Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting Odds and Game Preview

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting Odds and Game Preview

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting preview, including odds and predictions for this game that is set to take place on Sunday, October 1st, 2023.

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting Odds

These are the Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting odds:

  • Kansas City Chiefs -9
  • New York Jets +9
  • Total: 41.5

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting Predictions

Here are the Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting predictions.

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting Prediction: Kansas City

First, we have the Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting prediction for Kansas City.

The Kansas City Chiefs have won one game and lost one so far this season. In their last game, the Chiefs played the Bears and won by a score of 41-10. Patrick Mahomes completed 24 of 33 passes for 272 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had a QB rate of 127.3 and no picks by the end of the game.

Travis Kelce averaged 9.9 yards per catch by making 7 catches for a total of 69 yards. Isiah Pacheco led the Chiefs’ attack by running the ball 15 times for 62 yards (4.1 yards per carry).

They ran 75 plays for a total of 456 yards. The Kansas City Chiefs ran the ball 37 times for a total of 153 yards. This means that they averaged 4.1 yards per run.

When it came to the battle at the line of scrimmage, the Chiefs gave up an average of 4.5 yards per rush, which means they gave up 116 yards on 26 tries. Kansas City gave up 11 completions out of 22 tries, which added up to 87 yards and a 50% completion rate.

So far this season, the Chiefs have gained 1,171 yards. Kansas City has 38 first downs, and 18 penalties have cost them 134 yards. In terms of getting the ball into the end zone, Kansas City has made 7 scores by passing the ball and 2 touchdowns by running the ball.

They’ve given the ball to the other team six times, four times through interceptions and twice through mistakes. As a team, they average 114.7 yards on the ground, which puts them 10th in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs are getting 26.0 points per game when it comes to scoring.

The Chiefs have given up 534 yards through the pass. This puts them in sixth place in the National Football League. They have given up 178.0 yards per game through the air, and their opponents have completed 56.6% of their passes. Overall, they give up 280.7 yards per game, which puts them sixth in the league.

Teams from other teams are averaging 3.9 yards per run and 102.7 yards per game on the ground this season. In 3 games, they have given up 308 yards on the ground. The Chiefs have the fourth-best defense in the league, giving up 13.3 points per game.

Chiefs Betting Insights

  • Kansas City has two wins against the spread so far this year
  • This season, the Chiefs only won against the spread (ATS) when they were a 9-point or more favorite
  • This year, only one of Kansas City’s three games (33.3% of the time) have gone over the point total
  • This season, Kansas City has won two of the three games where it was a moneyline favorite
  • This season, the Chiefs have only played one game where they were a moneyline favorite of -425 or less. They won that game

Kansas City’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 275.7 (827) 5
Rush yards 114.7 (344) 11
Points scored 26.0 (78) 10
Pass yards against 178.0 (534) 6
Rush yards against 102.7 (308) 11
Points allowed 13.3 (40) 4

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting Prediction: New York

Second, we have the Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting prediction for New York.

The Jets are 1-2 for the season so far. When they played the Patriots in their last game, the score was 15-10, and the Jets lost. Zach Wilson passed for 157 yards and a 61.9 quarterback rating by the end of the game. He did this by completing 18 of 36 passes.

He didn’t throw any interceptions, and on average, he got 4.4 yards per pass attempt. Garrett Wilson was one of the Jets’ main targets. He caught 5 footballs for a total of 48 yards (9.6 yards per catch).

Dalvin Cook carried the ball eight times for a total of 18 yards. This gave New York 2.3 yards per run for the game. At the end of the game, the Jets ran 61 plays for a total of 171 yards (2.8 yards per play).

New York ran the ball 22 times and got 38 yards, or 1.7 yards per run. New York let them run the ball 40 times for 157 yards (3.9 yards per run). The Jets pass defense allowed 15 of 29 passes to be completed for 201 yards and a 51.7% completion rate.

The Jets are placed 32nd in the league for scoring points, with an average of 14.0 points per game. So far this season, the Jets have passed for 401 yards and an average of 133.7 yards per game. This puts them in 32nd place in football for throwing yards.

On average, they run for 91.3 yards per game, and they have run for 274 yards all together. The New York Jets average 225.0 yards per game, which ranks them 32nd in football. The New York offense has made 10 mistakes that have cost them 54 penalty yards.

This helps the other team the 32nd most in football. They have thrown 4 interceptions and lost a ball that was recovered by the other team. However, they have been able to get 19 first downs.

The Jets give up 20.3 points per game, which ranks them 12th in the NFL. They have given up 4 passing scores and 222.0 yards per game, putting them 16th in football. This season, New York has given up 388 yards on the ground (129.3 yards per game) and 0 scores on the ground.

The Jets defense has been on the field for 220 plays, which is the 31st most of any team in the game. They have taken the ball away from the other team four times this season. So far this season, they have given up a total of 61 points.

Jets Betting Insights

  • This year, New York has won once against the spread
  • One out of three (33.3%) of New York’s games this year have gone over the sum
  • This season, New York has been the loser in three games and has won one of them
  • This is the first time this season that the Jets have been a bigger loser on the moneyline than they are now (+330)

New York’s Stats & Performance

Stat Average (Total) Rank
Pass yards 133.7 (401) 32
Rush yards 91.3 (274) 22
Points scored 14.0 (42) 32
Pass yards against 222.0 (666) 17
Rush yards against 129.3 (388) 23
Points allowed 20.3 (61) 12

Who will win tonight’s NFL game between the Chiefs and the Jets?

Chiefs vs Jets Week 4 Betting preview by

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