

The Over is probably the better bet, but we like the Dolphins against the spread. Bryce Young will have to say what’s on his mind. With their running backs, the Panthers can’t be sure they’ll stay in the game.

It will be very exciting to see Tagovailoa and Young go up against each other as Alabama quarterbacks in Week 6.


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