How to Bet on the NBA Draft: A Betting Guide

Learn How to Bet on the NBA Draft with this simple betting guide by

Are you an avid fan of the NBA draft yet new to betting? Do you like to gamble, but you’ve never wagered on a draft? Do not fret. Using our all-inclusive draft betting guide, you’ll be able to place wagers as effortlessly as Steph Curry drains a three-point shot.

NBA basketball is one of the most wagered on sports in the US and Canada. When it comes to NBA championship futures, bettors these days take into account more than just spreads, totals, and odds. They want to bet on all of the league’s scheduled events, including the NBA draft.

It will be intriguing to watch where the future stars of the NBA will launch their careers after the playoffs end and the 2023 NBA Draft combine is complete. In this How to Bet on the NBA Draft guide, we’ll walk you through the many types of bets you may make so you can start making wagers that are even more spectacular than a LeBron James poster dunk.

How To Sign Up At A Sportsbook To Bet On The NBA Draft

Step 1:

To find out how to bet on the picks, use our NBA draft guide to select the best sportsbook. A “sportsbook” is a bookmaker or online betting service where you can wager on the draft. All of the betting sites we offer meet our standards and are trustworthy, safe, and secure. To put your first NBA draft bet, pick the online bookmaker from the few that best fits your preferred betting style.

Step 2:

Create a profile. It only takes a few minutes to do this simple procedure. All you need to prepare are your name, email address, and the details of the deposit you wish to make. You will also need to provide your birthdate as proof that you are of legal betting age.

Once the required fields have been filled out, keep an eye out for a confirmation email or link. After finishing the sign-up process, you can place your first wager, so be sure to prepare your deposit details beforehand.

Step 3:

Make a deposit. How you want to finance your account is entirely up to you. Choosing the deposit option that best fits your requirements is essential when using your chosen sportsbook to play for real money.

The majority of betting sites take e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill) in addition to debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). Numerous online sports betting sites allow cryptocurrency payments. Generally speaking, there are game websites that take Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

Step 4:

Place a wager. Now that you have a fully loaded account, you are ready to place your first NBA draft wager. Choose a sportsbook straight away by selecting it from our list!

How Does The NBA Draft Work?

The NBA draft is how the 30 clubs that comprise the National Basketball Association choose their newest players. The 2022 NBA Draft order is decided by a lottery method that is employed prior to the draft. In case you’re unfamiliar with this, no doubt your first question is, “What is the NBA draft lottery?”

In order to determine who can win big and land the first pick in that year’s draft, the teams from the previous season that had the lowest regular-season winning percentage but were unable to make the playoffs combine in the NBA draft lottery.

Although it is more likely for lower-finishing teams to win the first pick in the draft, this is not a given—many teams have won the lottery’s top pick without having the lowest record overall. Some teams may have multiple picks in the NBA draft because they were able to transfer assets ahead of the forthcoming draft year.

The NBA team that finished last in the regular season with the lowest record often gets the first overall pick and can select from any player who is eligible to be taken in the NBA draft. To be eligible to enter the draft, a player must have graduated from high school at least a year ago. Players selected through the draft come from a range of backgrounds, including professional leagues outside of North America, the NCAA, and the NBA G League.

With so many players on the roster right now, you’re probably wondering, “How many rounds are in the NBA draft?” In comparison to drafts conducted by other major sports leagues, the NBA draft takes place in the express lane. The process of the two rounds of the draft happens in a single night.

During this season, teams frequently put everything on the line and make huge plays, while other teams fall short because of the laborious and time-consuming process that goes on in the background. Some teams use the draft to choose how they want to spend their offseason, and their newly acquired players might be the cornerstone the organization decides to build around or act as stepping stones for more expensive acquisitions.

How Do NBA Draft Odds Work?

Typically, you have to pick between two possible outcomes: either the OVER or UNDER on a prospect’s draft position, or the number of players to be picked at a particular position. Choosing the top pick among particular player groupings or the best player at their position is the main difference.

Which websites have the best odds for the NBA draft? Online sportsbookSportsbooks release a long list of NBA draft odds that includes the exact rounds in which players will be taken, the OVER/UNDERs for each selection position, and the first player selected at each position.

Wagering On The NBA Draft: Betting Options

Predicting who will pick first overall is the most common bet among novice NBA draft gamblers. The best prospects—considering both future and present skill set—will be the focus of bet options. There are bets on the draftees’ likely landing places as well as their selection rank.

In addition to assigning positions to players, wagers will take into account which player—a guard, a forward, or a center—will be selected first. Furthermore, bets on how many players will be selected overall or in the first round at a certain position will be permitted. Prospects might also compete against one another in head-to-head matches with a first-choice winner.

Moneyline: How To Place An NBA Draft Straight-Up Bet

At any of the top internet bookmakers, you can get the following odds for the player selected first in the 2022 NBA Draft:

  • Jabari Smith Jr. -110
  • Chet Holmgren +175
  • Paolo Banchero +320
  • Jaden Ivey +5000

In this case, it was evident that Jabari Smith Jr. was the favorite to go first overall. We can tell this because of the negative symbol (-). Thought to be the underdogs are the others. We know this because of the addition symbol (+).

If there isn’t a clear favorite, the player with the lowest odds would be the leading contender. If Smith’s odds were +150 instead of -110, he would still be the favorite because those would be the lowest.

You will be paid $275 if you place a $100 gamble on Gonzaga center Holmgren, who is very versatile, to be selected first overall. You would get your original $100 back in addition to your $175 in wins. If you accurately guess that Shaedon Sharpe, Johnny Davis, or any other player with even worse odds of being selected first overall would be selected at number one, you may win a sizable sum of money.

Though the favorite to go first overall has finished first in the selection order eight times in the last eight years, be wary of backing any underdog draft pick. All-time bust Anthony Bennett was selected in the first round as an underdog last year. If the history of the NBA draft tells us anything, it’s to trust the oddsmakers and proceed cautiously when wagering on the first pick.

Our parlay calculator will show you how much you would win based on the odds and stake amount for each NBA draft wager you decide to place.

What Is A Draft Prop Bet?

A prop bet is any betting on the NBA draft. A wager on the occurrence or non-occurrence of particular individual or team benchmarks that may not directly affect the outcome of a game is known as a proposition, short for proposition. This kind of bet is open as soon as the draft odds are made public. If you find odds that interest you, you should move quickly because the lines may alter or vanish from the board.

Prop bets are fun side bets for experienced gamblers or beginners placing their first online NBA draft wager. They can cover nearly any topic. The following NBA draft props will be available:

  • Who is the anticipated first-round point guard selection?
  • Is it possible to trade any first-round selections?
  • The total number of Duke players chosen in the draft’s opening round?
  • To whom will the first option express gratitude?

Totals: Betting On Draft Position

You are betting on the draft’s position when you place a draft wager—either OVER or UNDER. For example, where will Keegan Murray be drafted?

Option Odds
OVER 7.5 pick +110
UNDER 7.5 pick -150

If you were to stake $100 on Murray, a six-foot-eight forward, and think he will be selected between picks one and seven, you would win $166. You would get your original $100 returned in addition to your $66 in wins.

If you were to place a $100 gamble on the Iowa Hawkeyes and you think Murray would be selected eighth overall or later, you would be paid $210. You would get your original $100 back together with your $110 in wins.

The odds column’s numbers represent the juice. The sportsbook takes this sum out of your bet. It is comparable to having to pay taxes or commissions.

The sign -150 denotes a stake of $150 required to win $100. If the number is +110, it means that you have to bet $100 to win $110.

Live Draft Betting: Wagering While The Draft Is Unfolding

One of the nicest things about NBA draft wagering is live betting, aside from the potential for financial gain. Basketball betting sites offer live odds and lines as the draft go along, so you may bet on almost every selection made this evening. If a candidate is chosen fifth overall instead of 12th, as previously anticipated, live odds and lines relevant to the following picks will be adjusted.

Futures: Who Will Win It All?

Futures betting on the NBA is available all year round at sportsbooks that provide basketball wagering. These bets are associated with events that often take place in the latter part of the season. Division winners, the number of NBA seasons won, teams making it to the Finals, the statistical leaders in points per game, rebounds per game, and other categories, the destinations of NBA free agents, and all NBA draft choices are just a few of the events on which you can wager.

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